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How modern chemistry, physics, and biotechnology together build a brilliant but ultimately toxic vision of nature | Healing Talks

How modern chemistry, physics, and biotechnology together build a brilliant but ultimately toxic vision of nature

toxic worldview

Toxic Worldview

How modern chemistry, physics, and biotechnology
together build a brilliant but ultimately threatening vision of nature

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Life’s evolving calls upon us to unlearn much of what we have learned in  our miseducating mass culture.There is no doubt that modern science, as a whole, is an absolutely brilliant achievement of humanity. Without science’s advancement, we would still be living in the Middle Ages and without  the many wonders of technology – such as computers, the Web, our cell phones,TVs, radios, cars, planes and you name it.With the help of science we can accomplish many great things.

Initially the invention of machines helped us to abolish slavery. With machines we could avoid mechanical chores, a double negative which yields some positives. Unfortunately technology can also be used t create slavery and mass extermination. But at first it helped abolish such evils. And when cars and jet planes get us to places at lightening speeds (as well as bombs, rockets, and pesticide sprayers) the question remains what are we delivering so fast and what state are we in ….when we get there?

Are we better off?

Nearly 25% of Americans, for example, suffer from depression and over half the population has a chronic disease. More than a quarter of children are suffering from chronic diseases, double what it was a couple of decades ago. Thus from a more inside point of view, are we really and truly progressing, evolving…or moving on actually a harmful path?

Rising progress - and something else?

Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, certain things have gone seriously wrong with the rosy picture of the new post-medieval world we’re creating:

  • 19th century – factory exploitation - At first, and in the 19th century, the only things going wrong seemed minor and fixable. For example, Marx and Engels noticed factory worker were exploited amid the new Industrial Revolution. So they offered an idealistic political solution,  known as socialism (which later transformed into communism, “progressive” movements, etc) and  to supposedly fix the social machine and get the Industrial Revolution and economies back on track.
  • Early 20th century – stock market crash - Then early 20th century we saw stock markets crash and a great depression following. This didn’t make sense since the new form of society, marked by science and commerce replacing the dominant role of religion and taking control of nature,  promised again ever rising progress.  So more fixes were proposed, this time in the form of regulatory market reforms and safety net social welfare programs – and on the premise that if we could just get the market forces back on track life would again be evefr more rosy.
  • Since the mid-20th century – we saw the beginning of pollution, death of species,global weather disturbances, growing disease epidemics, failure of modern medicine to cure virtually every and all systemic diseases, a vast undermining of democracy, a risin corrupt corpocracy, nationwide markets collapsing again, countries going bankrupt, and with all that a widening gap between the super rich and the ever more impoverished poor and wealth-stripped middle class.

How could all of that be going wrong, and simultaneously?  The answers involve the very depths of the soul of our culture – born in a transition from the medieval to the modern world – moving from a Bible-centered to a math/mechanical vision of nature guiding (or more accurately misguiding) how we see the whole of our world.

There is a reason why humanity, our socio-economic-political order and the earth are together getting destroyed and shipwrecked. The illness comes from within and manifests outside and all around us.

Human brilliance = human dominance of the Earth

Human beings have far superior “left-brain skills.” Those left brain are vital for our functioning and survival, but when developed to extremes, and in an unbalanced way, can also destroy our lives and threaten our survival. So here is this story in more detail. We need to know this because, again, the illness is really inside of us, manifesting outside and all around us.

Understanding our left brain’s functions

The left brain is where we create finely distinct words and symbols. We create human languages. As a result, a dog who doesn’t have such evolved brain skills (though he or she may have a better sense of smell, hearing and certain intuitions) . The animal is comparatively handicapped  as to mental functions. Cats even more. So a dog will growl with only a few rough and gruff sounds. A cat will meow with a limited vocabulary. But not us humans. This is what make us appear to be so uniquely superior. We need to open doors for animals as a result, to let a dog into and out of a hourse, because of our fine mental abilities translate into physical dexterity as well.

In contrast again to any other animals, we can most finely modulate our voices (and more so musical instruments). Mentally, using languages like Chinese (which  has thousands of distinct words and  beautiful calligraphy symbols) we can finely attune our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It is said that Eskimos have at least 50 different words for different kinds of snow. With this advanced skill, we humans attempt to reign over the Earth, and to make all other life forms conform to our will. So kudos to us, until (and beware) we take this most distinct human skill too far – so far, in fact, that it threatens to destroy our lives rather than superiorly guide our lives and that of the earth and its other inhabitants!

bicarmel brain

Source of that brilliance

Decades of studying human consciousness, and the difference between our left and right brain hemispheres, has taught me the following:

