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The End Of Cancer? | Healing Talks
Published On: Wed, Aug 4th, 2010

The End Of Cancer?

The-end-of-cancerBy Margaret Rathwell


The story of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark is similar to that of Rene Caisse (see NR Vol. 8/3, ‘Ojibwa Herbal Tea’). Both are Canadian, both discovered natural cures for cancer, and both have been persecuted by government, the conventional medical community and the big drug companies. Dr. Clark Ph.D.,N.D., is an independent research scientist specialized in biology, biophysics and cell physiology. In 1979 she left government research to begin private consulting full-time and in 1985 discovered a radio electronic technique for scanning the human body, the Syncrometer, which tests for viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, solvents and toxins. This gave her clues to the cause of cancer, HIV and other diseases. She now operates a research facility in Tijuana, Mexico, and her health books are best sellers—in the top 3% of books sold on amazon.com.

Like Rene Caisse, Dr Clark wants to help as many sick people as possible and has chosen not to patent her work. She believes that the sick have been held hostage long enough by doctors and the medical industry, and seeks to de-mystify the causes of disease. In the preface to her book The Cure For All Diseases she expresses the spirit of her work: “Wouldn’t it be nice if they (doctors and their suppliers and insurers) could all go back to gardening or some other primitive and useful endeavor? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the sick could join them?”

Only 2 Health Problems

Dr Clark’s theories are based on the simple idea that the human body heals itself if kept in good condition. No matter how many symptoms a person has she identifies only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants (toxins which make it difficult for organs to do their work) and/or parasites (protozoa, amoeba, worms that use up our food and give us their wastes). Her solution to good health is as follows:

Parasites  – Electronic and herbal treatment

Pollution Avoidance

Her strategy to return to health is:

1. Kill all parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi,

2. Remove toxic moulds, metals and chemicals from food and body products,

3. Clear and wash away gallstones, secretions and debris already formed, that hinder healing,

4. Use herbs and special food factors to hasten healing, being careful to use only unpolluted products.

Causes Of Cancer

Dr. Clark discovered that two things are responsible for cancer: isopropyl alcohol and the human intestinal fluke parasite. She has found the fluke in every case of cancer, HIV infection, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, Kaposi’s, and endometriosis. The fluke is a flatworm which normally lives in the intestine and passes its thousands of eggs in the bowel movement. Parasites are meant to live quietly not to kill you, but when the eggs hatch inside your body and develop inside you, cancer can develop. If the eggs and other stages develop in your breast it can become breast cancer; if in the prostate it can become prostate cancer. A growth factor is needed to make them multiply and affect the cells. This growth factor cannot be made without the presence of an abnormal solvent, isopropyl alcohol. So it is necessary to kill the fluke and its stages and get rid of isopropyl alcohol.

Parasite Killing

Flatworms, roundworms, protozoa, bacteria and viruses are killed using a combination of an electronic device called a ‘zapper’ and a herbal parasite killing program. Dr. Clark has found that this can benefit almost every illness. The zapper is a hand held battery operated (9V) frequency generator that uses a positively offset square wave to electrocute parasites. Its effectiveness may be because it regenerates the white blood cells by building a positive magnetic field in the body. It is a recognized medical device, which should not however be used by people wearing pacemakers, or by pregnant women.

The herbal program kills remaining stages throughout the body, which cannot be reached by the electric current. It consists of black walnut hull tincture, wormwood capsules, and cloves taken over 3 weeks. A weekly maintenance program is then recommended to prevent re-infection from the home, pets, undercooked dairy products and undercooked meat, the latter which she believes is the main source of intestinal fluke.

Solvent Pollutants

Foods and products polluted with isopropyl alcohol include shampoo, hair spray and mousse, cold cereals, cosmetics, mouthwash, decaffeinated coffee, vitamins, minerals and supplements, bottled water (polluted with antiseptics from the bottling procedure), rubbing alcohol, white sugar, shaving supplies, carbonated beverages and store-bought fruit juice. Dr Clark recommends home-made products, unprocessed foods and a limited number of tested supplements. Once you stop using isopropyl alcohol it disappears from your body within three days. If the immune system is uncompromised the body will detoxify this; but when the body is overloaded, illness sets in.

