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There is no greater sign of the bankruptcy of modern medicine than to resort to treating cancer with the very chemicals that cause cancer! Often the greater “side-effects” of a chemo treatment are, strangely enough, killing one cancer to get a different cancer down the road for not just the patient but the pharmacists, nurses, and doctors who handle these chemicals!

It is such a bankrupt approach because we have a society-wide denial of the failure of an underlying worldview that holds up the tenets of modern allopathic medicine with the equivalent of toothpicks. In short, that forms of medicine is based on the 17th century’s mechanical vision of nature – the life and consciousness-stripped view. Cancer, which spreads silently and unconsciously, is really a consciousness disease. The death-laden view fosters the creation of that disease and then teaches the doctor to kill any offending element (virus, bacteria, fungus, tumor, etc) rather than addressing the cause – eliminating synthetic chemicals from our whole and total environment to support  life and consciousness in our bodies. But then the mechanical view fails to even recognize anything but the mechanical as real.

Secondly, modern medicine keeps applying the “double negative approach.” This is to kill what harms. But a double negative is never a full positive or ersatz. If it is upheld as a rescuing positive or true healing agent, it is a deception.

Thirdly,  the root 17th century view of nature does not realize the actual failure of what is a fundamental math-based vision of nature as applied to life – 0r to the living world of nature and rather than to the mechanical world of machines. Synthetic chemicals, thus drugs included, are a by-product of the pure math-led designs of a worldview effected in a typical chem lab.  If the order that designs those chemicals is in fact validly the “ultimate order of nature” then allopathic doctors stand defended, appear rational, and should their advise should be pursued. This means we are justified in pumping all manner of chemicals into our bodies, as well as chemical  food additives, dyes, preservatives, and so on.  But if Newton’s vision of the 17th century was fundamentally wrong , then the whole approach of modern medicine loses its claims to rationality and crumbles.

Because life is the concentrated presence of consciousness, and consciousness forms the principle of connection itself in nature, the mathematical view actually clashes with the core essence of life. Math symbols abstract relationships of ultimate separation in nature (anything counted thus has to be separate). This guides the design of machines made of separate parts. But again it also opposes, in my experience, the root healing/connective forces of nature as defined above. This is why chemicals so deeply and systemically pollute our environment and our bodies to cause metastatic cancers.

To then use the very same most destructive and causative chemicals to treat cancer is unconscionable (like treating an alcoholic with gin and tonic, a cancer patient with lard, a diabetic with refined sugar and a smoker with chewing tobacco). It is a silent and deeply embarrassing admission of the full  bankruptcy of an underlying approach and vision.

One of the unfortunate results is that anyone who comes into contact with these highly dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals, such as the doctors, nurses and pharmacists peddling the same toxic drugs as “medicine” to make a living,  become themselves prone, in a reverberating karma, to getting cancers.

Continued in Part II

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