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Greatest Illness of Our Times

We live in a culture that is most extremely left-brain dominant, the most in humanity’s history. It is something spectacular that has evolved since ancient Greek times. In my opinion, it is a greatest of all cultural diseases, one that is ultimately fatal. I see it as occurring deep within, why we keep failing to heal our modern conditions using superficial and quick-fix solutions. We may blame material conditions or certain key persons (like George Bush, Stalin, Hitler, Mao), various politicians or corporate heads, when  actually, I believe, our whole planetary culture is suffering from an inner consciousness disease.

When an individual person damages the right hemisphere of their brain (losing what tunes into depth connective/holistic/healing consciousness) – they  can see the world through the eyes of that left-brain awareness only (which tunes into an oppositely surface/illusionary/breaking apart awareness). Then and as a result,they suffer from dementia and schizophrenia. In short such an individual can’t put their world back together. They are lost and “a gonner,” like an Alzheimer’s patient who cannot connect to memories or connect vision to recognize a whole face – just its separate details. This is because again their connective consciousness is burnt out, harmed or superceded by the separative. The process becomes life destructive. This is because life is the concentrated presence of consciousness and consciousness forms the principle of connection itself in nature, which the right brain wisely tunes into in the raw. See our philosophy of raw-wisdom. Below are the most powerful drivers of that left-brain dominance.

Mathsymbols abstract how best and most powerfully to separate all elements of consciousness. We make each distinct, with beginning and end points. We favor physical separation and disintegrative energies – why fuel creates energy but love does not in physics. The core contradiction of that with this metaphysics one cannot  integrally connect a vision of nature using the highest abstractions of separation. We cannot connect by tearing consciousness apart. It is a reversal illusion of the highest of high orders. Math symbols rather the highest paradigm symbols or what universally and best organize a left-brain dominant view of reality. We cannot glue two things together using  the most powerful dynamite available within. The opposite proceeds naturally and predictably. It bears black sterile fruit over time. Thus the math-base vision, when increasingly globalized (especially since the middle of the 20th century) thus leads inevitably to what deeply threatens the sustainability of life on earth. It eventually manifests atomic energy/atomic weapons and a widespread pollution of our bodies and planet. The adaptation of that vision as the most dominant view of nature is really the culmination of nearly 2,000 years of left-brain dominant trends since ancient Greek times and heightened in the Golden Age of Greece. Even the atomic view and the mathematical that it reflects was present then in metaphysical forms.

A commercial society links people together via monetary relationships as employer/employee, buyer/seller, landlord/tenant, lendor/lendee, and so on.  It gauges growth and “progress” thereby. It applies but the math-based, left-brain dominant ideologies to all social relationships – to mirror the root nature of our cosmos.  The first economist William Petty was a friend of Isaac Newton who first published Principia Naturalis Mathematica – the laws of nature as mathematical. This left-brain dominant model puts people into positions of separative conflicts called competition in lieu of cooperation. It creates ultimately progressive instability. The day a 100 year-old company can’t make its payroll or pay its debtors, the doors close and the individuals disband. The entity disintegrates because it was built on quicksand foundations. Separative relationships are by their nature superficial, non-deep and disintegrative. I have always predicted that what happened in 1929 did but suppressed the symptoms of a poor way of relating, furthering rebuilding the same with an eye on a future greater crash.  Also money corrupts consciousness the foundations of our collective progress are as illusionary as our vision of nature. Illusion is the breakdown (the separation of elements) in the integrity of consciousness. This makes the math-bound view the most surface-viewing, the most illusionary, and a commercial society as well.

Allopathic or contemporary modern medicine makes a marriage with mechanical, math-based understanding of nature (chemistry/drugs, physics/radiation, and genetics) and a commercial society to attempt to heal. This is an impossibility. As a result major chronic diseases are pandemic (dozens of physical and psychiatric diseases) and the percentage of sufferers are ever rising, especially among children. Chronic illness in children has at least quadrupled. Consciousness-illnesses like Alzheimer’s are especially on the rise. Healing is the process of connection to wholeness. Yet surgery cuts the body apart, as if it was a machine made of replaceable parts and thus it cannot truly heal. Chemistry is based entirely on math-bound principles that are not in harmony with life. Thus when you put a large random number of chemicals into a compost heap – to test not one or another chemical separatively in a controlled experiments using billions of dollars (something completely left-brain dominant) but the entire or whole understanding – what happens? Remember that a  compost heap is where all plants disintegrate or breakdown to form the building up ingredients for all new plants in a circle of universal unity of life . Everything then in the compost heap dies in the presence of a large random mix of chemicals. We form a miniature super-toxic waste site. We do the same in our oceans on a more grand scale and in our atmosphere as well – and to the point of threatening now, via climate change, the future the survival of our entire planet. We pollute our bodies in parallel, and to form cancer and birth defects and so on. We also treat ourselves with the same or more chemicals that cause cancer, and with more radiation that causes cancer, and with surgery that cuts the body’s wholeness apart.  The negative effects are supposedly minimal or “side-effects” and our failures to cure are supposedly the fault of the diseases being incurable. Our medical care system, centered around the most sterile hospital environments (that also serve junk and bioengineered food) is in such a shambles that it is  financially ruining our society and many individuals under medical care end up filing for bankruptcy. At the same time, governments, lobbied by corporations, try to impinge the promotion of any natural remedies to self-heal or what  might not create financial dependence upon doctors and drugs (ig. Codex, et. al.).