When isopropyl alcohol is present, the intestinal fluke uses another organ as a secondary host and that organ becomes cancerous. Other solvents in the body produce other diseases. For example, benzene causes the intestinal fluke to use the thymus for its secondary host, ruins the immune system and AIDS develops. Wood alcohol invites pancreatic flukes to use the pancreas as a secondary host and diabetes develops. Dr Clark states that cancer could be completely eliminated if laws required testing for solvents in animal feeds and human foods. A significant reason for isopropyl alcohol pollution is the chemicals used by manufacturers to sterilise food-handling equipment.

Clean-ups for Healing

After cancer is stopped one can get well if the toxins that invited parasites, bacterial and viral invaders are removed. Removing toxins from the affected organs lets them heal. For example, lung lesions will not heal unless cigarette smoking, freon, asbestos, and fibreglass exposure is stopped. Carcinogens draw the cancer to the organ: nickel draws cancer to the prostate, barium draws cancer to the breast. Dr. Clark considers the most serious threats to be: freon (CFCs or refrigerant), copper from water pipes, fibreglass or asbestos, mercury from amalgam tooth fillings, lead from joints in copper plumbing, formaldehyde in foam bedding and new clothing, and nickel usually from dental metal.

Dental, diet, body and home clean-ups aim to remove parasites and pollutants at their source. The body constantly fights to remove pollutants, but if you are being ‘re-supplied’ with them, the body cannot heal.

The dental clean-up has been found crucial in shrinking tumors and restoring health. Dr. Clark advises: 1. removing all metals and large plastic fillings from the mouth, 2. removing all infected teeth and cleaning cavities.

Silver or amalgam fillings contain 48-55% mercury, 33-35% silver, and various amounts of copper, tin, zinc, and other metals that corrode and seep into the body. Mercury is continually released from mercury fillings in the form of mercury vapour and abraded particles, which can be increased 15-fold by chewing, brushing and hot liquids. Research has shown that mercury, even in small amounts, damages the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands, blood cells, enzymes and hormones, and suppresses the body’s immune system.

At the beginning of the 20th century Dr. Weston Price, head of the American Dental Association, found that root canal therapy, used to save a tooth that has become infected or dead, had serious side affects. He showed thousands of instances of disease created from devitalized teeth, from head and neck pain to rheumatism and cancer. Most patients with devitalized teeth had thyroid dysfunction. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology reports that because it was not what the dental establishment wanted to hear, the results were ignored. Safe treatment requires extracting the dead tooth rather than filling the root, and removing any infected tissue from around the tooth. Later the space can be filled with a bridge or partial denture.

The materials which have entered our food chain and body care products—particularly petroleum products, alcohol, asbestos, colorings, dyes, formaldehyde and perfume—should not be there and were not there fifty years ago. The tested ingredients in 99% of perfumes are labeled as toxic hazards and not allowed in the agriculture industry. So, apart from avoidance of processed foods, Dr. Clark warns us against commercial salves, ointments, lotions, colognes, perfumes, deodorants, toothpaste, soaps, washing powders etc. and gives recipes for home-made substitutes, e.g. borax powder for cleaning.

Cleaning up the home environment to make it safe includes moving paints, varnishes, thinners, cleaners, and chemicals from the house; sealing cracks around pipes; changing your refrigerator for a non CFC one (Dr. Clark found freon concentrated in cancerous organs, where it facilitates the accumulation of other toxins); checking air conditioners for leaks; sealing or removing uncovered fiberglass; removing clothes dryers, hair dryers containing asbestos and radiators and electric heaters which give off asbestos if their paint is old, and changing copper plumbing to PVC plastic. She suggests if you have been quite ill to move house to a warm climate where you can avoid heating and cooling, and sit outside in the shade all day.

Dr David Ho and Dr Bette Korber in the US have verified that AIDS and HIV were in the human population before World War II and possibly before the 1930’s. So why did they not explode until the 1980’s? Perhaps because it is then that petroleum products, notably benzene, entered our food chain and body care products on a large scale, and weakened the human immune system to an extent that AIDS and HIV could enter.

