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Gregory Mendel’s Genetic Determinism


Gregory Mendel’s Genetic Determinism

The essential modern view of gene-expression, and as being determinative of the characteristics of each next generation originally arose out of the pea planting experiments of Gregory Johan Mendel. The history of his work is outlined a little in Wikepedia and as follows:  “Between 1856 and 1863 Mendel cultivated and tested some 29,000 pea plants This study showed that one in four pea plants had purebred recessive alleles, two out of four were hybrid and one out of four were pure-bred dominant. His experiments brought forth two generalizations, the Law of Segregation and the Law of Independent Assortment, which later became known as Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance. Mendel did read his paper, Experiments on Plant Hybridizations at two  meetings of the Natural History Society of Brunn in Moravia in 1865. When Mendel’s paper was published in 1866 …it had little impact and was cited about three times over the next thirty-five years.”

What happened was about 50 years after the publication of Mendel’s treatise, in the 20th century, applications were found by the newly formed hybrid plant industry. It had commercial applications because when something is deterministic it holds its price value. This is why we deaden or preserve living foods on supermarket shelves. Mendel’s work was also very significant in the progression of science overall in the 19th century. He’s again mechanistic, math-reduced laws of the core of life  and derivatively of the characteristics of the next generation – was embraced by the rest of modern science. The body is just a machine, the heart a pump, which indeed it is in its surface manifestations. All this had the ring and feel of Newton’s laws of motion now wonderfully applied further to biology or to the nature of life.  Mendel’s laws were just as fixed and deterministic and as mathematical. They also seemed to follow some common sense in everyday appearances. What I means is that if  a person is born with brown eyes and brown hair color they are not about to become blue-eyed and blond at anytime in their lives! But does the same apply to the core nature of healing chronic inherited diseases? The overall genetic view became a natural extension of the growing impact of the mechanical view of nature, and thus the root nature of ourselves.  Allopathic medicine has its deepest foundations in this view of the 17th century, and also its greatest Achilles heel. If the latter falls, so does the essence of modern medicine. The key role that genetics plays in allopathic medicine is thus appropriate, along with the requirement that physicians learn math-based physics (including later radiation therapy) and chemistry (including pharmacology) as the most essential or foundation preparation for their healing arts (for pre-med requirements).

What I have discovered, through a life-long of searching and struggling with these important issues, is that there are reliable and alternative living principles at work in nature, and thus the nature of ourselves. These principles are actually opposite to the mechanical – where the mechanical processes are real and work on the surface and the living principles on a deeper level. The latter are not fixed and determined (and thus not so much implicated in hair or eye color but are in the healing process as a whole). An object in motion will continue in motion at certain predictable speeds and in a certain predicable directions, as described by Newton. This works masterfully in the game of surface-colliding billiard balls. It also works perfectly if applied to help a mechanical engineer design a car to run faster or slower and more efficiently. Or it works with any machine similarly or whatever else is essentially dead and unconscious. If something is alive and conscious then there is a very different story to tell. For example, a runner may run 5 miles an hour for an while down a track and then suddenly, and from a scientific point of view, mysteriously turn around. Science tells us that the mathematical laws of physics are universal. Then this too must thus be reduced to the same mechanical laws at the core of nature. Thus also if we just knew more of what was going on in the runner’s body, heart, emotions, spirit or mind, literally everything could be explained mechanically. This was the view of several prominent philosophers of the 18th century, like Thomas Hobbes. I totally and completely disagree.

In my research, life does not work upon the same and superficial principles as a machine. Learning how to bring out the living forces in each of us is thus a way of negating the mechanical, and even turning around or repairing a genetic defect. This view is not part of allopathic or the dominant contemporary model or understanding of medicine. You won’t find it there because it doesn’t fit the rest. It does not involve using hybrid plants or synthetic chemicals or radiation, or surgery, or genetic engineering, or antibiotics  to turnaround the body’s given state. Entirely different treatments are used. This is because the whole root model is so different to the very core and systemically. In modern medicine the inner living/adaptive/conscious forces play often a minor or relatively insignificant role – why we turn over our lives to the care of a physician to receive pharmaceuticals, high-tech treatments and the like. Also you are said to be born with the condition and will die with it. I have a different view. I have seen that different view  work in myself and with many others over a lifetime. This applies to patients of muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis and many other other genetic disorders.

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