A right-brain damaged person literally suffers from the inability to connect reality but can expertly describe countless minute details and in a tick-tock, separate stepped, and even logical way. Because life is the concentrated presence of consciousness, and consciousness forms the principle of connection itself in nature, a consciousness-centered worldview is the opposite of a math-bound. It can manifest most strongly in the healing/life-connective arts and life supportive realms – such as organic agriculture. It elicits the opposite of a machine-designing, industrial and commercial society. The math-based view, by separating elements of consciousness has subordinate, rescuing value. It can be applied well in emergency medicine. It has some double negative roles, as in cutting out/killing (a negative) directed toward a toxic tumor (a second negative) which creates a double-negative-positive that is only superficially positive or symptom relieving. This creates the illusion of real healing – mistaking surface appearance for something depth or integrally true. Or it does not really nurture healing forces. However and on the flip side, when that vision is systematically applied and too deeply/globally, it vastly displaces the life and living, healing principles with the mechanical/death-ridden ones. Then  it promotes the wholesale destruction of human life, of surrounding ecologies, of the planet as a whole  or what is most whole and interconnected in nature, again organic life itself  via innate consciousness. It undermines that innate consciousness. It lures people from open organic fields working under the sun in mechanical factories and city living. Marx and Engels only critiqued the economic exploitation, while supporting the same underling vision. Liberal and conservative, socialist and capitalist thus sometimes produce the same end results if something deeper is not changed. For all the while, species around the planet are dying en mass. We too are so impacted  if we do not counteract all these trends at a more taproot or deepest level

This extends left-brain consciousness view to further disconnect us immensely from organic nature and whatever nurtures and heals our bodies. Pesticide-laden fields are life stripped. To a lesser extent, so are mono-cropped fields. They are left-brain dominant and linear. Bioengineering especially creates “terminator” seeds, plants and trees that are sterile and exhude death-laden chemicals throughout. Withthe destruction by bioengineering firms of heirloom seeds in massive quantities, and the crowding out of organic farming, it  has resulted in the what Time magazine once called The Death of Birth.

We learn first the three Rs – reading, writing, and arithmetic- causing the left brain to dominate at a most earliest of age. We prepare individuals for our commercial society. Our language, with ancient Greek roots, contains vowels. This causes each word to have a specific rather than whole-context meaning. The latter triggers left-brain dominance. When the Greeks introduced vowels into their language, it caused a brain polarity shift. Reading changed from right to left (right-brain dominant) to left to right (which is left-brain dominant).  An alternative to this kind of education is provided in the Rudolf Steiner Schools – first developing right brain skills to be dominant and latter the left.

Our media and primary means of getting information are commercial enterprises. As a result, a “health” magazine that is significantly funded by pharmaceutical ads, will not give you the whole or true picture of what is happening on the health scene. Our major media are corrupted and it is often difficult to sift through distorted news. Our minds are programmed  to remain on the same cultural grid. The main impact of monetary exchanges, because they apply a math-bound view in social contexts, tends to be to focus, direct and thus control the direction of consciousness – to control life –  in a dominantly disintegrative way.

In a commercial society like ours, the single person living separately alone is the single largest growing social statistic. Large, living together extended families,  found in the 19th century on sustainable organic farms, have all but become extinct. Other signs of social disintegration are rampant, as brought out in detail by Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone.

Corporate interests lobbied hard to destroy the early rise in public transportation using railroads. This was replaced by the use of each person separately using metallic cars to ride on concrete highways. These are either asphalted and cement laden, traveling on paths that still more disconnect us from the living earth, and in order to accommodate the movement of mechanical wonders, cars and trucks, in accordance with Newton’s mechanical, dead forms of motion.

Governments and corporations have tried for nearly a century to kill alternative energy production that make sense and that do not pollute the planet. But it is precisely such energy sources that keep us financially bound. So the addictive game goes on. Nothing is more economically wasteful and dangerous to life than nuclear plants, but they are still promoted to as safe. Coal production, which  profoundly pollutes our planet,  is promoted as clean. This is the same as promoting synthetic drugs as healing.

Lock-stock-and-barrel we are but a deranged left-brain dominant society and culture, why much of what goes on really borders on a form of deep  insanity and is so obviously taking us down a road that is harmful to life and ultimately non-sustainable.

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