Syncrometer testing makes it possible to know exactly which toxins cause the patient’s cancer. The Syncrometer can be used for diagnosing and monitoring progress until cured. It consists of an audio oscillator circuit which includes the body as part of the circuit. Dr Clark discovered that every living and non-living entity produced certain specific frequencies which can be heard with the audio oscillator. Every living creature broadcasts its presence like a radio station. The Syncrometer tests for parasites or pollutants in any product or body tissue, by using samples of those parasites or pollutants. Cancerous tumours grow in the body for at least three years before they are big enough to be detected by medical imaging techniques, but the Syncrometer can detect them long before that.

For detoxifying the body Dr. Clark recommends vitamins, minerals and herbs from safe sources. Apart from the parasites and dental cleanses she gives detailed instructions for liver, kidney and bowel cleanses. She recommends that the liver cleanse should not be done if the liver contains living parasites, and is best carried out after a parasite and then a kidney cleanse. The liver cleanse is reported as the single most important thing you can do for your health. Medical herbalists, naturopaths and other natural healers speak highly of her cleanses.

New 21 Day Program For Advanced Cancers

In October 1999 Dr. Clark’s 21 Day Program for Advanced Cancers was introduced for severely ill patients in cancer stages 4 and 5, including imminent death. It is described in The Cure For All Advanced Cancers. Although there are many extra problems that an advanced cancer patient faces, the causes are the same. Dr Clark identifies three tasks:

1. Kill clostridium bacteria. (Clostridium are the tumour-making bacteria, which supply the DNA, the toxic amines and also isopropyl alcohol which will eventually contribute to malignancy),

2. Kill all other parasites,

3. Remove metals, malonic acid (which comes from some common foods, tapeworm larvae and plastic teeth), and other carcinogens from the body.

Her latest book reports a remarkable 95% success rate with the 21 day program. Many cures are reported of ‘terminal’ cases. She also reports those who were not cured. Two examples follow. A man came to them who had had tumors and cancers for ten years. His thyroid had been removed and his neck was burned from extensive radiation therapy. He had external tumors on his neck, around his arm pits and a full size tumor on his sternum. Doctors gave him only weeks to live. Within four weeks on the 21 day program, the fist size tumor had shrunk to 1/10 inch. Another patient was given only days to live: her eyes were dead and she smelt extremely rotten. After two weeks on the program, she had much energy, felt good, her eyes were alive, the smell was almost gone and her blood test showed normal except for some anemia.

Although Dr Clark does everything she can to demystify cancer and other serious illnesses, it is not simple and for self-curing it is necessary to read and study everything in detail. It is easy to miss one point which may be crucial and affect everything else. Someone with advanced cancer will need someone close to them to study the method and guide them.

The Dr. Clark Research Association

David Amrein is president of the independent Dr. Clark Research Association, which manages the business side of Dr. Clark’s work. After discovering Dr. Clark’s book The Cure For All Cancers, he started talking to her patients, visited Dr. Clark’s clinic in Tijuana, and took the Syncrometer course.

He informed me that there are now several hundred alternative therapists using the Clark therapy in Germany and Switzerland. However, while more and more cancer patients seek alternative, holistic treatment for cancer, the medical profession is trying to make self-help and simple treatments illegal. The US Government has legislated that any cancer treatment used in the US, other than the AMA sanctioned treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, will be considered ‘quackery’, and punishable as a felony. The AMA/FDA monopoly maintains that new protocols are not legitimate until many years and vast sums of money have been spent on ‘scientific’ research.

In 1993, after a complaint by an unhappy client, Dr. Clark was charged with practicing medicine without a license in Indiana. The prosecutor tried to force Dr. Clark, now 71, to accept a ludicrous plea bargain which would have included her not being able to see any more patients ever, even abroad, and withdrawal of her books. It is interesting to speculate whose interests the trial is serving. The judge and prosecutor withdrew from the case after it was discovered that the prosecutor had married the woman who investigated the case seven years before and had failed to get earlier elected prosecutors to pursue Dr. Clark. When the case was brought against Clark, the Speaker of the state legislature, one of the most important political figures in the state, came to her defense, telling how he had been treated and helped by Dr Clark and found the charges against her unwarranted.

Dr Clark’s organization has been built from the grassroots up by her former patients, and relatives of patients. They have seen that her therapy works; many are alive today because of her. Information on the Dr. Clark Research Association can be found on the web-site www.drclark.net

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