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What is life wisdom in the raw – part II | Healing Talks

What is life wisdom in the raw – part II

raw wisdom

(Healingtalks) This is a continuation of an earlier post about seeing a life-centered vision of nature through a right-brain dominant way of seeing. We have a literally split right and a left hemisphere and they tend to see reality differently (unless brought together in a whole brain view). This corresponds to two forms of consciousness that may be united or posed at odds.

Two root forms of consciousness

Bertram Russell once offered two metaphors for understanding out universe  – a pail of molasses and a pail of sand. This is reminiscent of the choice between a particle and  a wave theory in quantum physics. Which view, the separative or connective, the pail of sand or that of molasses,  is the  best or the more objective?

Connectively dominant

There is no really black and white answer. What I’ve discovered is that the surface/separative appearance of nature is best left-brain described and dealt with. The depth-essence of nature is fathomed with the opposite approach.  Raw-wisdom moves only to our awareness becoming more connectively dominant, with the separative view remaining essential but subservient. What all this means becomes clear in the application to the healing arts that bring out life and consciousness from what appears to have little.

Raw view

The right-brain dominant view may also be called the  “raw” view or what is concept-naked.  This is similar to Buddhism’s emptying our minds to raise consciousness of the oneness in meditations. There is also a second usage of the term “raw” as discussed below.

Role of consciousness

Let me first say that the single greatest discovery in my whole and entire life, without exaggeration, has been the central understanding that what is  “consciousness”  taps  into a universal relationship of connection in nature, and thus forms nature’s core essence and depth laws.  Universal connection equates with Oneness and thus consciousness also is the foundation of nature’s interconnected view as a whole.

Pail of molasses

This is the” molasses view” in contrast to the “pail of sand view” that offers mechanical, atomistic laws for the surface/separative/illusionary appearance view. This overall and right/left brain understanding has a thousand and one implications and powerful applications. The “pail of molasses view” differs fundamentally from the atomic or mathematical view of  physics and chemistry again representing the pail of sand perspective. The latter is usually the sole “true” vision we have all been brought up to believe in – except for some traces of religious mysticism.

What we are taught

In our impressionable years attending primary and high schools, we take in this left-brain-eschewed and authoritative way of seeing reality. We are taught to buy-into an only superficially true and depth false view. Because mathematics represents a “universal symbolism for the separation of all forms of consciousness,” it actually makes no logical sense to apply this view to the depth connections of nature (which are consciousness-based) We want to mostly connect not separate ourselves from an understanding of  the whole fabric.  Applying the Newtonian vision, we’ve instead put ourselves in a either passively separated or actively clashing stance.

Raw life wisdom

Because the concentrated presence of consciousness forms life, this bringing out of life and consciousness (especially in the healing arts) is not the same as the bringing out of the mechanical using physics and chemistry. Here we can note that the term rawis thus further associated with bringing out what is life and consciousness in ourselves, including by engaging the foods we eat. We thus recommend to others to follow a living foods diet. There is a profound reason to water our seeds (water elicits life and consciousness)  or to not cook our foods (fire elicits the destruction of life).

Raising connective consciousness

Ultimately the healing of our disintegrated visions, the greening of our mind, is what leads us consistently to a healing change in lifestyles. This offers to raise our connective consciousness and is what raw life wisdom is all about.

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