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The Fluoride Deception | Healing Talks

The Fluoride Deception

fluoridearsnic(Healingtalks): It has largely been hidden from the public, kept secret where it not  uncovered by investigative reporters Christopher Bryson and Joel Griffiths that fluoride science is corporate science. At first, I was immensely skeptical. Their outrageous claims sounded too off the wall. However, after I investigated and double checked their finding, I had a very different attitude.  It turned out, more than seemed believable, that the initial thrust and safety standards behind fluoride’s use in public water systems was based on fraudulent claims and corrupt, shameless corporate science – as it was with DDT, asbestos and cigarette science.

Source of initial idea for fluoridation of public waters

The initial suggestion that public waters should be fluoridated came, in 1939, from a researcher named Gerald Cox working for the Mellon Foundation, and with the encouragement and suggestion of Francis Frary, who directed the Aluminum Laboratory for the Aluminum Association of America.  Frary was concerned about the effects of fluoride pollution around the mining plants and the impact on workers. To mitigate legal liability, Frary suggests Cox should research the effects to see if there was a health slant. This needs to be understood in the context that the Mellon Institute was a leading producer of research defending asbestos as being safe, and as not causing cancer. It was no coincidence, therefore, that the Mellon Institute was at the forefront of this fluoride suggestion, the same Institute that had tried to stop a tidal wave of lawsuits on the asbestos issue – lawsuits which were crippling asbestos’ use and production.

Fluoride – Leading air pollutant concern of the cold war era

The US Agriculture Department has cited, in 1970, that fluoride, during the cold war period was the leading air pollutant damaging, crippling and killing agricultural animals. Between 1957 and 1968, the legal claims from fluoride pollution were more than for all other air pollutants combined, according to the senior scientist of the Consumer Union,  Dr. Edward Groth.

Industry experts representing the aluminum or other mining concerns, as well as those representing the phosphate pesticide and nuclear energy industries, all knew the scale of the lawsuits they could potentially have to deal with. The question then became, how could they protect themselves from financial disaster?

Denora air pollution disaster caused by fluoride release

The most notorious air pollution disaster in all of American history, what helped jump start the environmental movement,  occurred in 1948 in Denora, Pa, just south of Pittsburgh, killing twenty people and harming seven thousand. A researcher, Philip Sadler came in and afterwards measured traces of fluoride in the injured and deceased, plus in surrounding vegetation. The research was published by Chemical and Engineering News. The public heath department disputed his finding and said the harm was the result of a combination of many pollutants. But the Aluminum Company of America secretly measured the blood of a deceased and found largely the same data as Sadler did, but hid the information from the public. In short, the Denora tragedy was caused by fluoride releases.

Initial promotion of water fluoridation being safe at one part per million

This idea was promoted by Dr. Harold Hodge, the leading toxicologist at the Manhattan Project which had developed the atomic bomb, the man who came up with the brilliant idea of how to insulate that project from law suits by a) lecturing around the country on the safety of fluoride and conducting human experiments to collect data to validate that thesis. If he could prove fluoride was safe for children in small doses, then how could anyone in court argue it harmed workers or the environment? The first such “safety” experiment was occurred by dumping fluoride into the public water supply of Newburgh New York. Dr. Hodge similarly conducted human experiments where he injected radioactive plutonium into patients, again to gather data, as directed by the Pentagon, on its safety to insulate the government from serious law suits. This was brought out in a book called Plutonium Files (by an investigator, Eileen Welsome, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her work) and at hospitals in Rochester and Oak Ridge, NY. His sordid role is outline in our expose entitled Censored connection between fluoridation of public waters and the Manhattan Project.

Influence of the Ketting Laboratories role in supporting Fluoridation

The Kettering Laboratory, one of the nations largest private labs testing for toxicity was headed by Robert Kehoe, who is known best for his career-long defense of the safety of adding lead to gasoline.  He spent his career from the Kettering Lab pulpit assuring the nation that adding lead was absolutely safe. We now know otherwise.  The harm to children alone is beyond belief. Kehoe kept up this defense because he was paid to do so by the manufacturers, Ethyl Corporation, the makers of tetraethyl lead. Kehoe did the same in defending the safety of fluoride in the workplace and in putting it in our water supply. He did so on behalf of his industry clients. On their behalf and the National Institute of Dental Research, he compiled an extensive bibliography and list of abstracts to help support the soundness of water fluoridation. The report was chiefly funded by Alcoa, United Steel, Aluminum Company of Canada, Reynolds Metals, Kaiser Aluminum, DuPont, Monsanto, the American Petroleum Institute, among others.  Kehoe also worked for the Fluorine Lawyers Committee at the University of Cincinnati, headed by Frank Seamans, the attorney for Alco. Kehoe likewise worked to insulate the industry from substantial  corporate lawsuits. Kehoe thus made statements, again on behalf of his clients, such as “the question of the public safety of fluoridation is non-existent from the viewpoint of medical science” This was in 1957 just after Dr. Harold Hodge concluded his 10 year study of the Newburgh water fluoridation project, having been directed to do so on behalf of the Pentagon.

Buried Science and Workers

Kehoe was also commissioned to conduct a $100,000 study of dogs who had to breathe fluoride under conditions that simulated those of the men and women in the mining plants. The study found the breathing was profoundly toxic with lung damage and lymph nodes, why workers got emphysema. Rather than making the study public or giving it to worker’s doctors to save lives, it was buried in the files of the Fluorine Lawyer’s Committee.

Selling of Fluoride to the American Public

This public relations campaign to sell fluoride to the American public was done by the best in the business, Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud,  the father of public relations or modern propaganda. He was the one who cooked up the scheme, in 1916, to have Suffragettes march in the Easter parade in NY holding cigarettes as torches of liberty. He knew that if he could attach his clients products to the liberal sentiment sweeping the nation he could make his clients lots of money. He did the same with fluoride, being in touch with the National Institute of Dental Research and to create a PR campaign by hitching that product to an endorsement bydoctors and dentists. He knew that by persuading professional you get the support of the rest of the nation.

Fluoride Used Not Pharmaceutical Grade But Recycled Industrial Waste

Few dentists are aware that the fluoride used in fluoridation programs is rat poison and an industrial waste product, either coming from China or the Florida phosphate pesticide industry. This waste product is further contaminated by heavy metals. These industries then do not have to dispose of their wastes expensively.

Discrediting Anti-Fluoride Spokespersons

Almost immediately after the introduction of fluoridation, a Dr. George Waldbott started to speak out because he saw the impact on his patients. He conducted double blind experiments which determined  that fluoride was making some of his patients sick. He also warned of the dangers of penicillin and emphysema from smoking. Suddenly Waldbott started to get marginalized in the press, rather than being treated as a giant in protecting public health.

In the 1990’s, the senior toxicologist for the EPA’s office of water was William Marcus. He said that results of cancer tests using fluoride on lab animals had been wholesale “doctored” to prevent the appearance of fluoride was a cause of bone and liver cancer.  He indicated that he had never in his EPA career seen such an interference with honest science. Marcus was fired and a judge ruled in his favor, when the EPA tried to trump up other reasons for him being fired, and he was reinstated.

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was at a dental institute where she had invented a computer pattern recognition system where she could measure the neurological damage of chemicals. Originally Dr. Mullenix resisted studying fluoride because it seemed safe for children, but she was surprised to find that fluoride in small doses produces in lab animals the patterns that cause hyperactivity or a memory or IQ problem. After that discovered those findings, she was unable to get institutional funding. She became a voice in the wilderness.

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