Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2012

Dr. Esselstyn-Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

(HealingTalks) It’s not often that a former president endorses an alternative health plan, but Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn’s program has been proven to be so affective that Bill Clinton did just that. Dr. Esselstyn advocates a plant-based diet that lowers cholesterol, reduces cardiac events, and reverses coronary artery disease.

Along with changing cardiac treatment as we know it, Caldwell Esselstyn is an Olympian and a Vietnam Veteran. Currently, he is the director of The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute‘s cardiovascular prevention and reversal program. He and his wife have been on a plant-based diet for 26 years and included 150 recipes in the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. He has been interviewed on CNN, NPR, and in the Huffington Post.

Whether you have heart disease or are just looking to get a little healthier, Dr. Esselstyn’s method is worth listening to!

Check out Dr. Esselstyn’s website for information on how to buy Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease as a book or a DVD!

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