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Filtering Your Water – Getting the Right Water Filter | Healing Talks
Published On: Wed, Aug 4th, 2010

Filtering Your Water – Getting the Right Water Filter


Our city water supply is adulterated with the maximum allowed chlorine and fluoride. We have to pay the city to poison our bodies!  Get informed because this is an issue of huge importance. Below is a brief article by Ron Seely……

We don’t drink enough water.

Fresh pure water is very important for both detoxifying your body and keeping it well hydrated. In a book called The Your Body’s Many Cries for Water Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD makes a good argument for alleviating many diseases and symptoms by addressing dehydration. (see www.watercure.com )

Early on in my diagnosis I got a new water filter for my drinking water. I got what I researched to be one of the best on the market, A Nikken P Mag. (contact Barbara Harris (434)984-1360 or your local Nikken distributor to learn more.) The Japanese have been using many advanced techniques in water filtration system for years. In addition to carbon filtration, the Nikken Pi Mag uses magnetic technology. Some people believe that illness has a lot to do with the biomagnetics of your body being out of kilter. Magnetic therapy seems to help me and I also carry a bottle of water in a Nikken carrier that has magnets at the bottom.

“‘The key to how magnetic fields can stimulate healing, and help in reversing cancer has to do with its effect on oxygen,’ says Dr Philpott. ‘Magnetic fields can stimulate metabolism and increase the amount of oxygen available to cells. I have concluded that oxygen deficiency, coupled with acidity, are unique characteristics of all cancer cells, and are actually the two main causes of cancer…The more alkaline pH produced by a negative magnetic field is necessary for healing as cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment,’ Dr Philpott explains.” (see p. 1035-1045 in An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer . by W. John Diamond,M.D., W. Lee Cowden, M. D. and Burton Goldberg, Future Medicine Publishing INC, Tiburon, CA 1997)

Nikken also has an optimizer you can buy which adds additional oxygen to the water. I added liquid oxygen to my water: (see Life Support- Oxygen Elements.)

While researching water filters, I also learned about Japanese microwater which claims to be smaller water molecules with added oxygen. (p. 792-793  in An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer.) You can buy a microwater filter or you can buy microwater already bottled, (see:  Penta Water by Bio Hydration Research. http://www.myvitanet.com/birelab.html (Whole Foods ordered it for me.)) Microwater is supposed to be more alkaline and more quickly and easily absorbed to hydrate you better. Now I have a Jupiter Orion Filter which produces separates the water into alkaline and acid and you drink the alkaline and clean with the acidic water.

I also bought a good carbon filter for my shower to filter out the chlorine and other carcinogens left over from sewage processing. This is especially important if you are going to use your shower water for home colonics or enemas. Like your drinking water, your enema water needs to be pure. You can always use distilled water for an enema, which is what I did at first. If you live in the city, I do not recommend taking a hot bath and soaking in city water because your body absorbs water through your skin.  According to a Norwegian study consuming chlorinated drinking water is associated with a 20-40% increase in the incidence of colon and rectal cancer.” (p578-579 in 1045 in An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer).

I have included an article here from the Wisconsin State Journal which claims that our drinking water is contaminated with traces of antidepressants and estrogens which are not filtered out by our sewage water processing plants. In addition to our drinking water, our lakes and streams are contaminated with pharmaceuticals and hormones and they have found estrogen in fish that are altering the sex of the fish downstream from sewage plants.  Add to that the high incidence of mercury found in fish, this is another good reason to become a vegetarian and to get your fatty omega 3 essential oils from flax instead.


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