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What is pain and how to treat pain naturally | Healing Talks

What is pain and how to treat pain naturally


body pain

(Healingtalks) It appears that pain is the number one health complaint on the planet.

It is the number one Google searched term on the topic of health. Everyone, at one time or another experiences pain. It is important to know what pain is to best deal with pain.  Upon that simple answer of what is pain  hinges how we approach and best treat pain.

Prelude to exploring what is pain, understanding painlessness

Before delving directly into what is pain, let’s explore the nature of painlessness. It has two manifestations.

  • The first is a state of complete health and wholeness.
  • The second is a state of extreme illness where there is no longer any consciousness of pain.

Consciousness is at the core of life and in states of extreme illnesses, it leaves the body. So a diabetic patient may step onto a nail and feel nothing, no pain. For type-II diabetes, it takes generally 20 years to develop due to poor eating and lifestyle habits, and as an advanced chronic illness. There is a gradual waning of pain. With metastatic cancer, there is a spreading of toxicity and no feeling of pain. With Alzheimer’s disease there is a loss of consciousness and no constant pain.

define pain

What is pain?

Again since pain is an in between state of consciousness, it thus

  • Does not exist when we are feeling whole
  • It is no longer there also in the later stages of being chronically/systemically ill
  • Pain arises when we are hurt.

This means it is at first unwelcome. It tells us something is wrong. Pain is the consciousness of a hurt, injury, harmful/toxic invasion, or something that is making us feel and know that we are suddenly unwhole. But it is also a sign of having our life force there to fight for us and to counter that hurt.

Thus what is hurting us is what is unwelcome, and not the pain

This is critically important to know. Pain is not the enemy. It is our part of our life force or consciousness defenses.

It behooves us to first know, in this context, what is this consciousness that produces pain.

What is consciousness?

We at healingtalks have developed an immensely powerful and revolutionary view of what is consciousness. With that we can better understand what is any consciousness of pain – and derivatively how best to treat pain naturally or have a posture toward pain.

With this in mind, it is vital to present our definition of consciousness as the “universal relationship of connection, the principle of connection itself.”

Imagine it to be both the principle of connection in nature cosmically outside of us, and inside – in and for every cell, tissue, muscle, fiber, bone and organ structure or again universally.

suffering is optional

How painless consciousness and the consciousness of pain interact

When a rock falls on our toe we suddenly cry out “Outch, Oh my God, it hurts!

Consciousness rushes instantaneously, and again to any point of the body that is injured, cut, or made unwhole. But this is provided we have ample consciousness in our body to experience pain and are not on any painkilling drugs or subject to anesthesia.

Why does pain rush to the site of a hurt?

This is because the role of that consciousness is to reconnect or heal us.

The presence of consciousness is a) the foundation of all healing and b) something to welcome and rejoice about.

Lowered states of consciousness are marked by the absence of awareness, the absence of pain when hurt.

This means the hurt at the root of the pain is what needs to be eliminated, and not the consciousness of pain (the latter being a healing agent).

Acute and chronic pain

There are essentially two types of pain, acute and chronic.

  • Acute pain is an intense one that lasts for just a short while until we are healed. A perfect example is a finger cut which hurts intensely for a little while then subsides, and then goes away as the skin reconnects or heals.
  • Chronic pain results when something remains unwhole or not healed inside and we have enough vitality and life for there to continue to be pain – to continue to try to heal the condition – but it is insufficient, It persists and nature thus tells us thereby that we need further help or medical attention from a professional who knows how to help us heal.

Acute pain, in rare occasions may require a drug to suppress it. It may be so intense as to trigger a heart attack, for example. Or we might have some other emergency to attend to, and need to temporarily suppress the pain because something more important than a minor cut needs attending to.

NEVER suppress the consciousness of chronic pain

Yes we want to get rid of pains and there causes, but not the consciousness of pain, the healing agent. The consciousness of chronic pain should thus NEVER be suppressed with toxic drugs. That is the absolute worst thing we can do in a long-term health situation or chronic disease. This kills the healing messenger, to suppress the consciousness of pain – and further toxify what has already been a toxic and chronically ill body.  Doctors generally are not taught this philosophy. This is because, to be blunt, they are trained to become pharmaceutical salespersons and adherants to a mechanical/dead and not consciousness-centered view of our bodies. They are trained to believe in the mechanical/math-based vision of nature, opposite to the consciousness-based vision we are sharing.

Making such a mind shift, and swimming against the conventional tide creates a challenge for the chronic pain sufferer.

He or she has to deal with pain and the courage to do something other than what the doctor might recommend.

