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10 Facts About Water Fluoridation | Healing Talks

10 Facts About Water Fluoridation

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(Healingtalks) To give a synopsis of the following article,  most nations have banned water fluoridation. Such banning triggered no rise in any cavity levels. At the same time, water fluoridation has been shown to be able to adversely impact every single cell and tissue in the human body, due to the use of roughly a hundred times higher concentrations than is naturally found. This has already caused 40% of US teenagers to have dental fluorosis, with more oral damage in economically disadvantages communities. Yet fluorine supplementation, opposed by the FDA for being toxic, plus being seen as a poison when swallowed even as toothpaste, seems an opposite to a Godsend super-healer. Why then is fluoride, one among the most toxic substances on the planet, the only medication being forced upon the US public?

The last question requires another article on the politics of fluoride, detailing the economic forces who initiated selling EPA registered toxin to a trusting American public.

1)  Most Nations Have Banned water fluoridation – This includes almost all of western Europe and Asia. The US has more fluoridated water than the rest of the world combined. Proponents say that is because they add the fluoride elsewhere as with salt. This is simply not true. Only five nation in western Europe, for example, allow fluoridated salt. Most have a ban on that as well.

2) Fluoridated Countries Do Not Have Less Tooth Decay – The United States has less tooth decay over the past 60 years, but so do the developing countries which never added fluoride. This is substantiated by the statistics of WHO, the World Health Organization. Countries that stopped fluoridation programs also had no rise in tooth cavities.

3) Fluoride Can Threaten the Whole Body – Contrary to the claim that the safety of fluoride is unquestionable,  according to Dr. John Doull, the toxicologist who chaired the National Academy of Science’s review on fluoride, the safety of fluoridation remains “unsettled.”  In 2006, Doull’s committee did an exhaustive 500-page review of fluoride and noted it was an “endocrine disruptor” that affects especially  our bones, brain, thyroid and pineal glands, and blood sugar levels. The NAS called for a nationwide investigation of not whether, but how much fluoride is contributing to chronic and systemic diseases in the US, especially with vulnerable groups.

4) Fluoridation Is Unnatural and Unnaturally Concentrated  – The level of fluoride in public water treatments is far greater than the natural level – generally close to a 100 times as much. What is added to water is fluorosilicic acid, a corrosive compound captured in the air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry as a hazardous waste causing significant harm.

5) 40% of US Teenagers Show Damage from Fluoridation -The 40% figure comes from a national survey of the CDC. These teenagers produce a condition known as dental fluorosis. The symptoms include harm to  tooth enamel  by the fluoride killing tooth-forming cells. Spots and streaks can form on the tooth and sometimes brown stains accompanied by enamel erosion. In the 1950s, health officials were adamant that this would only happen in 10% of children. Now the rate is 40% and in some fluoridated areas, the rate jumps to  70 to 80%. The fluoride bioaccumulates from tap water, toothpastes, soft drinks, teas, pesticides,  salts and candies. When considering the safety of  fluoridated water, we need to look at the combination with all the other exposures combined.

6) For Infants – Risks and No Benefits  - The Institute of Medicine (IM) recommends that babies consume no more fluoride than is found in breast milk, thus far less than is added to public water. Infant formulas made at home or in a factory using fluoridated water often have over 100 times more fluorine than is considered safe and advisable by IM. According to the CDC, such high levels of fluoride further have no known advantage for the developing teeth but rather produce harms, such as increased dental fluorosis. Furthermore, in July of 2012, a Harvard study showed the developing brain of infants is affected by fluoride toxicity. The Harvard study also made note of the findings in China with children having reduced IQs  when there ish fluoridated water exposure early in life. Twelve of the studies found IQ loss at fluoride levels deemed safe in America.

7) Fluoride Supplements Never FDA Approved -  Fluoride “supplements” cannot be gotten in a grocery store because they are dangerous. They require a doctor’s prescription. Prescription, however, must be first approved as safe and effective by the FDA and the FDA has never approved fluoride supplements for tooth decay. Upon FDA review, fluoride supplementation was rejected. Yet we are adding fluoridation at prescription levels to our water – a drug never and EPA registered pesticide never approved by the FDA.

8) Fluoride – The Only Forced Medication in the US – One would think that fluoride was a super-wonder drug, to be the one and only forced medication in the US, rather than being one of the top environmental toxins known to man. Chlorine kills bacteria. Fluoride, by contrast, is meant to impact tooth decay. Fluoridation proponents claim it is not a medication. It is like adding iodine to salt or vitamin D to milk. But iodine and vitamin D are nutrients the body demands to function, while  fluoride is a drug and toxic chemical that intervenes, as repeatedly stated by the National Academy of Sciences. The FDA also defines fluoride to be a medicine  Since tooth decay is a disease, fluoride is a treatment for a disease.  Most European nations have rejected fluoridation precisely because they consider it wrong to deliver medicines, indiscriminately and by force, via the water supply.

9) Swallowing Fluoride Warned Against – When water fluoridation first was introduced, in the 1940s, the medical profession was under the presumption that fluoride needed to be ingested to prevent cavities. It is now recognized that fluoride’s bacteria killing abilities are topical, as acknowledged by the CDC.  Not only is fluoride a medicine added to water, but which has no proven benefit, though it has known harms, and is being swallowed.  Thus the warning label on toothpaste to contact Poison Control if swallowed.

10) Disadvantaged Communities More Harmed – As there is a shortage of dentists treating disadvantaged communities, the argument is that low-income groups can be helped more via fluoridation. But statistics show that the poor community populations have nutrient deficiencies, more infant formula consumption and chronic ills and so that African American and Mexican American children suffer significantly higher rates of dental fluorosis. Several of the most prominent civil rights leaders and groups  have called for a ban on fluoridation as being not only harmful to the general population and disproportionately for ethnic groups. The vast majority of poor urban communities have been fluoridated for over 30 years, but this had not impacted poor urban ethnic oral health.

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