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Road to Recovery from Depression | Healing Talks

Road to Recovery from Depression

Road to Recovery from Depression

Road to Recovery

from Depression

Just as the symptoms and causes of depression are different in different people, so are the ways to feel better. What works for one person might not work for another, and no one treatment is appropriate in all cases. If you recognize the signs of depression in yourself or a loved one, take some time to explore the many depression reversal options. In most cases, the best approach involves a combination of social support, lifestyle changes, emotional skills building, and professional help from a natural health practitioner.

Ask for Help and Psychological Support

If even the thought of tackling your depression seems overwhelming, don’t panic. Feeling helpless and hopeless is a symptom of depression—not the reality of your situation. It does not mean that you’re weak or you can’t change! The key to depression recovery is to start small and ask for help. Having a strong support system in place will speed your recovery. Isolation fuels depression, so reach out to others, even when you feel like being alone. Let your family and friends know what you’re going through and how they can support you.

Just be very careful not to get the wrong kind of support. With conventional medical/psychological help, in the past two decades it has ugely transformed to become predominantly drug-oriented. This is because there are huge, behind-the-scenes corporate profit drives, plus practitioners have discovered they make more from 15 minute prescription sessions than from hour and a half psychotherapy ones. Te bottom line is that there area “support” systems out there that prey on those less enlightened and which are not really healthy.

Make the Most of Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes may not be easy to make, but they can have a big impact on depression. Lifestyle changes that can be very effective include:

  • Cultivating supportive relationships
  • Getting regular exercise and sleep
  • Eating healthfully to naturally boost mood
  • Eat more fresh, raw, whole, organic foods with variety
  • Avoid refined flours and sugars, and the most processed foods
  • Managing stress
  • Practicing relaxation techniques
  • Challenging negative thought patterns
  • Learn to meditate or to seek a higher power in your life
  • Learn how to detox your body with juice and water cleanses
  • Take omega-3 supplementation (the freshest you can find)

Build Emotional Skills

Many people lack the skills needed to manage stress and balance emotions. Building emotional skills can give you the ability to cope and bounce back from adversity, trauma, and loss. In other words, learning how to recognize and express your emotions can make you more resilient.

Seek The Right Psycological Help

If support from family and friends, positive lifestyle changes, and emotional skills building aren’t enough, seek help from a professional who uses natural therapies. Again avoid drug therapies which many times can do permanent nerve damage. Just look at patients in nursing homes who are given multiple drugs and walk the halls like zombies. Most of these drugs are highly toxic and their dispensing is the result of what I call “criminal ignorance” – molded by industry profit motives. They just suppress symptoms without healing you.

So veer instead to naturally healing the  whole of your body, mind and spirit.

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