New skills need to be learned to not suppress the pain  but rather embrace, welcome, enhance and increase the healing messenger’s gifts, to actually pray and gather the inner forces to increase not the pain (the awareness of which may be dwindling over time) but the consciousness of pain. Boy is that a mind shift! In latter states of illness that consciousness has died and needs to be brought back to life,

Instructive example

Last year I had an ugly red, inflammable and slightly painful pimple on the side of my cheek. It  was about an inch wide in its circular diameter. Two doctors pleaded with me to have it cut out, and I said no way. The growth was nature’s welcoming message that I had some toxicity in my body it was trying to get rid of. Instead of killing the messenger, going against nature, and leaving me in a chronically ill state….instead I went on a three week detox. Thereupon the growth went away as soon as I was clean inside. Had I gone the allopathic route and cut it out, it would have probably left a life-long scar as a reminder of my having gone against nature! Worse, if I had had an autopsy that showed it was cancerous and then had chemo or radiation, I would have further polluted why body to deepen my chronic toxicity and illness – evermore then untended to!

The same as above applies to any encounter with pain. At first and immediate or superficial sight it appears “unwelcome.” But on deeper reflection pain is a most welcome messenger of healing.


causes of pain

What triggers the experience of pain?

Pain happens when a body part is:

  • Squashed by a rock
  • Cut by a knife
  • Burnt by fire.
  • Some chemical toxin enters our body
  • Toxic forces are brought into our body by microbes
  • a resulting inflammation, fever

In all these situations, something make us feel unwhole.Consciousness then rushes to the scene as the healer, which is how we experience pain.

be drug free

Why avoid using drugs 

Chronic pain is a sign that we need a major lifestyle change to become healthy again. The illness is deep and not bending to the healing force of re-connective consciousness that re-turns us to health. We have grown short of vitality, of life force. The cure thus is not drugs but finding how to get that life forced enhanced.

If we have a new leaf growing on a plant, notice how shinny it is. If we have a newborn child, notice how a similar shine radiates in their eyes along with a bouncing vitality. As we age, we may lose gradually a little of that vitality, that life, that light, and that consciousness. The skill to know how to retain as much as possible of that life force is critically important. The use of drugs does not accomplish this. Drugs work suppress symptoms, which is of value only in emergencies (the surface of time). On a deeper level and with prolonged use they harm life. Why? Drugs are math-designed. Mathematics abstracts universal separation. At the core of life is consciousness, universal connection. The two oppose each other. This is why drugs can so readily become the messengers of both approaching death and unconsciousness. We see this with nursing home patients given multiple drugs and who walk the halls like zombies.

This is why it is vitally important to avoid drugs whenever you are in chronic pain.  Do not kill the healing messenger.

The truth about Big Pharma and Big Chem

These economic groups have created an industry, including via the funding of modern medical education, that is based on a false ideology of nature. We do not get “better living through chemistry. We get a failed understanding of what keeps us and all of living nature connected together as well as what heals living organisms.

compost heap  death by chemicals

Compost heap test

Drug companies spend billions for lab studies to try to convince us, with the stamp of government approval, that some isolated symptom, isolated or separated out in a lab experiment is improved using a patented drugs.

But the scientifically objective way (the non-fooling) to test chemical drugs is to test their impact as a whole. And what better place to do that than in a compost heap where all plants decay to form the building materials of all other plants, in an unbroken circle of Unity. It is where the Oneness of nature is displayed. But drugs can be shown to break, not enhance that order of unity. This why when we take any random and large mix of drugs, to test the chemical/mathematical order as such, and thrown these chemicals into a compost heap, what happens?

We find it kills all of life and therefore makes the heap into a super-toxic dump.

The same happens through out nature as we pollute and threaten life as well as inside our bodies when we apply this very false philosophy to a falsely grounded system of medical care. These same drugs are used as pain killers to kill the consciousness inside of us.

On multiple levels the chemical approach…. fails abysmally

On multiple levels, taking pharmaceutical drugs will lead us ever more downhill states until indeed we feel no more pain and are dead. It kills not only the messenger, but the message of a hurt that needs attending – and what nature gives us to heal with.

Because that system of medicine fails, we have unchecked chronic health epidemics. Our medical care system is little more than a disease care system in shambles. It misleads people who have lost the light inside to lose it even further, to go downhill until they reach full painlessness and death.major sites of pain in the body

Ten major sites of pain

The major sites of pain in our body tend to be:

  • leg and foot pain
  • shoulder pain
  • neck pain
  • knee pain
  • back pain
  • abdominal pain
  • hip pain
  • side pain
  • joint pain
  • arm and hand pain

But actually pain can occur in any and all parts of our body – in any cell, tissue, muscle, fiber, bone, or organ system.  We also have headaches, eye pain, ear pain, and the like. This is because pain is a state of consciousness, and consciousness is the universal relationship of connection inside of us.

Acute pain treatment

Acute pains are fairly easy to treat. At the skin level, if you have a cut, you put a bandage on. If you have a fiery pain or stinging pain, you can put on a soothing and cooling natural balm.

With acute emotional pain, you need to calm down and find a quick solution – a loving, sharing resolution for what emotionally irks one.

