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Don’t Join Our Zombie Nation – Avoid being among 11 percent of Americans who take antidepressant drugs daily | Healing Talks

Don’t Join Our Zombie Nation – Avoid being among 11 percent of Americans who take antidepressant drugs daily

zombie nation

Don’t Join Our

Zombie Nation

Avoid being among 11 percent of Americans who take antidepressant drugs daily

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) The admitted goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to have every man, woman and child in America taking at least two prescription drugs daily for the rest of their lives (whether sick or not)!

Through Big Pharma’s corruption of the establishment – including the FDA, medical journals, med schools and the mainstream media, it creeps closer to accomplishing this diabolical goal. Already one in ten Americans are now on SSRI antidepressant drugs.  The initials stand for selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Kids are included in these horrid statistics. Roughly 25% of Americans are said to suffer from some “inner,” mental or spiritual illness. More than half have chronic physical ills that are also being treated by drugs that mostly suppress the consciousness of symptoms and don’t address causes. There is another and more sane way to go for the method of treating ills via drugs, whose sales are driven by the lust for profit, is itself socially ill – as a symptom of our “zombie nation.” Go visit any nursing home that has individuals treated with multiple drugs. You will see they walk the halls like zombies.

Do you want to join them for a Halloween party or do something better with your life?

By the way, the one out of ten figure for SSRI drugs  is according to a survey conducted by the CDC. It was further revealed that use of antidepressants jumped 400% from 2005 – 2008, while women are 2.5 times more likely to use antidepressants than men. (And whites are far more likely to use them than blacks.) (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011…)

The dangerous “side effects” (which are really main drug effects ) are legion. It is vital thus to get off these medications.

How to get off SSRI meds

First, realize that depression is not caused by a “chemical imbalance in the brain” that can be resolved by paying monopoly prices for a patented chemicals sold by a pharmacy.  “Depression” is a warning sign that multiple areas of one’s life are out of balance and need to be brought back. Here are seven strategies for reversing depression:

Connect with nature

  • Sunlight exposure beats back depression at the hormonal level.
  • Breathing fresh air that’s filled with negative ions from trees and plants prevents depression at a bioelectric level.
  • Touching the earth with your bare hands, hearing the sounds of nature, feeling the bark of a tree or even just seeing lush green foliage is all vibrational, sensory medicine.If you look at most people who are depressed, they often live inside amid sterile surroundings. They never run barefoot. They are depressed being disconnected from the natural, living surroundings.

Get exercise

This allows your brain to manufacture its own antidepressant drugs for free without a prescription. A treadmill run might save you $20 worth of drugs! And your body’s own brain drugs are better. Their biochemistry has no side effects. You simply feel good.

Improve nutrition

Most depressed people are eating mucho refined sugar, flour, pasteurized dairy and other life-depressing, devitalizing or junk foods. No wonder they feel as blue as blue cheese! Thus eat the highest quality foods instead.

  • Eat more omega-3 oils from dietary supplements, wild-caught salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds and other such sources.
  • Juice and consume lots of fresh, whole, and organic produce. They contain trace minerals that drastically improve cognitive function and moods.
  • Eat more living foods. They make you feel great and alive because they are alive and build living cells! Primarily dead foods build dead, and depressed cells that then make you feel awful. So get yourself a juicer to extract the concentrated life force of your fruits and veggies. Go to it.

Find meaning in life

Many individuals are depressed due to a thankless job or occupation, Having a purpose in life is enlivening. Pursuing it with daily passion can reverse depression and help turn despair into joy.
Start searching for your real purpose in life!

Improve your personal relationships

Some individuals are in abusive and unfulfilling personal relationship. Reconsider how and who you intimately relate to in the world, and whether it is time for a change that will allow you to reach and support your potentials in life.

Find ways of being of service

Can you teach or lead by example or inspire others to improve their lives? Can you help someone in need? As you help others, you help yourself as well because we are all connected as One.

Meditate and soul-search

Have a quiet time in your life for inspiration, reflection, and being at one within. From that space of oneness, you can then tackle the challenges of your life and become more creative. You find and tap into the driving purpose of your life. You’ll be so busy pursuing your life’s mission and purpose you won’t have the time or space for any depression.

Making the transition

If you hate nature, love pastries and junk food, and prefer no purpose in your life but to vegetate, go for it. Then SSRI drugs are for you. They will help you fake happiness and suppress symptoms. With one pill, you can add illusion to insult, yo making you “feel” okay while your life inside dies. Getting off SSRI drugs requires courage, not passivity.

It may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but it will be rewarding Subsisting on mind-altering drugs is no life at all. And the longer you take drugs, legal or illegal, the more detached you will feel, making you even more isolated and depressed. That’s why you need to get off your drugs and meds NOW! Turn off the TV and take your life back! Get off the couch, out of the pharmacy and away from your toxic potions’ prescribing doctor. Get in touch with nature, real foods, and the real you inside of yourself. This will get you back on track for spiritual fulfillment, having meaning in life, for being joyously at One.

Who’s got time to be depressed when you are fulfilling your highest snf best purpose in life?

Video on Foods for Zombies or Non-Zombies


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