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World Diabetes Awareness Day | Healing Talks

World diabetes awareness day

world diabetes day

World diabetes day

World diabetes awareness day

 By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) The recent World Diabetes Day had the theme of  “Diabetes Education and Prevention.” However, and in truth, is that the 12  or more drug companies who sponsor World Diabetes Day want you to  “manage” type 1 and 2 diabetes  using insulin for a lifetime. The phrase “diabetes cure” is a slogan and, if effected, shut down the multi-billion insulin-maintenance  industry. That industry guarantees billions for Big Pharma by creating a life-long dependency ploy. Unbeknownst to most, type 2 diabetes is readily curable. It is actually the easiest of the major chronic illnesses to  reverse and in a short period of time.

An alternative view

Thus if you see the file “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days” then the words “Education and Prevention” mean something entirely else and of more substance. The truth is that we can prevent and reverse  diabetes mellitus and insipidus, and help alleviate the pains of  juvenile diabetes using a raw organic and living plant based food diet.  Reversing diabetes means you are treating the cause and not the symptom of high blood sugar. No doubt insulin has saved countless lives, but it really something you want to use regularly or be addicted to? My dad, God bless him, was addicted to the medical care system and the end result was that he went blind. This was terrible for him and the whole family! The goal should rather be to get a sufferer off such medications as quickly as possible. Of course, that would bankrupt the drug companies who sell insulin – and so its a no one is allowed to suggest that.

The experience of Dr. Joel Fuhrman

A case in point is the following Dr. Joel Fuhrman treated a principal of a high school and got her to reverse her diabetic condition. She wrote an article about it in a magazine that is distributed to principals, although someone from the American Diabetic Association happened to have read it and was impressed. Dr. Fuhrman was ask to write an article about what he was doing for the ADA’s magazine. He was sent a $750 ahead of time for the article. After he sent a draft, he heard back that they could not publish it in its present form because it advocated getting off of insulin and Eli Lilly was the main sponsor of the ADA’s magazine and they wouldn’t go for that. Needless to say, Dr. Fuhrman refused to doctor up his article and sent them back their $750

Blackout on Dr. Cousens’ and Fuhrman’s non-drug approaches

No need to be surprised if there is no mention of Dr. Cousens’ or similar approaches on the World Diabetes Day website – namely the use of a raw, living and other dietary approaches.

Where to turn

To help foster some authentic “Education and Prevention” for World Diabetes Day, we ask others to check out a really amazing DVD  and its trailer SIMPLY RAW:Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. along with the companion Raw for

Local showings 

We’ve done two local showings  of this film. It seems to have turned around several lives – including that of one close friend. He quickly lost 50 lbs and became revitalized. During the week of World Diabetes Day, the film is available on the web at a fraction of its regular cost. The following educational materials are given away free along with the DVD and the whole set represents authentic rather than doctored up information on how to prevent and reverse diabetes. It can greatly help those suffering from this terrible illness that has become such a worldwide scourge and pandemic.

  • Use of Kitchen Gadgets – 40 Minute Instructional Video by Raw Food Chef Cherie Soria of The Living Light Institute
  • Raw Food Made Easy – Jennifer Cornbleet’s Favorite 5 Recipes from her Book
  • One Month Raw Menu Planner – By Tera Warner of The Raw Divas
  • How to Stay Raw While Travelling – Audio Interview with Ani Phyo
  • The Raw Life: Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World” –  E-Book by Paul Nison
  • Revealing the Physical Changes” E-Book by Angela Stokes
  • Revolutionize Your Life In 30 Days” E-Book by Revvell Revati of Rawkin Radio
  • Raw Success,” written by Matt Monarch
  • The Live Food Factor – Chapter 1 of Susan Schenk’s book

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