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America’s Fat… Fatter… and FATTEST Sick Future | Healing Talks

America’s Fat… Fatter… and FATTEST Sick Future

growing fat

(Healingtalks) Its a fact that America keeps getting fatter by the day. With the increase in obesity comes a sicker population, with increasing heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and diabetes – and ultimately shorter life-spans.

Rise in Obesity

In 1990,  12% of Americans were obese

In 2000, 20% of Americans were obese

In 2010, 33% of Americans were obese

In 2030, 50% of Americans will be obese (projected)

fat minorities     hsipanic obesity

Obesity already up to 40% among Minorities

With minority groups, especially blacks and Hispanics,  the rates are even higher, and beginning with children bred on fast foods - up to 4 out of 10 or 40% in 9 states.

What is causing this epidemic?

Low quality fast foods….. “junk foods

These are cheap to buy, thus the greater rate of obesity among poor minorities, and that are nutrition-less – or dead, chemicalized and devitalized. The foods also have an inflammatory impact, which is the same as inner consciousness lowering. The body can’t really absorb or get rid of this dead stuff masquerading as good-for-you food. So it creates and gets stored in fat cells. This also causes carvings to eat ever more and the result is to put on weight. It further disturbs sugar/insulin metabolism and this triggers yet more weight to be put on.

Government subsidies for ingredients that cause obesity

This includes the the growing of subsidized corn, soy and wheat, all fueled by powerful lobbies in Washington –  used to make ingredients such as genetically modified corn syrup, corn oil, soy oil and white flour. While Food and Water Watch argues that subsidies are not a direct cause, and their removal would not significantly raise prices, if that same government money was used to promote healthy foods, it would make a difference.

Like US military used to protect poppy fields in Afghanistan

The war on drugs is a hoax, like the war on cancer and poor health by the disease care industry. We know that opium is addictive, thus highly profitable. It also keeps the addict in a zombie-like state. Well  junk foods do the same. Powerful elites love a dumbed-down and docile public, to rule – and to make money of off, with little or no concern for public health.

Mechanized production of “phud” 

The first major fast food company, McDonalds, essentially mechanized the food service industry to maximize profits and minimize quality food. We live in an civilization that has taken the mechanizing Industrial Revolution deep into its life support systems – with devastating results for ourselves and our surrounding ecology.

Bankrupt mechanical science of nutrition

A bankrupt science of nutrition in the field of dietetics works hand in hand with the disease-care industry. It creates a false food pyramid and tells us which foods we are supposedly to eat. Didn’t you know that foods are just chem-defined carbs, proteins, sugars, and fats? With this conventional science, there is no difference really between a living and dead food. Reality is all a matter of chemical analysis. Thus a soaked almond that can gross to become a tree  has the same calories and fatty acides of a roasted almond. Not knowing there is a difference, California has largely mandated all almonds be heat-treated or irradiated. Dietitians generally raise no complaint. This is because their understanding is based on a 17th century-born vision of nature. See our writings about global mind change, moving from a misleading, core mechanical/math-based view of nature  to a far more deeply penetrating and more valid and more sensible life-centered vision. This can amass absolutely revolutionary changes in one’s thinking and approach to life –  from changing the foods we eat…. the medicines we take … the overall lifestyle we lead…and finally changing the driving force, the passionate purpose and spiritual essence of our lives.

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  1. Really like how well this blog has been set out, it has
    even given me some ideas for my blog. Good job.

  2. It’s always been a problem in our society if you are fat. People will discriminate and bully you. That’s why I got inspired to monitor my food in-take and be conscious on my body figure. I always check my body fat percentage. You should check yours too. 

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