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The Center for Disease Control in the US has reported that 1 in 100 children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum Disorder (ASD). This is up from 1 out of 150 in 2007. The statistics were 1 out of 5,000 20 years ago. A study conducted by the journal Pediatrics showed similar numbers 1 out of 90 children – and for boys the rate was 1 out of 58.  This makes autism the fastest growing disability in the US. It affects more infants than cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined.

It is one of several of what I call “consciousness” diseases. Children who are affected are so-called “self-absorbed” which refers back to the Greek root “autos.”  What are autism signs and symptoms? Actually they may not respond in their behavior to various stimuli, make eye contact or hear even their own name. Consciousness is an ability to connect an thus here are the signs of disconnection, loss of consciousness. What is the cause?

Our modern world has evolved out of the mechanical vision of nature of the 17th century. Its root paradigm is mathematics – the universal abstractions of how to separate all elements of consciousness. As we reorganize nature to fit this paradigm, we end up with synthetic chemicals throughout and an essentially commercial society. The chief problem with that paradigm, as I learned in my younger years, is simply that the essence of consciousness is the polar opposite.

What is consciousness? It forms a universal relationship of connection. We can thus use the mechanical model to support life’s consciousness only in what I call a double negative way - by helping us avoid the mechanical as in using machines that do mechanical chores. If we instead transform nature to become  mechanical, we harm the essence of nature. We pollute and the earth and then our bodies,. Thus a distinctive feature of the modern world is a meteoric rise in consciousness illnesses. This is complete predictable.

It takes no lab tests to demonstrate this. It is vital to understand that the mechanical worldview points us always back to the modern lab environment for ultimate objective truths. Autism research is thus lab research looking at isolated, separate elements that are mathematized – not the holistic impact of our worldview as a whole. In the lab, everything must be measured to be considered “real.”  This always keeps us bound tightly within and promotes the validity of that core and root vision. So there is a vicious cycle we tend to fail to break out of – a very deep spiritual and cultural rut.

This is why in an age of some of the very highest and most dazzling developments of mechanical things/technology, we still have brutal epidemics of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and autism – rampant consciousness ailments – and why no chemical drugs ever provide  any real cure. Autism therapy and treatments with drugs tend to be disastrously ineffective.  They do not deal with the cause of autism. Adding more chemicals to our bodies via drugs makes the pollution intentional, especially when the “medicines” contain  heavy metals,  like mercury, as in modern vaccines.

Our medical care system is a shambles because our understanding is. We are thus not preventing or reversing such disorders via conventional means. We are rather deepy and profoundly misled by core paradigms of nature that are flawed. Our children, and all of us, suffer as a result.

We thus need to turn to alternative paradigms, why I found it necessary to evolve a philosophy of raw-wisdom – and means of detoxing ourselves from the effects of our modern world – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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  4. The majority of the children can be selfish but autistic children might seem rude, mean and inconsiderate with other kids around them. They do not share toys with other kids in short they are very selfish. Mostly they prefer to play with the same toys and the same manner of play they used to.

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