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Supreme Heart Health | Healing Talks
Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2011

Supreme Heart Health

supreme heart health

Supreme Heart Health

This past weekend I ran and won in my age group a local road race sponsored by the American Heart Association and held annual.

Age 61 or 29?

As part of the event’s draw, there was a heart-health expo that offers some heart health testing. With the testing it showed my blood pressure to be 109/68. More typically it is 110/70. With such a healthy blood steam in my body, I again came in first in my age group, as I usually do in these local races. This also may remind our readers of the other and similar blog post on “Sproutman, What the Tests Show – 60 or 29?.

Thus for supreme heart and cardiovascular health, especially to avoid stokes, you should have a blood pressure in and around the lower bracket of the normal blood pressure range or 115/75. See the chart below. Pressure while the heart is beating is systolic blood pressure.  Pressure while the heart is relaxes is diastolic blood pressure.

Low, Average and High Blood Pressure Ranges

Systolic pressure (mm Hg) Diastolic pressure (mm Hg) Stages of High Blood Pressure
210 120 Stage 4
180 110 Stage 3
160 100 Stage 2
140 90 Stage 1

Normal Blood Pressure Range

Systolic pressure (mm Hg) Diastolic pressure (mm Hg) Pressure Range
130 85 High Normal Blood  Pressure
120 80 Normal Blood Pressure
110 75 Low Normal Blood  Pressure

Low Blood Pressure Range

Systolic pressure (mm Hg) Diastolic pressure (mm Hg) Pressure Range
90 60 Borderline Low blood  Pressure
60 40 Too Low Blood Pressure
50 33 Dangerously Low Blood  Pressure

See the chart below for age related blood pressure. Again mine was 109/68 and usually 110/70. Also my heart rate was 85, and this was after actively walking around (rather than a pure resting heart beat). My oxygen uptake was also in the 98 percentile, while what’s considered healthy is above 92%.

All of this is comparable to the health of a 25-29 year old though my biological age is 61. So here is the additional chart below of age-related rates:

Age 15 to 19
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 20 to 24
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 25 to 29
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 30 to 34
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 35 to 39
Systolic Range
Diastolic Range
Age 40 to 44
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 45 to 49
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 50 to 54
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 55 to 59
Systolic Range
Diastolic RangeAge 60 to 64
Systolic Range
Diastolic Range

Also to calculate your predicted maximum heart rate for exercise purposes use the calculation: 220 – (age) = Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate, or see our Target Heart Rate Calculator and Chart

For our overall natural health prescription for SUPREME HEART HEALTH we recommend the following. For let’s look at our diets.


The above results of mine are not accidental or genetically derived. They were consciously created.

They indicate a near total lack of plaque in the arteries, a major contributor to strokes and heart disease.  This is the result of my making major and serious lifestyle changes. You have to consider what is more important, to live to eat (to satisfy the palate) or to eat to live. With the latter you can learn delicious and masterful recipes, thereby having the best of both worlds.

Thus my prescription for supreme heart health includes the following:

The best are dietary YES-es are:

  • BABY GREENS – Home made sprouts and other baby greens as a staple.
  • OTHER LIVING FOODS – Probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kimchee and fermented foods like non-GMO soy.
  • RAW FOODS – All of the non-cooked plant-based foods, a variety of whole, organic fruits and vegetables, including nuts, beans, and seeds
  • LIVING DRINKS - Probiotic drinks like kombucha tea
  • LIVING JUICES – Fresh raw organic green and fruit juices and blends.
  • BLENDED FOODS – Do you like sweet potatoes but don’t want to cook them to make these yummies digestible. Try blending.
  • DEHYDRATED FOODS - Like crackers, cakes and cookies. Try dehydrating rather than baking to keep the life force in your foods
  • LIVING SOUPS – Heat water to boiling, turn off the fire, and let it cool a bit before throwing in your favorite spices, fermented soy sauce, sprouts, veggies and so on.
  • OMEGA-3 FATS – Preferably plant based like flax oil. Krill oil is an alternative as these tiny fish live on green plankton.


Why should you consider the above dietary choice in a major life-style, counter-cultural and inner consciousness change?

I will not give you the typical chemical explanation. This is because I know the chemical view, based on the mathematical philosophy introduced in the 17th century by Sir Issac Newton, lacks real wisdom about what is at the core of nature and ourselves. It doesn’t get to the heart of the matter but actually takes us away. The chemical view, derivative of the mathematical,  is not based on a deep consciousness understanding – why we are polluting our bodies and our  environment so radically with artificial chemicals. Mathematics points to what is separate in nature, which in turn is the death principle in nature – why machines designed mathematically are not alive. They are made of separate interchangeable parts.


