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Doctors, nurses,


dying from handling

chemotherapy drugs

Part II

(Healingtalks) When an oncologist treats a cancer patient “successfully” for one kind of cancer and the patient later develops another form of cancer, government statistics, defending the industry, tend to overlook the connection. This would challenge the insanity of the underlying approach. Here we can call the later cancer as being “secondary.”

Secondary fallout”

The pharmacist, nurse or doctor contracts cancer “second-hand.”.Each year hundreds of thousands are killed by chemotherapy, but this doesn’t even include this secondary and second-hand fallout.

Story of Sue Crump and other pharmacists

A story was released by the Seattle Times about Sue Crump, a pharmacist who for two decades dispensed chemo drugs and herself died last September of pancreatic cancer. A dying wish of hers was to let the world know about her job exposure to chemo drugs.  The Seattle Times article also mentions a recently released study by the US Center for Disease Control confirmed workplace contamination among those who handle chemo drugs.  It lists four other pharmacists who are dead or dying from chemotherapy drug exposures.

Danish report

Add to this a Danish report that from 1940s to the 1980’s there was a significant increase in the risk of leukemia among oncology nurses and later physicians. Last year another study of more than 92,000 nurses found an increased risk of breast, thyroid, nervous-system and brain cancers.

To the doctor – tell him or her to drink some first

Natural News reported on this story with the comment: “If these chemicals are so dangerous to the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists dispensing them, how can they be considered “safe enough” to inject into patients who are already dying from cancer? …if a nurse can become violently ill after merely spilling chemotherapy chemicals on themselves…then what effect do you suppose these chemicals have when injected into patients?…So the next time [your doctor] insists that you take chemotherapy, ask him to drink some first.”

No occupational safety measures

Occupational safety measures have not been effected and guess why? If handling these chemicals is so massively dangerous to the provider, then why are we injecting these chemo chemicals into the bloodstream of some of the weakest of patients who enter a hospital?

Where is the conscience underlying that?

Chemo- holocaust

As I said, modern medicine functions at a level of intense bankruptcy that is historically unprecedented. It fosters and contributes to a chemo-holocaust that effects our bodies and our planet – with a total denial of the facts. How often do you hear of an MD advocating organics? There is also the karma of doctors themselves, and their families, tragically falling prey to cancer while denying the real cause.

Chemo drugs, pesticides and herbicides – the chemical killers of life that make the most money for pharma-chemical conglomerates – have akin ingredients with the chemo drugs that cancer victims are exposed to.

Repression of alternatives

Natural therapies that really work to reverse and prevent cancer are shunned. The former tends to destroy vital forces while killing cancer cells, and the later actually can restore those life forces.But doctors who treat cancer naturally and with breakthrough effective therapies and insights, like Max Gerson among others, have been stripped of their MD license with great speed. The brutal political/monetary game goes on heartlessly. But then we don’t need a real heart or conscience in an essentially mechanical world. The machine has no ghost of life.  The heart is just a mechanical pump, which the doctor’s stethoscope symbolizes!

Fear and confidence game

Cancer patients are unfortunately victims of an incredible fear and confidence game that’s been perfected and has become more increasingly shameless and efficient. In addition to the patient, nurses, doctors and pharmacists get to feel the boomerang. Again its karmic. This cannot even be called a criminal hoax. There is such shared unconsciousness by the medical professional parties involved that it almost appears innocently unconscious, except at the corporate level.

All this works to extinguish the sacred breath of so many helpless, trusting human beings yearning to have their life uplifted or saved, not destroyed.

Power of money predominates

One thing we can learn from this is just how incredibly powerful the whole lure of money is. This is not visible in mechanical realms, like running a machine shop. It is most visible in the healing arts because of what “healing” means. To heal is to bring consciousness and life back into the body. Consciousness is the principle of connection itself. Consciousness and life are what heals, not drugs that are math-designed.  To focus on what is mechanical is also to look thus towards what is lifeless and unconscious. This gravitates to what is  life-cutting apart. Thus the gravitation of modern medicine to surgery, cutting the body apart, replacing human parts as with a machine, or by killing and destroying an aspect of our body via chemo or radiation. It is also very left-brain, looking at specialized details without seeing the holistic principles involved.

I shiver when seeing how this approach corrupts the core consciousness of decent and very intelligent individuals – including doctors I personally adore as friends. To compound the cultural corruption, there is a catapulting and in some ways the insane 17th century worldview that supports what are now the vastly crumbling pillars of modern allopathic medicine.

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