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The Gullible Mind Explained | Healing Talks
Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2011

The Gullible Mind Explained

The Gullible Mind Explained

The Gullible Mind


(Healingtalks) Humanity has exhibited many great achievements due to our high intelligence relative to all other species on the planet. The very strange thing is that we, at the same time, exhibit a high degree of gullibility.

The dictum that if you tell a Big Lie often enough, the general public begins to believe it…is really true.

So what is the very biggest of all lies, not only of this decade, this century but actually this millennium?

None really compares with how deeply and universally this deceit has penetrated the modern mind. This begins with the greatest cultural myth of all, mandated to be taught to every primary and high school student, the so-called foundation of “objective” truth – the math-based/mechanical/dead vision of nature and its psycho-locked, consciousness focal point, the  lofty and mythologized atomic model. This supposedly – and as proven by the power to build machines and technology under such guidance – represents an objective and impartial view. It is one that claim the know the essence of nature providing it is reduced to what math symbols point to.

Never mind that money, an applied form of the mathematization of consciousness, can corrupt consciousness just about more than anything else.

The fact is that this all-of-nature-reduced-to-math-symbols human-conjured ideological belief has , after only 400 years of universal applications, left us with unprecedented devastation of nature, pollutions, super-toxic waste cites, health pandemics and bioengineerings that now not only have become global in scope but globally threatening.

In the 1960’s Rachel Carson noticed the growing death of birds, only a decade after the unleashing of countless synthetic chemicals. She wondered at the end of Silent Spring, what primitive philosophy of nature was causing us to develop the most powerful of weapons pitted against nature.

The initial environmental problems she noted pale in comparison to what we face today, and including global warming and the prospect of 25-50% 0f all species nearing extinction in the next 100 years.

Could a vision so universally taught be mistaken?

You bet. For how can math symbols, the universal and precise symbols of consciousness separations, best guide the optimal and most integral connections of a vision of nature. This vision does not have that capability, and in fact takes us in the opposite direction, as with the development of atomic weapons.  Descartes, Galileo and Newton did not understand this. This why they also never foresaw any of the major downsides to their vision, virtually zero. Yet we teach their blind beliefs to everyone, and even by legislative force, so that everyone is mandated to accepts this. Then the collective mind really becomes highly gullible thereafter – too gullible to challenge what is so, so prevalently accepted and early on in most everyone’s life penetrates the collective subconscious.

It is really an amazing phenomenon.

It also teaches us how seemingly far we still have to go to evolve toward real depth intelligence to make us worthy stewards of nature – not just the surface appearance of intelligence.

Or can we take a leap and over the chasm we have self-created before it is too late?

Nathan Batalion CTN

Originally published May 5 20 11



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