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As the average person ages, there are multiple signs and symptoms of poor circulation. We tend to slow down physically and mentally. We are more susceptible to temperature changes and bones start to become brittle.

The importance of keeping our circulation in a healthy state is more than critically important. Otherwise our bodies will not carry vital nutrients or the best of nutrition to our cells. At the same time we hamper on-going detoxifications as well, and as performed by our skin, liver, kidneys and lymph. What is removed by these organs is then not carried effectively out. Our overall state of consciousness or awareness starts to recede because our nervous system fails to have an adequate supply of oxygen and other nutrients. Our nerves lacks life force. This is why we consider maintaining good circulation as one of the four master keys to a state of good health.


One of the major ways to keep our circulatory system healthy is obviously to exercise. Especially aerobic exercise is vital.  It conditions the body to move our blood more forcefully and vitally to all cells.  This morning I ran a short 5k race with over 600 runners  and came in first in my age group of 60+. This happened after just a week of training because I constantly keep active with gardening and renovation work. I feel it is so important to balance our mental, emotional and physical activities.

If there is a circulatory problem, drink at least a quart of raw organic vegetable juices every day, seven days a week. Include in the quart of juice a variety of high-nutrient-dense greens (kale, collards, bok choy, spinach, cabbage, broccoli rabe) and a little cayenne pepper and garlic or ginger to stimulate circulation. Drink as much of this juice mix as you possibly can within 15 minutes of making the juice, before it loses its optimum vitality. Use a slow grinding juicer like the Huron because it oxidizes the juice less. When using the most nutrient-dense foods it’s quite ok to dilute the juice (half/half) using added water to make two quarts. Storing the excess juice is best with some vitamin C added or lemon/lime juice. Fill to the top of your glass jar and close tightly so that oxidation is further avoided. Taking niacin with the juice will drive the blood with the intense juice nutrients a little deeper and farther – as will exercise.

If you have a more serious cardiovascular disorder or circulatory problem or are at heart attack or stroke risk, the best step is to avoid virtually all animal proteins and fats. They tend to clog our arteries or the whole of the circulatory system. What impressed me in this regard was the photos taken by Dr. Esselstyne of patients with occluded arteries who, after switching to a vegan diet, had those same arteries open up completely just three months later.

The problem with refined oils, even the “better” ones, is simply that they are refined. They are not whole foods that carry the original life force. They could rather easily be called “junk foods” as with  highly refined-flour-made products like donuts. More seriously they contribute to a systemic breakdown of the inner living of circulatory system vessels. Those prone to serious cardiovascular disease need to cut out all refined fats and oils – and I mean it. Again, all of them! You need to temporarily eliminate even premier refined oils like flax, olive, hemp and coconut oil at least until your circulatory system has had a chance to heal. This doesn’t mean you eliminate the intake of those oils per se – just the refined forms. You can grind flax seeds fresh and sprinkle them on a dish.  Flax oil especially begins to go rancid a week after pressing (devaluing the health benefits of flax oil as retained in a more whole food form). You can also add a little nuts, avocado, coconut pulp or olives to the diet and thereby get enough fat for our body’s normally modest needs . Modify this if you live in a colder regions and need more padding. By the way, getting that padding from animal sources (as the Eskimos did for centuries using blubber)  is no longer a viable option for multiple reasons. This includes the fact that we now have a rising presence of chemical toxins accumulating in most animal fat tissues.

Keeping a healthy cardiovascular system is actually quite simple. It is the psychological and cultural transition to a more vegan and living foods diet that is initially difficult for many – until one understands why and sees the incremental and overall cumulative results.

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