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Today was a fun day. I ran a 5K as part of a local American Heart Association fundraiser in about 10 degree weather – it was exhilarating – and we met lots of inspiring people. After the race, I got my blood and circulation checked and the results were exceptional. At age 60, my blood pressure was 98/68, my blood cholesterol was 150 and the body fat was 19%. I never worry or am in fear of getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis. Alzheimer’s or asthma. Why?  Because I know the root and deeper principles that both cause and help us avoid those diseases. It is not really guess work. I also don’t feel I am getting older at 60. I am actually getting younger. This past year I have seen some old conditions reversed. This is the result of what I’ve learned of the healing arts as a naturopath and of how to see and understand nature as a whole, as an environmental philosopher. The healing arts are always part of, and reflect a larger posture.

If you don’t know whom to trust,  it’s generally best to follow personal examples. I remember meeting Dr. Atkins a few years ago at a health convention. He looked terrible and aged. A few years later he died of a heart attack.  If the doctor you are most closely following looks a mess, would you trust his or her advise?

It is important to keep things simple.  I advocate no more than four simple approaches to healing. They involve 1) what we take in (nutrition, hydration, air and sunshine),  2) detoxification or getting out all we should,  3) supporting circulation without which both nutrition or detoxification fail to work  and finally 4) uplifting our minds, hearts, and consciousness. Of the four, the far most important is to start with a healing of our minds’ understanding (especially larger or broader concepts via a philosophy of healing) and then a healing of our hearts’ feeling.  Without any inner transformation, the rest cannot be attained.

This is why I started working on this blog, to share the best of powerful healing talks, both of my own and in the future of others. I have plans to take this blog to a higher level – and it will happen as surely as the winter passes.

This winter has been indeed a challenging time for me. I love to spend lengthy hours posting new materials here on healing talks. My primary income, however, is derived otherwise – from oddly giving tax advise during the short tax season. I do like the fact that this second career choice gives me ample income to pursue other interests throughout the rest of the year. So I may post less during the winter, but I am dedicated to making those few pithy and full of what really stirs and excites me.

Please note that last month, the server of this blog crashed and the backup didn’t work. We rescued the posts nevertheless. We lost just minor formatting and categorizing and we plan to fix this as soon as we can.

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