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Wisdom about nature's raw life force | Healing Talks

Wisdom about nature’s raw life force


raw wisdom

Wisdom about nature’s raw life force

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(HealingTalks) I believe we can gather deep wisdom about nature’s raw life force and with the wisdom, help to heal the ravages of a world led by a mechanical, death-centered view.

With this in mind, what I call “raw wisdom” is a revolutionary view of the essence of nature, shifting from the mechanical, machine-like and dead view to an oppositely life-centered vision – and to turnaround our major planetary ecological, social and health crises.  It also involves a certain “pun” in using the term “raw.”


First the “raw” view refers to how our right brain sees naked of conceptual illusions. What is sees is an ocean of consciousness, the opposite of the left-brain separative view that gravitates to an atomic, mathematical understanding. Bertram Russell once contrasted this with two metaphors – the pain of molasses and the pail of sand vision of nature. Which is more true.

What I have discovered is that the surface appearance view or “maya” supports the separative, left-brain dominant kind of vision  while a depth-perceptive right-brain dominant view is the oppositely more connective view.   Our alternative use of the term “raw” is thus explained below and in this context.

Role of consciousness

Let me first say that the single greatest discovery of my entire life, spanning more than half a century, has been simply the understanding that what we experience as “consciousness” is really a tapping into a universal relationship of connection in nature, and this also forms nature’s core essence – its true “soul.” It also forms nature’s real rather than surface-illusionary laws. This is also the” molasses view” in contrast to the “pail of sand” view of nature. This differs profoundly from the mathematical orientation of physics and chemistry or we are all brought up with an yielding the centrality of an atomic focus. Because mathematics represents the “universal symbols for the separation of all forms of consciousness,” it really makes no rational sense to construct our dominant vision of nature out of mathematical patterns  because laws are intended to connect and not separate profoundly our understanding of the fabric of events. Real causality is what deeply connects not separates events, why billiard ball mechanical laws do not describe depth-causality in nature. Sorry, Galileo and Newton, by in my experience you got it all wrong! What we think is the sanest of sane views, is actually not very sane. That we later pollute our world and create threatening atomic weapons should not come as a surprise.

Raw life wisdom

Secondly because the concentrated presence of consciousness forms life, bringing out what is life and from the bosom of nature  and rather than bringing out – so-called “discovering” the mechanical and thereby designing and creating machines or factory-farming, etc) is a critical choice we can make.  Here we can note that the term “raw” in the natural healing arts is often associated with living foods, and raw-wisdom is thus all about a raw life-centered as well as a raw or ideologically naked vision of nature – explaining  finally the dual punning use of the term “raw.”

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