    • Consciousness divides – A deep understanding of consciousness has taught me that it divides into two primary directions, to and from an underlying oneness. Think of a beach where the water waves constantly flow, back and forth, to the shore and into the ocean. This is why nature gives us a left and right brain. Biologically they are much the same (for left and right brain functions sometimes switch sides). It is more that each is a tunning fork, tuning into these two separate channels of conscousness. I like these separative and connective consciousness. The former is usually housed in the left brain, and helps us greatly to survive until taken to extremes.
    • Left brain, the source of our human surpassing brilliance, allows us to separate thus virtually all elements of consciousness (moving ever away from the consciousness of an underlying Oneness). Words and symbols  are outline images inside of us that guide “focusing” or the directions of life. But to focus is to separate out something from the rest. If I give someone a salary and direct their focus, I control their consciousness, the activities of their life. To focus, to separate elements of conciousness, is thus one of the two primary directions of all of consciousness, of all of life. In this context, to “separate” isn’t like separating a physical thing with a knife. It has two aspects, first in terms of control the direction of attention – to make laser-like mental choices. Secondly, the skill is used to  make “distinctions.” Thus pink is “distinct” or different (it stands out as something separate) from that red, and science categorizes these “color separations” into wavelengths that define color differences. Opposites are the farthest separations in a spectrum, like black and white. Accountants in black suits and white shirts  counting numbers that are black symbols on white pieces of paper model left brain dominant consciousness.. We can also look under a microscope and make distinctions all the way down to tiniest of worlds – to the reaches of the atom, sub-atomic particles and nanotechnology. After tunneling vision, there we try to ask find sharp distinctions of opposites, like positive and negative charges – again modelling left-brain dominance. We then create a worldview based on that posture.
    • Right brain, by contrast, captures and concentrates a totally and completely opposite skill – the dissolving reconnection of consciousness back as One.  It knows how to look at the connected whole and in a focus-less (meditative) way, what is a most undivided experience of life.  I know, from personal experience, that a person whose left-brain is damaged can no longer speak or think in words to form whole sentences – the words and symbols that help us make fine distinctions. This also creates an extreme imbalance that can make a person helpless in the world. Our right brains, however, are the seat of intuitive knowledge of Oneness and from which unifying worldviews are derived. It is a  heart-centered humble, rather than adrenaline-driven,  conquering or mastering view of nature.


Extreme left brain skills can destroy us

Of all the symbols that the left-brain uses to perfect its skills, NONE compare to math symbols.

Math symbols are thus to be approaches cautiously. They have a vital role as a subservient tool to organize separative consciousness for connective purposes. But not beyond they can be vastly misused as the key to form a worldview, to organize all of consciousness, or as a master guide to the universe. Used in that way, one can predict and virtually guarantee humanity will because bi-brain ill, extremely left-brain dominant and will essentially self-destruct..

Math symbols do rightly serve as the ruling emperors of the left brain’s territory if that was all that we needed to survive and to see reality with- again one of the two fundamental and universal directions of consciousness, the disintegrative.. And why is this so? It is because math symbols abstract how to precisely and exactly separate all elements of consciousness. This is their home base.

They can thus be used to guide, rule over, make sense and organize the whole of whatever the left brain sees in this separative way- and to thereby create modern mechanical and biomechanical or biotech science. Machines are made of separate parts, and to best design machines (as in optimizing a car’s functions) we use math symbols. But when that view attempts to describe all of nature, especially living nature that is most at One within, it becomes a destructive guide.

laboratory sterile

Modern laboratories

The modern laboratory is the citadel of this math-based scientific view and where the priests for discovering mathematical order reside and adhere to this culturally accepted vision. There they wear lab coats or vestments of their trade. Physicians wear stethoscopes around their neck symbolizing the view that our hearts are but mechanical pumps following mathematical descriptive paths and their cadence. This is where the ruler, microscope, mircometer, spectrometer, scale,and other measurement tools are revered as “laws of nature discovering.” Often the periodic table of elements and atomic models are displayed up high in a lab or science classroom to illicit reverence for this overall vision and consciousness polarity.

Oh but this is just science, or so we are taught. We then claim to arrive at “objective knowledge” made even more objective via peer reviews (agreement by those who share this same extreme consciousness polarity). In truth, real objectivity is lost enormously, but please let us not bruise the pride of science. If the experiment involves the performance of a machine, indeed the view is objective, but not really toward the whole of nature.

To systematically isolate elements of consciousness is to systematically develop biases, which is why science, outside of the mechanical, is so completely corruptible.


no is noGod forbid we allow such critiques of science

Lets ostracize, ridicule and excommunicate anyone who challenges this “religion of extreme left-brain dominance” – or who steps outside this laboratory setting to effect that dominance and to seek more real and naked objective truth.

