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The public is generally not aware that dietary protocols can make a huge difference in treating systemic ailments. There is no money in it. Thus the commercial medical establishment is not very interested in this approach. However,  most cases of type II Diabetes can be reversed by dietary means.  You won’t believe this if you are taken in by that powerful medical establishment that funds media outlets, but diabetes is actually the easiest of the six or seven major chronic conditions of our times to help turnaround. So the first step is to read this blog post to the end, with an independent open mind. Let not others dictate, consciously and subconsciously, or manipulate truths.

A 2006 study by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine with the George Washington University and University of Toronto, looked at  low-fat, unrefined, vegan diets for type 2 diabetes. Portions of vegetables, grains, fruits, and legumes were unlimited. The vegan group’s health was compared to those following an American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines-based diet. The results after 22 weeks were astounding:

  • 43 % of the vegan group and 26 % of the ADA group reduced their diabetes medications. This means the vegan diet was doubly as effective. Among those who didn’t reduce medications, the vegan group still lowered hemoglobin A1C, an index of blood glucose control, by 1.2 points, 3x the comparable change in the ADA group.
  • The vegan group also lost an average of 13 pounds, the ADA group 9 pounds.
  • Among those who didn’t change their lipid-lowering medications, the vegans had greater decreases in their LDL cholesterol levels.Why does a vegan diet have this healing effect?The digestion of animal proteins and fats leave acid residues. Generally our body fluids can handle these residues if the portion of animal proteins and fats is less than 5% of the caloric intake. If it is more, the fluids can change their PH and thereby begin an illness process. This has been verified by numerous studies. most notably the grand prix of all nutritional studies  - The China Study.  Needless to say the meat industry does not want to hear this. They have helped pass libel laws in several states, to the point of being a felony to say anything negative, and to prevent anyone from speaking out the truth.

Now to the next higher step. While a vegan diet helps lower the A1C index by 1.3 points this is not enough to really reverse or cure the ailment. Thus it appears there is no cure – and not even with dietary intervention. However, what is not commonly know is that a raw or living food vegan diet makes more of a difference.. This diet is 5x better at lowering the A1C than with the cooked vegan diet, or 15x overall better!  This earth-shaking  result was demonstrated by Dr. Gabriel Cousens and is brought out in his very deeply moving and revolutionary Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.  I am meeting with my local Congressman to see if we can find public funding for a larger study. When that knowledge of the power of diet gets out the general public,  the multi-billion dollar insulin industry will be in trouble and the patients not.

We need to thus breakthrough the industry blackout.  Their profits are threatened. They will fight to preserver their turf.

What happens with insulin patients is as follows. A vegan diet leaves again less acid traces in body fluids. It is more alkaline. Meat digestion is especially acid. Again if meat is more than 5% of the diet, the body fluids can’t handle it and disease processes begin. A raw vegan diet is then needed because in a diabetes patient the cell membranes and their receptors fail to recognize and allow insulin, proteins and other vital nutrients to penetrate the interior.  They are dead or no longer conscious to preform that function. Secondly those membranes are largely made out of fat. When this fat is almost entirely denatured and devitalized (via things like McDonald’s French Fries)  the body begins to enter a crude downward cycle. Eliminate trans-fats, cooked fats and rancid and processed oils plus acid-forming sugars – eat only raw, whole, low-glycemic vegan foods – and suddenly the whole life-support system of the body come back on track.

For more information on why we need to bring the living forces back into the body, we my raw-wisdom articles on a life-centered vision of nature – the opposite of the mechanical view that was introduced in the 17th century and which grounds virtually all of modern medicine, makes a marriage with commercial-profit-oriented businesses, and explains why that form of medical is failing to heal. In those articles I explain the importance of acid/alkaline balance from a life-centered vision of approach. Remember that diabetes is a life-force or consciousness illness – why it results in neuropathy.  Having the wrong core paradigms to treat and prevent that ailment is why the pandemic of diabetes is so uncontrolled and rising. Modern medicine is a wholesale failure at stopping the pandemic. There are reasons why.

I will let you in on a secret. In comparison to reversing cancer, diabetes is actually easy to accomplish.  I once help founded a natural cancer treatment center, and we could only help and rescue about a third of the patients. This was because most come in the later stages of that disease’s progression. With diabetes it  is much, much easier to reverse the chronic condition. The stats are far higher. Again you just need to step outside the conventional, money-making-oriented paradigms, the mind-control,  and the mechanical view of our bodies and in fact of all of nature.  That diabetes can be reversed has been the experience of the brilliant, powerful and dynamic leaders in this field: Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. John McDougal, among many others. In the future we plan to offer key book summaries, CDs, interviews to get the word out and so we can pursue this crusade and bring truths to those who suffer and have been kept in the dark and are kept blind.

This effort is my dedicated to my dearest and most beloved dad. After having gone through concentration camps in Germany, he also had diabetes for nearly 50 years. He only trusted the establishment. He went blind toward the end of his life.

Dr. Fuhman had a patient who was a school principal and whose diabetes was reversed. She wrote a moving article about her experience in a magazine that gets distributed to school principals. Someone at the American Diabetes Association read the article, contracted Dr. Fuhrman and asked him to write about his therapy in their magazine. They even sent him  $750 to pay him to do so. He wrote the article and then got a call saying they can’t publish the article as is and that he needs to tone it down. Why? Because he was saying that he could get his patients routinely off insulin. The problem was that Eli Lily, which makes  3-4 billion dollars selling insulin, also is the main funder of the ADA magazine and they would never go for it. So Dr. Fuhrman ended up returning the check. This is typical in the politics of modern medicine. The industry giants especially dominate the World Diabetes Day conference and similarly influential events. As with the film Food, Inc (about the growing ill effects of modern mechanized agriculture) most of the public does not know what really goes on behind the scenes in the modern entrenched politics of medicine. It is all about money rather than the stirrings of the heart and uncorrupted truths.

Thus it is up to us to make a ground swelling change. Please get a copy of Dr. Cousens’ revolutionary video and distribute it to as many friends as possible.  The suffering is so great out there. Because we care, we can and we will make a revolutionary change in modern medicine.

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