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Breast cancer photographer makes women feel beautiful | Healing Talks

Breast cancer photographer makes women feel beautiful


                                                Denise Acker, left, died at 55 from lung cancer. Heather Allen, right, from leukemia

Breast cancer


makes women

feel beautiful

By Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) This article is not meant to condone any conventional cancer therapies using radiation, drugs and chemotherapies. Having organized an alternative cancer treatment center, I know the alternatives are far, far preferrable over the toxic treatments conventionally used. Natural therapies do not make a woman’s hair fall out!

How can disfiguring approaches be  healing? It goes against all common sense.

But then modern medicine convinces us to give over rational  judgment to the doctor’s pontifications, being led by the most miseducated individuals in our culture by far and whose consciousness is shaped lock-stock-and-barrel by drug-company funded educational institutions.

Uplifting Women Battling Cancer

This post is meant to uplift women battling breast and other cancers in more than a superficial way, and to give real hope.

Let us honor a woman’s sacred body by first going organic, avoiding as much as possible the exposure to chemicals in our total home and office environment, and most certainly not taking in chemical drugs through our mouths or by injection (the abomination that we call modern medicine). A large class of  pharmaceuticals can cause cancer as a main, not so-called side effect (a matter of brainwashing). Let the beautiful women of this world not fall prey to a doctor’s prescription to treat cancer with the most toxic, anti-healing of elements – advocated by an archaic, barbaric system of medicine that is in shambles.

The Biggest Con of Cons

There is hardly a bigger con in modern medicine that to take the drugs that cause cancer to claim to cure cancer – what is actually a ploy not to face the fact that chemicals cause cancer – what would require deep life-style changes.  The statistics for the insanity of modern toxic medical approaches are brutal, and yet they continue to be practiced for the bottom line.

Honor a Woman’s Beauty

So let us greatly honor every woman’s beauty….and by more than superficial means – to just take a surface image photo.

Let us advise every woman undergoing this trauma to stay far away from the  loors, the wallet-vacuum-cleaners, the deceptions of modern $-allopathic-$ medicine with its most toxic of approaches. Don’t be fooled.

With that said, here is Meagan’s heartening story about Terri Shaver’s passion:


Terri Shaver’s Passion

Nearly every day, Terri Shaver comes face to face with cancer and can’t help but think about her life and how short it could be. For more than four years, the 56-year-old photographer  has taken free portraits of people with terminal and life-threatening illnesses as part of the Oldham Project, the nonprofit she founded after her husband’s two sisters-in-law died from breast cancer.

Although the Oldham Project, named for the two sisters, provided photos for families and children, Shaver started Be Bold, Feel Beautiful, a campaign specifically aimed at women with cancer, in summer 2010.

“I’ll never be the same,” she said. “These women are already dealing with the choices of the things they want to accomplish or need to accomplish before their time here is over. They really see the things that are important.”

To Feel Beautiful Again

The campaign began as a way to provide the women who lost their hair from cancer treatments photos in which they felt beautiful. Although she had already been taking photos of people with cancer, Shaver wanted to raise awareness, and from her extended family, knew what a powerful effect going bald had on women in particular.

“When they lose their hair, 99.9% of these women have said that they lose themselves,” she said. “They lose their identity.”

Shaver remembers one woman telling her that when her eyelashes and eyebrows fell out, she looked in the mirror and saw an alien. But when the women see their photos — some somber and some lighthearted, posing with something significant to them — they regain their self-image. Shaver said some have even told her that they stopped wearing their wigs after the session.

Since the campaign started in July 2010, Shaver has photographed about 100 women — ages 20 to 82 — who have had cancer, as well as partnering with a local spa to pamper them and try to make them feel gorgeous for a day. Although it began as a campaign planned to run until October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Shaver said the feedback from the women was overwhelming and she extended the campaign to be a permanent fixture of the Oldham Project.

“Your will has a lot to do with progress that you make when you’re sick,” Shaver said. “I firmly believe that if I can make women feel better about themselves, while they’re undergoing this treatment and have no hair, their treatment will be much more successful.”

Before starting a session, Shaver turns up the music in her studio and strives for an optimistic perspective, determined to make the day an uplifting experience for the woman.



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Based on an article by Meagan Choi, CNN

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