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I try to ignore it and get about doing what I have to for my day

You shouldn’t have a condition that needs to be actively ignored. Waking up tired can be caused by a number of serious conditions. They can be:

Breathing-related – You may have sleep apnea or hypopnea – conditions where your throat muscles do not work properly during sleep and in a way that blocks or restricts your air passages. The lower level of oxygen in the blood tends to activate your adrenalin which in turn causes light sleep.  You may want to improve your diet and seriously lose weight to relieve pressure on your air passages.

Circulation-related – Your circulation at the skin level may be poor. This may cause a slight chill during the night when the body is not generating heat, which in turn again stimulates adrenalin. Begin an exercise program to improve superficial circulation. Substantially reduce animal fat and proteins in your diet so the body has a chance to clean out its arteries and veins.

Nerve-energy related – you may have tremors, spasms, and even epileptic fits with little recall except for bad dreams – and a sense of being tired and nauseous  upon waking. To rebuild your nerve cells, try switching to a high quality, raw (uncooked) plant-based diet with amino-acid and Omega -3 rich foods such as hemp and chia seeds, plus  lots of greens (and whether in a salad, smoothie, juice or combination). Within weeks you will see a remarkable recovery of your nervous system and deeper sleep.

It just happens now and then, or rarely, and I ignore it.

Because the quality and quantity of the air we breath is our lifeline, any chronic inflammation of our air passages and lung tissues has a whole-body degenerative effect. The lowered oxygen affects all the cells of our body and thereby increases the risk of many serious illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. What to do? First let’s address the most common obstacles to healthy breathing. Stop any smoking addictions. Next stop eating dairy foods (the most mucus-forming in the air passages). Forget the daily industry propaganda. Dairy, unless it come raw and from an organically-fed animal, tends not to be healthy. Replace that protein source with mercury-free fish (in a transitional diet) or with plant-based protein foods in a vegan diet. Cut out the worst of junk foods like refined sugars and starches. Reduce the use of stimulants as in caffein-laden drinks. Begin doing regular cardiovascular exercises and/or yoga to improve breathing.

Headaches bother me but I tell myself I can live with their “minor irritation.”

Long-term and recurrent migraine headaches are more than a minor symptom of “dis-ease.” They usually reflect some deeper physiological problems. Dr. Max Gerson developed his revolutionary dietary approach while trying to relieve to his own migraine headaches. Gerson was vastly surprised when his “migraine treatment”  helped to reverse cancers, skin tuberculosis, and diabetes (as with the case of  Dr. Albert Schweitzer). The Gerson therapy involved intensive daily juicing for optimal nutrition  plus regular coffee enemas for detoxification.

So what if I weight a little more”  Big is beautiful.

The truth is that being overweight or obese will significantly increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. How best to lose the weight?  Stop feeding your body devitalized, processed junk foods or empty calories. They can tend to make you crave more and eat more because your body remains starved with so little nutritional value. Replace cookies and bread with whole grains. Add high quality grains like quinoa and amaranth (a little more alkaline and less likely to have mold/fungus residues). If you have a fungus or candida problem, limit your grains and concentrate more on green leafy vegetables (kale, collards, spinach, bok choi, celery, parsley, etc) and taken in the form of salads, juices and blends. They are all-time highest on the nutrient density scale. Unlike cookies, cakes and candies, you can eat them in large quantity and still lose weight.

I can handle it.
You could have endometriosis where the uterus lining does painfully, and usually with some inflammation, grows onto the ovaries, pelvis and fallopian tubes. This can lead to infertility, bleeding and tumors of a malignant or non-malignant kind. One thing to help is to use tampons. They aide in the removing of debris from the pelvis. Pregnancy will often cure endometriosis and using natural progesterone therapies can simulate the effect of pregnancy. Consult with your health adviser (one who can test your hormone levels) when embarking on any hormonal therapies.

DISCLAIMER: Whatever  else we have outlined above is solely for general health information. It is not intended as either provide specific medical advise or to engage in the direct or indirect practice of medicine. Please very carefully consider the custom advise of your doctor or natural health practitioner in regard to  any specific condition.

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