Machines that model mathematical order never, never, never (not once) occur naturally anywhere in nature universally – and for a reason that is crystal clear. So how can what never once occurs in pristine nature, model what always and everywhere occurs cosmically and to all depths? The vision, most strongly supported by the writings of Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century is largely an insane cultural ideology, not well thought out, and imposed arrogantly on nature (and in the field of medicine on our bodies ot their depths through drugs and injections). It is mad.When it fails, and we are in denial, we become mad scientists.

However, its vast cultural support makes us not see that naked reality.

Yet everywhere we are educated, indoctrinated and hypnotized to have this complete trust and faith in a root ideology of modern science.

This is why people allow themselves again to be surrounded by chemicals and even to ingest chemical deeply inside their bodies and out of faith in their physicians’ or corrupt government’s approval.

We become blind to what is actually a culturally adopted, distorted, brain-biased,  brain-dead, cultish, and ultimately dangerous, carcinogenic, polluting and lethal way of organizing our view of nature, of reality, and of the core essence of ourselves – and our whole surrounding cosmic universe.

mad scientist

Civilization and science gone berserk

Newton’s 17th century thesis (about which one contemporary wrote that Newton knew more about the universe than all of humanity combined) is actually a culturally wacky, berserk, psychotic, mentally unbalanced vision of nature. It is non-self-consciously left-brain extreme, moving away rather than toward a vision that connects our understanding of nature. We can never best connect (let alone with integrity) an understanding by always and everywhere optimally separating (mathematizing) its elements and to again to the farthest extremes of the atomic view and nanotechnology.

waking upWaking up

In the US, we are taking an average of 7 pills a day when we over 60 years of age or over 2500 a year!

If we don’t soon wake up to what underlies this – a darkest and most naive and lower consciousness  vision – a 17th century-born cultural illusion, we will not survive very  long ourselves or as a collective civilization. We will also soon destroy the surrounding grandeur of nature – having only ourselves and our arrogance to blame.

Compost heap test

Put a large random mix of chemicals into a compost mix, to test the mathematical order as a whole, and not isolate chemicals for patented selling, and what happens? All of life therein dies. The compost is a paradigm model for how all plants decay and form the building materials for all other plants in a circle of unity. Things math-designed destroy that order of unity.

Think about it, deeply

Loss of a holistic view

By the way when we use a microscope to tunnel vision our vision, and to sharply bring into focus separate slices of light, we are seeing the world again in an extremely left-brain dominant and unenlightened way. The right brain prefers to look at the whole, and the whole includes the blended realities between separate magnification levels – a  reconnection of separate slices of light.

If one never leaves the non-holistic terrain of left-brain consciousness, it seems to be the only reality that is, or even is ever possible. Math symbols then appear as the premier guiding symbols to again “objectify all our understand of the universe.

Actually the polar opposite is the case.

This is why when one has a monetary interest (a form of mathematical consciousness) almost nothing biases and corrupts consciousness more. This why corporate science ends up being so extremely harming and unreliable. Keep in mind that a biased view is a partial view, as in spending billions to isolate a chemical, and test symptoms  each in separate isolation.

A partial view is a “consciousness separative view.”  It is left-brain view.

rachel carson

History of this brain washing toward an inner imbalance

We have taken this human skill to extreme peaks watch out. This has actually taken thousands of years to perfect (beginning with a change in language in Greek times when vowels were added) – and in more dazzling ways over the last two hundreds of years:

  1. In the 19th century there were no professional scientists, just lone amateurs inventing machines n their backyards. Machines generally  model mathematical order because they are made of separate parts, thus being math-designed.
  2. By the beginning of the 20th century, approximately 10,000 scientists existed worldwide, almost all of them working for the military during WW I. But the middle of century this had grown to 100,000, again working mostly for the military during WW II.  Many worked on the Manhattan Project to create an atom bomb. When they came home from the war in the 1940’s, industry first hired them to create the “wonderful” home, agricultural and pharmaceutical chemicals – or to create “better living through chemistry.”
  3. Then by the 1960’s Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring, which began the environmental movement and by noticing things going wrong with surrounding life  – species, especially birds, were dying. Carson noted the problem with stirring poetic words and naturalist observations. But she only referred vaguely to a crude philosophy of nature that was driving this assault on nature.

atom bomb exploding

What really has been going wrong, and why

There is a core flaw with allowing us to develop, to an extreme, the very skill that defines our apparent human superiority.

Because mathematics abstracts how to separate all elements of consciousness (we can’t count three separate apples if they are blending together), it cannot really connect any vision of nature with integrity.  This is the key reason our modern world, full of great and improving technology, is actually a shambles.

