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CT Scans Found To Cause Cancer


Two research studies published in the December 15 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine brought to light an evaluation of CT scans and how they deliver more radiation than previously thought. Scans may actually be responsible for nearly 30,000 cancers each year and 14500 deaths. This is the equivalent of the harm of several Twin Towers attacks.

One study, led by prestigious researchers from the National Cancer Institute, examined 1119 patients at four San Francisco hospitals and estimated the number of cancers caused. They found patients exposed to up to 4x as much radiation as previously assumed. It was the equivalent of 74x as much radiation as emitted by a mammogram or 442 chest X-rays. Young people are most at risk and among 20 year old women undergoing CT scans, 1 out of 150 will develop cancer.

Some radiologist may be up in arms over these findings but Dr. Rita Redberg of the University of California at San Francisco wrote that “up to 1/3rd of CT scans are unnecessary.”

In my opinion, most are unnecessary since they only give a surface or superficial view and no real depth insight into the etiology of what brings about systemic diseased conditions. Looking at surface appearances is like looking at illusions. Contrary to belief, examining such scans in order to develop chronic-disease-treatment protocols  is not an advanced science.  Not everything is really what “meets the eye on the surface.” Unfortunately doctors are not taught a real and advanced science of conscious, borrowing instead from the mechanical philosophy of nature of the 17th century – the math-based, which poorly guides consciousness. If that were understood,  all of modern medicine would change.

Modern medicine is actually to be commended and admired for its advanced emergency treatments, especially some mechanical fixes like high-tech mending of broken bones. This, however, feeds an illusion that modern medicine is also good at treating other health conditions – the systemic and chronic. It is not.  That is why we have uncontrolled or not-reigned-in health pandemics like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

What we thus need is a deep revolution in thought, moving away from the 17th century’s  mechanical vision of nature that underlies how doctors view the whole of our bodies and treat virtually all systemic disease conditions.

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