One can, likewise have acute mental pain or a headache and the answer is to solve the problem that plagues the mind.

As one can see, acute pain bridges mind, body and spirit – being a state of consciousness.

Chronic pain treatment

The chronic pain exists as an intermediate state. There is vitality and consciousness present otherwise one would feel no pain. But the degree of consciousness is not enough to overcome the ill state. So the solution is to ramp up the vital healing forces in the body. One then needs to make lifestyle changes, deeper changes – and not just popping a pill for immediate relief. Among the advice we give is:

  • Steer away from what allopatic medicine. Thus avoid chemical drugs (synthetic or math-designed, except in emergencies), surgery (cutting the body apart, again except in emergencies), and radiation (based on a decay, falling apart, not healing process).
  • Steer towards the four pillars of natural healing.


No one wants to welcome any new pain, which is the sign of a hurt until we learn to distinguish the source of the hurt and the pain. The consciousness of pain, itself, is a sign of healing. We welcome with love, joy and further consciousness that pain.

Consider saying  “thank you God that I feel pain, that I have the life force to be conscious of this pain.”

It may seem stranger yet to say “Let me feel it and be present to this pain yet more intensely.”

But this counter-cultural, counter allopathic approach. It is again one of embracing and loving rather than killing and destroying the pain that is the messenger of healing and the teacher o what needs to be done.

Actually this approach works miracles. The opposite approach of suppressing the messenger leave one chronically ill with the root cause of the hurt unattended to.


4 pillars of naturopathy

Four pillars of naturopathy

Instead we turn to the following four pillars of natural healing:

  • Nutrition – getting the best vital forces into our body
  • Detoxification – getting the worst, most toxic forces out of our body, including traces of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Exercise/Circulation – enhancing the movement of both the above processes
  • Mind/Body – keeping the mind on the path to follow the above three natural approaches, and using meditation or intentionally altered states of consciousness as an added means to directly raise consciousness and heal

I – Nutrition

Here the ideal diet is plant-based because plants carry the strongest life force and one that is at least 80% composed of living, uncooked, raw, fresh, whole organic foods. See our many postings on this diet. In addition it is important to add fresh juices to the diet, freshly made and drunk within 20 minutes of making because otherwise they oxidize and lose their vitality.

  • Green juices

Juices are the most powerful medium to transfer life-force and consciousness back into the body to overcome and overwhelm pain. Among juices, the green juices have an advantage or edge.

Furthermore among green juices, grasses produce the most powerful of all forms of healing. They oxidize our bloodstream – and oxygen is the connective bridge between the chemical and the life and consciousness-based vision of nature. We thus need that oxygen (if you want to refer to the chemical model) or we need consciousness (if you refer to the alternative model) and it is one and the same to heal.

  • Green is the middle color of the rainbow

The seven colors of the rainbow are actually formed out of three primary colors in radiant life – the red at one end of the rainboew, green in the middle, and violet-blue at the other end. When these three colors are pointed together as one, and only these three, they make white or color-separationless-light. Green pulls together the extreme opposites. Green is the ultimate healing color.

wheat grass and juice

  • Using grasses and green baby shoots

Being the simplest of plants, green grasses are the most connected within, the most “consciousness-carrying” or health-delivering. The use of wheatgrass to heal was pioneered by Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Health Institute. They also use green baby shoots, such as pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts, juicing them and adding them to a base of cucumber and/or celery juice. This is given to their guests twice a day, along with 2 ounce shots of wheatgrass twice a day. The Gerson Institute similarly uses green juices and throughout the day to heal what otherwise might seem incurable diseases. These institutions, and their offshoots, have treated millions of people from around the world to reverse chronic ills and befuddle and startle allopathic or conventional practitioners.

They represent a paradigm shift toward natural healing.

relax fir sauna

II – Detoxification

There are many great ways to detoxify. Among them we can use skin brushing, juice fasting, water fasting (under supervision), enemas, colonics, intravenous chelation, oral chelation, mineral-bath bathing and saunas. They all have the same effect of helping to remove what is most toxic, what is most life depleting and helping to take such elements out of the body. This happens to include traces of pharmaceuticals, especially chemotherapy.

exercise and circulation

III – Exercise and enhanced circulation

There are many ways to aide both improved nutrition and detoxification and by combining these two with a regular program of weekly exercise and/or circulation enhancement. The latter can include massages, other forms of body work and the use of whirlpool baths. Strength exercises help to not only improve bone density but to help the body open up channels of consciousness. Aerobic exercises strengthen the heart to oxidize or raise the consciousness of every cell in the body. Gentle exercises such as tai chi and qui gong work to direct consciousness in the moving process and as a means to heal.

meditate to heal

IV – Mind body work

This is necessary in the final and crowning effort to heal. Mind/body work comes both first and last, and everywhere in between.

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