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If you want to follow alternative healing ways (avoiding at the same time drugs, surgery and radiation), here are some very simple preventive habits to follow. Basically you want the best of positive life forces to come into your body, the negative forces to leave, and both those process require keeping things moving, circulating, or alive. In between we need rest for both mind and body.

I – Start With A Good Night’s Sleep

It is really best to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Research shows you will function better the next day and your health testing parameters, like blood sugar levels, will be relatively superior.

II – Have A “Light” Cleansing & Nourishing Breakfast

During sleep, your digestive and detox systems rest to revitalize. Don’t burden them immediately with a morning heavy meal. Leave that for a little later, especially at noon time when your digestive juices are strongest. I recommend first a glass of water and then some fresh, raw citric drink to help clear the digestive tract further as you start the day. Alternatively you can eat a high-water content fruit salad, or make a raw veggie juice or blend in the morning. Thinking a “light” breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks nutrient density. Thus veer more toward what is liquid, liquified, and has a high water-content. If you’re an athlete spike the breakfast with more carbs. Experiment and gauge the results.

III – Consider Quality Supplements

I prefer the powdery kind of supplements that are more easily absorbed when dissolved in water or juice. Thus I like to put my favorite protein, vitamin, mineral & green powders into some kind of a drink, blend or soup.

IV -Avoid Sugars

Don’t buy or add refined sugars to your meals. Try stevia for a substitute. A brute fact is that over a 100 million Americans are overweight and have elevated blood sugar levels.  They are generally hooked on sugar-filled soft-drinks, candies and snacks. Elevated blood sugar levels are the number one precursor and predictor of serious ailments like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

V -Hydrate

Bath, shower or otherwise cleanse at least twice a day. Also drink approximately half as many ounces of purified water as you weigh in pounds each day. So if you weigh 200 lbs, drink about 6 full 16 ounces glasses of water per day. Drink more if you are sweating a great deal due to exercise or being out in the hot sun.

VI – More Whole Organic , Fresh Veggies at Lunch and Dinner – Less Animal and Processed Foods

Add a fresh salad, other veggies or the equivalent in the form of juices/blends to your main meal. The China Study showed that if your caloric intake from animal proteins is more than 5% of your meals, you risk what are called the “diseases of affluence” such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Also reduce the quantity of all highly processed (junk) foods which includes refined oils. Dr. Esselstyne routinely monitors the reversal of heart disease and advises clients to avoid all processed oils.  This is because liquid fats are artificially extracted from a whole food they tend to oxidize quickly and then harm sensitive blood vessel linings. Fats, in minimal quantities, are best prepared from fresh and mostly vegan sources, such as in making nut and seed butters. Also consider flax, hemp and chia powders made fresh in a coffee grinder. Or consider getting your fats  from fresh avocados and olives. Lastly add “living” foods – soaked or sprouted (again nuts, seeds, beans and grains).

VII – Reduce Emotional, Physical, and Psychological Stress

Evaluate where your greatest external sources of stress are. Try to eliminate or reduce them. Stress will impact one’s overall physical immune system .  That system is what pulls together our innards to maintain health and wholeness. Living in a  more stress-less way brings us to this goal.

VIII – Exercise/Circulate

Exercise offers a controlled way of alternatively stressing and resting the body to ultimately harvest strength and endurance. Try to include 20 minutes to an hour of exercise every day. Research shows this greatly helps reduce the risk of most major illnesses. Sometimes when there are aches and pains in the body, the blood needs to circulate to those areas. Alternative hot and cold packs – and exercise.

IX – Detox

Our modern world is full of chemical toxins. Over a 100,000 are in general circulation. We get them through the air we breath, the foods we eat and whatever touches our skin. There are many ways to reduce this toxic burden. My favorite and the easiest is to use daily saunas. We can also resort to using enemas, colonics, water fasts, juice feasts and so on. I try to organize at least a week-long cleansing program each season.

X – Meditat/Think Deeply

Meditation is a kind of preventative for stress!  What I mean by that is when I mediate and gather  inner peace, I also tend not to knee-jerk react to various stresses of the day or in a mechanical way. I thus feed and strengthen my inner life force.  The focus of the meditation is either a) to be still within and at one or b) to gather together my goals and aspirations for the day. I like the do the former alone and the latter in a group setting. Each has immense value. Each helps to engender better health and quality of life. Secondly, reset your mind to think deeply, beyond superficial cultural influences.


All of the above 10 simple daily health habits work synergistically together. Leave out one or the other, and all the rest may not work as well. For example, if the body has too toxic a load, no amount of nutrition will heal that. Emotional stress may throw everything else out of whack. So too lack of sleep.

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