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Beautiful, knock-out women in their 60s to 70’s | Healing Talks
Published On: Thu, Mar 22nd, 2012

Beautiful, knock-out women in their 60s to 70’s

Annette Larking 70

Beautiful, knock-out women

in their 60s to 70’s

by Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) We live longer than we did a hundred years ago.  However, according to recent statistics, we also live sicker than ever before – at least on average.

Our society’s signs of health decay

Chronic illness epidemics have exploded. Diabetes, cancer, arthritis, asthma, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease all model this downward course. At the same time, in Britain for example, the number of non-curing painkillers taken per person per year is now at 373!

In the US, persons over 60, on  average, take 7 chemical pills or pharmaceutical drugs a day – that’s a staggering 2555 per year!  And yet they remain ill.

Nevertheless, some of us have gotten wiser about harnessing our body’s natural rejuvenation power.  Both men and women over the age of 60 are now dramatically turning around their health using natural approaches.

No drugs, no surgery, no radiation

The stretched skin and surgical altered smiles of older Hollywood Divas belong to days past.  Those faces remind us more of glamorized Frankenstein’s wives!

We are talking about real and natural beauties, inside and out.  The naturally beautiful women of 70 have discovered that using a combination of exercise, great food and a goal-oriented mindset, they can take hold of their health and fitness – and keep their natural beauty – at 60, 70 and beyond.

Purposeful and passionate living is one of the keys to retaining one’s life force.  Then there is the ultimate Master Key – great and extraordinary NUTRITION – and as an absolute must for staying beautiful.

annette larkings raw kitchenAnnette Larkins at 70

Annette, looking magnificent, calls her everyday food her Fountain of Youth.

Her nutrients do not come from pills or powders but simply organic veggies.  She eats them fresh from her own garden. Being a raw and living foodist is for Annette Larkins the answer to becoming an ageless beauty queen.  She started eating this way 25 years ago (or when she turned 45).  Look at her above.

She may look more stunning and vibrant now than she did then!

mimi kirk raw veganMimi Kirk at 73

Voted as the world’s sexiest vegetarian over 50, Mimi is now 73!  She is currently on a speaking tour going to audiences around the world who want to know her secrets.  At the core of her message is again: nutrition.  Mimi loves inventing new live food dishes and serving her husband, who is many years her junior, exquisite raw food cuisine.

 meryl streepMeryl Streep at 63

There are exceptions to Hollywood’s greatest divas being surgically-altered. Maryl Streep is a prime example. Meryl reigns supreme as the world’s most recognized actress.

Where does she get the confidence to express a joy of life that others lack? Meryl has discovered organic foods and a natural lifestyle and was the first to promote  pesticide-free foods for children, and a mostly vegan diet.

After an Oscar-winning performance in “The Iron Lady,” in her 60’s, let’s see where she can do in her 70’s.

Ultimately natural beauty wins every time.

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