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Dad Remembered On Father’s Day | Healing Talks

Dad Remembered On Father’s Day

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Gabriel Bross


My dad Gabriel Bross (step-dad who raised me as Nathan Bross Batalion) passed away just a little over a year ago. He died at the ripe age of 90. I miss him so terribly, and especially on this Father’s Day. He was such an indescribably incredible, simple, sweet and caring, and divinely-spirited man. Because of that, and despite never really having much materially, he acted as if he a was a king, richly endowed – and in fact he was.


“Angel Gabriel” to me, he stayed in a marriage for decades, even though it was bitter for him. This was because he wanted me to be brought up in a loving and caring way. He pushed to send me to private religious school. He was a lay cantor, and knew how to sing from the depths of the heart and soul. We used to play the best of cantorial music at home. His music inspired my eyebrows to turn upward to God. It inspired my daughter to become a cantor. Gabriel Bross maintained his many great and gentle traits despite having endured several concentration camps in Poland and Germany!


He was a witness for the prosecution at the Nurenburg Trials, testifying against the head of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess. After the Nurenburg Trials, Hoess was hung at Auschwitz in 1947. My dad famously pulled Hoess’ ear as he walked down to Nuremburg Court aisles, and as a show of disrepect for the former head commandant and chief executor of the Fuhrer’s “Final Solution.”


Hoess’ son has a Youtube apparently claiming the Holocaust slaughter of 6 million Jews never happened. I am fortunate for having gotten my dad’s direct account as well as his documented records from the Holocaust archives in Switzerland. Steven Spielberg filmed my dad and in order to preserve, for generations, a record of the horrors of the Holocaust.  Because my dad was also a shoemaker, and the German army was in need of boots to endure harsh winters, he somehow came out alive from the gates of Hell. There were several close calls within. While he survived the Nazi’s most inhumane treatment, he did not live past what I consider as unconsciously evil thrusts of our modern allopathic medical system.


Gabriel Bross was such a simple man. He was totally trusting at times. He had little or no inkling just how corrupt our modern medical care delivery system tends to be – misguided by both commercialism or the profit-motive and a mechanical view of the universe and our body – or the body as if composed of separate machine parts to be surgically cut out and replaced like car parts. He was as misguided as most medical students are by the established system of education.


Melinda and I visited Gabriel Bross in Florida, and after some doctor-administered drugs made him temporarily psycho. We diligently put dad under hospice care. This was just a year earlier. We knew hospice could have been a far better fate. He was not required to take the morphine there and could even remain at home. Also he had a slow progressing prostate cancer that didn’t need to be operated upon. However, his medical guardian and life-long Holocaust-survivor friend thought differently. He was a follower of the same “allopathic religion” that says surgery, radiation and drugs are whatcha-need to heal. The hospital and doctors were therefore allowed to operate on him repeatedly. This was unconscionable at his age. To be blunt, a 90 year-old diabetic could not possibly endure so being knifed. Outside the profit-motive I saw no justification.


Actually for nearly half a century my dad had been a diabetic. He took his insulin daily and religiously as the doctor advised. Following this advise, he went predictably blind. We really tried to tell him otherwise, but to no avail. Taking insulin feeds a multi-billion dollar treatment industry rather than a true and honest healing of our bodies. It caters to Eli Lily’s corporate propaganda. Pharmaceutical propaganda is the most corrupt of all on our planet’s media channels. Their justifications are unscientific, just as bloodletting’s justifications were in ancient Greek and medieval times. Taking insulin for a lifetime doesn’t heal Type I or II diabetes. The claim that there are no natural cures is untrue.Thus fragile blood vessels are destroyed over time and eyesight is lost. Going blind is very symbolic of the essential fruits of a medical care system that is grounded in unconsciously blind principles.


In our times, as the Robert Mendelsohn, MD’s Confessions of a Medical Heretic points out, doctors have become like priests in our culture. We trust them with out lives. Major media feed the trust, because they depend on the advertising dollars of pharmaceutical conglomerates. I tried to tell my dad a little of this, but he did not believe me. I also told him there was another way – more honest and integral. But again he couldn’t believe me. It involved too deep a cultural shock.  I was never adorned with long-flowing white hospital vestments. Nor did I wear a stethoscope (symbolic of the mechanical worldview) like a priest or nun wears a cross over his chest. Also I never hung any MD diploma on my office wall, the seal of final bestowed-upon revelation that one “knows” what one’s talking about. My dad was definitely an unquestioning old-school believer. His first caretaker was just as much. She as blindly followed the allopathic prescriptions, chemically polluting her own body’s interior until she finally died in her young 50’s.


Father’s Day is for me a most vital time to remember a priceless inheritance. Financially his inheritance was zilch. Spiritually it was worth more than a trillion dollars.


At the same time each Father’s Day reminds me that we must be both loving of and very critical of the lessons of old – of our parents and teachers. We really need entirely new worldviews.  Thousands of years ago, the very deepest of authentic spiritual traditions (Daoist, Essene, Christian, Sufi, Buddhist, etc) did not have to face head on the invention of atomic weapons or the proliferation of chemical/genetic pollution or the consciousness-pollution of the underlying math-bound, mechanical vision of nature. It takes really new-borne skills to see through so vast a cosmically-stretched deception. With that deception, we synthetically reconstruct our bodies and surrounding nature accordingly. Countless species have become extinct as a result.


The rally cry after the Holocaust was “Never Again.” On a new front, we should not passively follow our parents steps to creating the present non-sustainable eco-holocaustic world . No doubt my children will concur, even if in very different ways. As Bill Crosby once said: “If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right.”

My dear dad, bless him, gave me little “clever guidance.” I could never discuss differential or integral calculus, a balance sheet or income statement, or any ivory-tower philosophical paradox. But my dad could speak to me of the truths of his heart, and that is a rare language to master. For he imparted thereby a wisdom of the soul. As a father he thus did better than most. I feel honored that he was my father in spirit.  I will continue to miss him constantly.


At the same time, I know he shall remain a shining example to me in some ways but not in all ways.  We need new levels of deepest wisdom of both heart and mind united to nowadays navigate so many deceptive and treacherous eco-health minefields and “deadly mind-fields” of our times. Otherwise there may not be endless future generations to honor a Father’s Day.

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