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Last Saturday I came in first in a local 5K race and for the second time in two weeks. This win was in my senior age bracket of 60-69.  But what surprised me was that I had been training for just two weeks. My protocol was not very different than when I was a runner in my 40’s. I built up my mileage from 3-6 miles over a two week period of time. My running time was  also comparable. But that’s not the way its meant to happen!

By normal criteria, you are supposed to be slowing down and going down hill. Anticipating this, we spend considerable money on long-term care insurance. I don’t spend that money because I’m not betting on such an outcome.

Over the last three decades, the number of children with chronic ailments has quadrupled in the US. There has been a doubling of asthma rates among children and a four-fold increase in childhood obesity as well. An estimated 60% of these obese 5-10 year old children already have one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Also according to a 2008 study, for the very first time the majority or 51% of insured Americans were on regular meds for one or another chronic health problem. The most widely used drugs were for high blood pressure and cholesterol (linked to diabetes, obesity and heart disease). The percentage of those in my senior age bracket, was much higher. We have become a nation of drug addicts to deal with rising obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease – plus dementia, arthritis, kidney disease, asthma, and cancerous conditions.

Am I just “lucky” to have NONE of these conditions? Is this because of my fortunate genetics? Then why was I a quite sickly teenager until I made lifestyle changes? Does being simply healthy, as I turned 60, make me extraordinary? This is a bit dumbfounding and it doesn’t really have to be that way. We might rather learn to tap into the power of nature to keep us healthy. Showing how, including by example, is what healingtalks is all about.

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  1. James Reno says:

    Congratulations on your win! I am into raw food and raw food juicing to improve my health and lower my blood glucose. I am excited whenever I find success stories like this, as well as folks promoting extraordinary health through nutrition and whole foods. Keep up the great work!

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