Most important and 10 Top Stories of 2011…and more

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Most important


10 Top Stories

of 2011…and more

(Healingtalks) The most important article of the year deals with the larger, long-term survival of our planet.

It includes what steps need to be taken to reverse trends and rescue the fate of all of life on earth.

This is entitled:

Beyond the Silencing of Spring.

Otherwise, out of  nearly 300 posts, here is a rundown of the most visited articles of the year.

2011 –  Year’s Top 10 Articles (not including cigarette smoking articles listed below)

  1. How to reverse gray hair naturally
  2. World’s oldest marathon runner is a simple vegetarian
  3. The six worst bottles of water you can buy
  4. Treating morgellons naturally
  5. Guidelines for optimal aerobic exercise
  6. Cystic fibrosis can be reversed
  7. Raw diet before and after pictures
  8. Cancer industry profits before lives
  9. Pesticides detected in 7 out of 10 fruits and vegetables
  10. Chemotherapy doctors, nurses and pharmacists dying from handling chemotherapy drugs

December’s Top Stories

Top Articles – Cigarette Smoking


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