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Is the Ebola virus disease under control or uncontrollable? | Healing Talks

Is the Ebola virus disease under control or uncontrollable?

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Is the Ebola virus disease
under control or uncontrollable?

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) It currently appears the Ebola virus disease is limited to parts of Africa and thus controllable.  At the same time, we know it has potentially crossed international borders as one victim of the disease was on an international flight, threw up on board, exposing other passengers with this potentially fatal ailment. Ebola only has roughly a week or more incubation, which implies the virus can spread quickly. Airline carriers are a perfect arena for the Ebola virus to spread as there is contained air and a very tiny Ebola virus  can spread via that contained air to all the passengers, who then intermingle with thousand of others at different airports traveling to countless places around the world.

Nature of Ebola

Ebola is most unfortunately a terrible illness. It involves cells in our body deconstructing, with massive internal bleeding of tissues. Victims will experience not only systemic internal bleeding but also massive convulsions and vomiting. It is a kind of zombie illness where the victim exudes blood that can readily infect others who come in contact with that blood.  There is also no known cure. A Sierra Leone’s Ebola doctor recently passed away due to the infection. Approximately 50% of those infected with Ebola will die, making it one of the most deadly diseases ever known.

Monsanto and Dept. of Defense invest in Ebola treatments

TEKMIRA Pharmaceuticals received a 1.5 million dollar investment from Monsanto purportedly for developing nano-particle and RNAj technologies with agricultural applications. However, we also find that the same company has a $140 million contract with the US military to develop RNAj therapeutic Ebola drugs, the military being cognizant, apparently, the Ebola can be a bioweapon.

Why is Monsanto giving money to this company in the amidst of such a publicized Ebola outbreak? Is there some kind of collusion going on. I remember when gold prices collapsed a couple years ago and just after Goldman Sachs sent out a release to all its clients to short gold. Two weeks prior there was a coordinated series of news articles on how gold had lost its luster. GS clients made billions off of this coordinated manipulation of the market and media.

Apparently there are powerful elites who can pull off such schemes. Is something of this kind happening in regard to the Ebola outbreak, something so frightening that in addressing that fear, some companies are planning to make billions, in collusion with government agencies? Time will tell. We might recall then vaccine manufacturers made billions from the swine flu scare.

One Ebola organism is enough to infect a person

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, “1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans.” Experts fear this has already happened among the victims in Nigeria.

Ebola detection kits deployed to all 50 U.S. states

The US is rapidly preparing for a possible Ebola outbreak by having a $140 million contract with Tekmira. The Defense Department has also sent diagnostic kits to all states as reported by the Committee on Armed Services. Over 340 such kits have been given to emergency response personnel. 

Ebola as a perfect bioweapon?

This is a virus that survives storage and can be readily developed at an infinitesimally small cost, compared to developing a nuclear bomb, and then may is usable as a bio-weapon. As with atomic weapons, however, such a use can backfire to harm all of humanity. This makes it rather something dangerously psychotic to develop such weapons.

Could open borders invite  bioweapon terrorism?

Islamic jihad leaders have, in the past, discussed releasing anthrax in populated cities, but such has never happened. Still there is the fear that some fanatics might try to pull off a devastating virus bio-weapons attack in a populated city. This is all the more reason why our global population needs to develop technologies of peace and understanding, rather than ever more lethal weapons that destroy life.

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