Beware Of CT Brain Scans

The FDA launched an investigation of CT scans at several hospitals and discovered as much as eight times more radiation than assumed when undergoing especially CT brain scans.  These “CT perfusions,” used to diagnose strokes, expose patients to more radiation than regular scans because of a rapid succession of scan pictures to view brain blood flow.  An estimate 150,000 such scans have been performed.  This raises the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases in the long term.  See our other blog post on the risks of CT scans called CT Scans Found To Cause Cancer.

The FDA has issued new standards and it is important that any hospital that uses these machines meet these standards. Better yet, adopt a much healthier lifestyle, and you won’t really need such scans except of course in dire emergencies such car accidents that require tests to perform immediate surgery. Otherwise they are very risky, in and of themselves, and as lead-ins to the allopathic medical system’s treatment routes –  taking in life-long synthetic drugs and preparing for more radiation exposures.

Also one has to keep in mind that our brain concentrates consciousness. Consciousness is the connective principle itself of nature. The presence of consciousness is thus the foundation of healing, why we become acutely conscious of a tear, a hurt, a pain because that is how nature begins healing. Our brain thus is especially sensitive to and harmed by what tears nature apart – as in the radiation of an atomic bomb. It is not worth the exposure just to get a picture, unless it is an extreme, life-threatening emergency.

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