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What Is Consciousness In Nature | Healing Talks

What Is Consciousness In Nature

What is consciousness in nature?

What Is Consciousness in Nature?

(Healingtalks) The question of what is consciousness is not at all trivial nor ordinary. William James thought it was the most important question of his field, the science of psychology.  In everyday life a person can walk into a department store, go to the sports section and find a pair of skies. Or they can go to a library and find a book specifically about glass lamps. But where does one go to find what is consciousness or even just a book that truly describes what consciousness is?

If we think of consciousness as simple awareness or sentience, certainly animals and plants have an awareness of their environment. Plants will grow toward the sun and have their roots grow to pockets of nourishment. Animals respond to sounds, swell, tastes and visual stimulation often much as we do. Is there then a common ground between human, animal and plant awareness? If one watches the phenomenal video series Planet Earth, it becomes clear that rudimentary awareness is the common feature of all of life and thus possibly life’s universal essence.

Consciousness in Nature  – Non-physical and Ever Present

Consciousness isn’t something a person can simply wrap their hands or mind around. It is not really physically contained. No matter what we are engaged in, somehow consciousness is,  to some degree, present. It is part of everything we experience. Does that mean consciousness has no specific identity whose knowledge we can master?

Loss of Consciousness in Chronic Medical Conditions

It has been my experience that this riddle can and must be solved. It becomes critically importance to know the answer when suffering from a variety of “consciousness diseases” – such as those evidence by neuropathy, lack of circulation where the bloodstream fails to carry consciousness to our cells. We see this also with diabetes and atherosclerosis. A diabetic will thus step on a nail and not necessarily feel anything. Someone who has had a stroke similarly has part of their brain or related body part no longer feeling. A sense of consciousness is lost. Alzheimer’s patients have this especially with certain brain functions. With metastatic cancer a given  illness spreads unnoticed to destroy life. Actually most all chronic and systemic diseases have some inner component that involves a recession of consciousness.  Thus knowing and understanding  exactly and precisely “what is consciousness” may be the single most important and vital of all question to answer in our times. We should note that even Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, and biotechnology have fallen prey to Alzheimer’s disease. Somehow the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biotech have not yielded optimal answers to our key and central question.

Pandemic Consciousness Diseases

Note also that consciousness diseases are probably the fastest growing chronic ills of our time, especially Alzheimer’s, autism and diabetes.  This is powerful evidence that we are far off course in  our inner knowing of what is consciousness in ourselves really and thus how to help support, nurture and retain rather than lose and hinder its presence.

Solving the Ultimate Consciousness Riddle

In my own life, I have come to certain powerful and clear conclusions on this critical question and not based on borrowing secondhand from the ideas of others I know or have read about from the distant past. This is not gathered from any ancient tradition such as  Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, shamanistic or other alternative views. Rather my breakthrough view came about via a rare left-brain meltdown. This allowed me to peep through a small hole to see our world “in a raw” or in a conceptually-stripped way – a view chronicled in my bio at www.raw-wisdom.com/bio. What I most deeply learned is that consciousness forms a potentially universal relationship of connection in all of nature. It is thus distinctively not an exclusively human attribute or possession, especially not of just our brain and brain neurons. This phenomenon of consciousness then internally unifies or forms the binding-together connective essence of our entire world! What a statement this is to make. This profound view also differs from the vast cultural assumption that has been promoted since  the 17th century that supposedly  matter and energy postured in time and space and described or defined mathematically forms the essence of nature. I find this not to be true but a surface illusion. This view spearheaded the Industrial Revolution and the distinctiveness of our modern world.

As a Naturopath – Applying My View of Consciousness

As a naturopath, I have  applied a very different root understanding of nature and ourselves to help reverse consciousness diseases. The effectiveness of this reversal becomes a true litmus test for a real definition and also real (and not imagined or academic or philosophical or faith-based, or spiritual-tradition concocted) understanding of “what is consciousness.” Otherwise our theories are but self-gratifying nonsense that fail to liberate the conditions of impeded consciousness. Understanding “what is consciousness” when grounded in substantive objective reality forms thus a vast revolution in impersonal and true understanding – a revolution  in our whole vision of what is nature’s essence or the essence of the entirety of the cosmos we live in.

Knowing  thus “what is consciousness” can have some of the most profound and powerfully revolutionary effects on the whole of our lives.

A Trade for Greater Riches

By the way, two persons in my extended family are on their way to becoming not just wealthy but billionaires. Yet I would not at all trade their riches for the most powerful and liberating knowledge of what is consciousness in ourselves and nature.

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