Life works differently. And that life and its consciousness is what is really at the core of nature, including our own nature and well being. Also only life begets life. So eating living foods is what will most keeps our bodies young, and healthy supreme. For health reasons, I even prefer a living animal-based diet, with uncooked fish or krill oil and the like, to one that is cooked. For compassion reasons rather I am a more pure vegan.

And the life force in nature shares a “universal consciousness.” This is shared even and especially by plants, touched by what we can metaphorically call the angels of sunlight, water and air. Now it is critically important to know that this consciousness forms a universal relationship of connection.

Therefore when you cut a living thing apart, it immediately begins to loose that consciousness, that life force (we say it “oxygenates” in the chemical model). We cry out in pain when our own bodies are cut in any way. This the reason why freshly squeezed juices which hold that connective life force must be drunk right away, within the first 20 minutes of squeezing (because the rest of the surrounding universe wants to reclaim that connective force once liberated from  protective inner membranes. We want that liberation to happen inside our bodies, so drink the juices immediately.

We also should avoid foods that are totally dry, have no fluid or water-rich content, or worse are both dry and systematically cut apart – namely milled, floured or any highly processed foods.

So this brings us to the No’s or not to eat foods.


  • No processed junk foods – Almost no refined sugars or flour products. No canned products. No soft drinks filled with sugars. Only a once in a while taste-satisfying cookie, bit of pasta, chips, or slice of bread or wrap. Of all cooked foods, those made of flour products  have the least vitality.
  • No Saturated Animal Fats – Using plant-based nutrition or a vegetarian diet.
  • No Fried foods, whether animal or plant based.
  • Minimal Cooked Foods – Make sure your diet consists of at least 75% uncooked foods, mine is more typically 95-100% because when the food you take in is dead or devitalized, the quality of the cells it builds is the same.
  • Minimal Vegetarian Oils (corn, soy, olive, etc), even if cold processed! This may come as a shocker but think about it. Oils are highly processed food artificially extracted and not whole foods prepared in our kitchen and eating within a few hours of making them while the vitality is still in tact. I learned the insight (avoiding even cold-pressed vegetable oils) from leading heart experts like Dr. Esselstyne. He routinely turns around cardiovascular disease, and within just three months,  by eliminating most oils, irrespective of whether they are vegetarian or meat-based. Fats are primarily our bodies meant to build very small, thin cell membranes, and not vitality.  So we just need a little bit of fats in our diet, about 5% of the diet. When extracted commercially, and then left to sit on supermarket shelves, oils oxidize. They become rancid and start to more harm than help our health. Again we don’t need much of them and when we do,  why not use the very best, such as omega-3 rich flax (mist be only a couple weeks old and stored in a dark refrigerated container), plus whole-food derived coconut fat and the fats that our body extracts from avocados and chia seeds.
  • Minimal Sweets – High levels of sugar in the blood stream begin to deteriorate your blood vessels, even and especially fructose. Thus I shun any refined sugar products, rarely having honey or maple syrup and preferring the non-sweet citric fruits lemons, limes, and grapefruits as well as pineapples as my fruit stapes.  Avoid most dried fruits, except for as an occasional holiday treat or splurge for the week.


Diet, exercise, detoxification and mind/body work form the four cornerstones of  all of natural healing. They are the most vital and important things to recommend for supreme heart health as well:

  • DIET – get the best of living, whole, organic nutrition into your body
  • EXERCISE – at least one day a week, more typically 2-3. Do weight exercise to help bone density and short bursts of intense cardiovascular exercises to maintain heart health.
  • DETOX - juice fast one day a week to clear out cellular debris that accumulates, and no matter how good the diet may appear. Also a seasonal one-week juice fast takes our health to another level. Consider other forms of detox, including colonic, liver cleanses, and saunas.
  • MIND/BODY – Take care of your inner spirit. Consider \meditation, a spiritual discipline, or other ways to de-stress in life.


The above prescription for supreme health is really very simple and it works!  It just requires a major shift in consciousness, a mind and lifestyle change that goes against the core direction of our modern “polluted streams” – and toward a vital, heart-disease free and rich life.

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  1. Moshe Sharon says:

    Most often the things we never see are in front of us all the time. We all have a part of ourselves that is always there within us and always escaping our attention. This part of who we are, always hidden in plain sight, is the ability to foresee future changes in our mind-bodies as unintended consequences of our behaviors. Therefore, once you read “Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven” you will realize that the solutions to your existing or potential health problems are so close to you that all you need to do is to become aware of them.

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