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Chemotherapy – not the answer to cancer | Healing Talks

Chemotherapy – not the answer to cancer

Chemotherapy not the answer to cancer

Chemotherapy – Not the Answer to Cancer

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor



(Healingtalks) Chemotherapy will never cure of the epidemic of cancer. The use of chemotherapy is actually a diabolical or should we say intellectually evil way for the medical establishment to try deny what is undeniable – that chemicals, the basis for pharmaceuticals, are a most fundamental and root cause for cancer.


All chemicals so function as a double negative (a superficial positive). Chemicals can suppress symptoms because they connect with unconsciousness, as explained below. They can be used to effectively kill life and can thus also kill cancer cells. But they cannot heal us. Killing and healing are opposites. Again see our many blog posts on how via mathematical designs chemicals are formed and where math symbols really represent the separations of all elements of consciousness, consciousness being at the core of life. Thus what designs machines made of separate parts connects unfortunately also with disintegration of organic life into parts, thus disease states and ultimately death in nature. The 17th century vision of math-organized nature, when driven too deeply, materializes death.


More in truth, cancer will only heal when the toxic load is decreased and not increased. When you get the chemicals and toxins out of the body and the proper nutrients in, and help the circulation of both with excercise and do mind/body therapies to stay on course, that is when you heal.


In an Australian study, researchers stated: “in lung cancer, the median survival has increased by only 2 months during the past 20 years and an overall survival benefit of less than 5 percent has been achieved in the treatment of breast, colon and head and neck cancers.” This study showed that chemotherapy’s 5-year survival in adults was 2.1 percent in the USA.


To heal cancer you must treat the cause and not the effect. You must bring the life forces back into the body, not the death-delivering forces which is what chemicals exactly are. You must not be deceived and fooled by the allopathic $medical$ profession – who represent about 20% of all TV advertising in selling pharmaceutical chemicals.


Cancer is the result of toxic buildup in the cells which causes them to transform in a way that they survive a toxic, life-disintegrating environment. When toxins enter into the core of cells, they also change in ways that make them grow wildly out of control.


Thus toxic chemotherapy will never heal cancer. It will just kill or destroy the aftereffects of having cancer. It will not decrease but increase the toxic load. It often will be the root cause of more aggressive cancer because new stem cells begin to grow that are resistant to the aggressive toxic therapy. The whole process is bankrupt and harmful.

Thus often patients see see tumor shrinkage, but then the tumors grows back even more fiercely. Chemotherapy does not usually kill cancer stem cells but rather the outer core of the tumor, which is made of non-stem cell cancer cells. When cancer stem cells are exposed to these toxic chemicals, it simply makes them more violent, more prone to spread. This is why the chemo tends to fail 95% of the time.


The answer to cancer is a true practice of the four pillars of naturopathy – get the best living, organic, whole food nutrition into your body, practice intensive detoxification to get the worst death-bearing, toxic elements out. Then help circulate and accelerate both processes with excercise and modulate your state of mind to stay on course.

Alternative cancer treatment changes your whole inner being and way of living with integrity, rather than just kill the effects of wrongful living.


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