This means there is a core and fatal contradiction in our root guiding vision and that we need a different guiding worldview. We need a different way of organizing all of inner consciousness, and with that all of modern life.

powerful chainsaw

Power to destroy ever  evolving and unchecked

Our worldview works in a way that is like trying to use our most high-powered chain saw (tool of separation or cutting)to best glue things together. Mad, right? It won’t and can’t ever work. The end result will predictably be not only opposite from what was initially expected with naivete. It will be not progress but a disaster.

That approach can help us build atomic bombs with great and brilliant expertise, but its the supreme power to destroy our whole planet.

In fact,  Fehmi’s formulas for the atom bomb were based on Cartesian coordinates or the universal mathematization of space, which meant the separation/disintegration of space infinitely into separate points.

Nature gives us two balancing brains for a reason

It is to balance each other out. If we mostly develop our left brain to extremes, and allow the right brain to atrophy, we will see a wholesale disintegration  where the worldview is applied. In fact, individuals who have damaged their right brains tend to become schizophrenic. Their inner world falls apart. The great Sir Isaac Newton, the math genius who set the framework for modern chemistry and physics, died as a schizophrenic.

web of lifeEver wonder why

What happens within an inner brain imbalance, and specifically extreme left-brain dominance, is that we begin to take apart, unravel, and disintegrate what is most whole.

What is most whole and connected in nature?

Organic life and its connective/conscious way of living.

One can predict thus that our whole web of life on earth becomes threatened. One can predict that consciousness, at the core of life, will recede in ourselves and in nature. To impose the mathematical view to any depths is thus extremely unwise . It eventually destroys the whole web of life – and as bioengineering and chemical pollution are in the process of doing.

Since healing is also a process of integrally connecting within, and one can also predict that with extreme left-dominance, the allopathic healing arts (likewise based on the 17th century philosophy of nature) leaves the healing arts grossly misguided and in a shambles, unable to stop health epidemics and actually causing those epidemics by a perpetuation of a culturally  ill worldview.

The view pollutes  not only the interior of our being, but that of all living terrains (including via medical waste).

conscious brain

Role of Consciousness

Because consciousness, at the core of life, is a universal relationship of connection in nature and what makes us whole within, once can predict that the greatest health epidemics will be extreme consciousness diseases – like diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Once can predict that nursing home patients (those given multiple pharmaceutical-chemical, math-designed drugs) will walk the halls of nursing homes like zombies – their consciousness undermined as they approach death.

1987 stock market crash

Social/political disintegration

In our advanced capitalist society, rather than seeing just rising social progress there will also be seen a:

  • Growing distinction/separation between classes (rich and poor);
  • The single person living separately alone becomes the largest growing social statistic;
  • Monetary (math-based) markets eventually collapse or disintegrate and social fabrics alongside the ecological.

And so the vision that Newton first introduced in the 17th century – the math based vision of the cosmos, the Grand Clock – and his whole ideology of the Industrial Revolution  was really unwise. When Einstein, as a cultural icon, and others like him took that same view to greater heights, this does not really model pinnacle examples of human wisdom,

The philosophy of William Petty, a friend of Newtons, and the first economist in England who advocated human beings should relate just mometarily/mathematically – the way the rest of the cosmos does (and in a book called Political Arithmetic) also does not model pinnacle wisdom. Social goals based on but economic statistics, like increasing Gross National Product, do not model pinnacle wisdom. Capitalists and socialists both adopting the same vision, and as two sides of one coin – do not model pinnacle wisdom. This is why pollution was just as great in socialist countries or in front and behind “iron curtains.”

Arrogance of knowing

What is worse, the left brain connects, for reasons beyond the scope of this article, with the lower conscious adrenalin axis of our inner being, and thus with conquering arrogance. This is the same energy that makes a cat’s hair stand up in fright, and Nazi soldiers to goosestep or give sig-heil salutes.

Let’s start all over and get it right this time

We therefore need a totally different core direction for human consciousness. We need to pick up the pieces, before we completely destroy ourselves and all of life on Earth.

global mind changes

Global mind change

With the discoveries and experience of things radically going wrong, we are on the verge of a new global mind change, a shift in central and foundation paradigms, and away from the math-centered, left-brain dominant vision and to a consciousness-life centered and right brain dominant vision.

With right brain dominance, we connect what is most separate, rather than separate and destroy what is most connected – namely organic life, including our own.


This is why healingtalks exists, to share information about

  • Natural healing to replace allopathic approaches which fail
  • Sustainable living that nurtures rather than destroys life and consciousness on Earth
  • Resurrection of human and animal rights, and all of the above as led by
  • A revolutionary global mind change.


Note about the author:

Nathan Batalion, PhD, in his teenage years, was a math prodigy who later had a stroke that shut down his left brain whereupon he saw the universe in the exact opposite way

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