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Shocking study shows American teens aren’t fit by far | Healing Talks
Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2011

Shocking study shows American teens aren’t fit by far

Study shows American teens aren't fit


Shocking study shows

American teens aren’t fit by far

Julian Georgiou, Contributing Writer

(Healingtalks) The CDC or Center for Disease Control recently conducted a National Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Study (NYPANS). In the process the CDC used the objectives developed by the Healthy People 2020 and tested 138 high schools on their health and fitness levels. The report concluded that he teens performed far below the targets set – getting insufficient exercise and good nutrition.

What’s behind all this?

This article is an introduction or gateway (see our related links) to others that can answer that question more fully – because there are many factors that are now converging together:

  • A food economy geared to making billions by selling the most highly processed (nutritionally-stripped) and addictive (sugary) foods – creating  epidemics of obesity and diabetes, plus the four A’s – asthma, autism, allergies, and attention deficit ills. They have penetrated our school systtems with automatic soda pop and junk candy machines. Now about 30 per cent of children and teens suffer from the four A’s. Add to those statistics the impacts of obesity and diabetes, and we are closer to having 50 percent of children and teens being chronically ill.
  • A”healthcare” system is breath-taking-away corrupted and of course by the profit motive. This is why children remain so prone to never-ever cured chronic ills . We rather have a disease-maintenance system for mega-bucks. Rates of chronic diseases for teens and children have, in the meantime, quadrupled in the last three decades. Rather then our chirldren being healed effectively, they are deceptively converted into lifelong pharmaceutical drug customers and legal chemical addicts – with often highly serious so-called “side-effects.” In short, our whole misnamed “healthcare” system is not that at all, and is in a vast shambles. The statistics bear this out crystal clear.

What we need

We really need a fundamental healthcare revolution rather than just a superficial band aide. This is a revolution toward an uncorrupted natural healing system –  a real and not artificial one. The answers already exist for how to put the lives of our children and teenagers back together again.We just have to clear away, what stands in the way.

Healingtalks mission

We here at Healingtalks dedicated to promoting that revolution – and at the very deepest level. We provide the vital information and tools you need. This includes outlining natural cures for health conditions from A-Z, making the reader also aware – and to wake up to – cultural deceptions. We also and uniquely outline a whole new foundation for the healing arts – moving away from the mechanical  (body-as-a-dead-machine model) which makes a diabolical marriage with profit-seeking commercial forces . We show how to replace the 17th century model that doctors are taught, and which is consciousness corrupt itself.

As Gabriel Cousens writes, we are in he process of waking up from a deadly ill culture.

Focus on Teens

As a result all segments of our population are greatly suffering, and here the critical focus is on how our teens. They need to overcome these conditions to really exercise and be healthy effectively – to put their lives back together and become productive members of society.

Poor daily exercise among teens

According to the study, barely 1 in 9 or 12.2% met the Healthy People 2020 threshold – and for both adequate aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise. We can ask why? Perhaps our kids are too absorbed by sedentary activities they can do with modern technology – like intensive computer games.

Ideal teen fitness goals (HP 2020)

  • Minimum of 1 hour of daily physical activity
  • Minimum of 1 hour muscle strengthening exercises (e.g., sit ups, push ups, and resistance exercises) at least 3 days a week.

Poor nutrition among teens

Nearly two thirds (62.8%) drank any combination of regular soda or pop, sports drinks, and other sugar-sweetened beverages one or more times per day” (NYPANS Study). The report also found that 40% of daily calories of the typical student diet consisted of empty calories in foods filled with refined sugars and solid fats – mosly sourced from soda, fruit drinks, dairy desserts, grain desserts, pizza, and whole milk (Reedy, SM, 2010).

Ideal teen nutritional goals (HP 2020)

  • Eating 2½ cups to 6½ cups of fruits and vegetables each day, or
  • Eating a minimum for whole grains of 2–3 ounces each day (CDC).

Study shows American teens aren't fit

Better eating choices amidst an obesity epidemic

Many schools are being challenged to offer better healthy choices. The CDC is thus involved in a program called “Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools.” Its goal is putting at least 6,000 salad bars into schools all over the country and in the next three years.

Compared to other counties

The US participates in HBSC or Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children study. The compares the state of health of American children to that of 42 other nations. US children ranked among the lowest in exercise frequency and the highest in ingesting sugary soft drinks and french fries. US students also ranked among the highest in not feeling healthy, happy, and having physical complaints. See HBSC findings

The good news

Its been clearly discovered that kids will add fresh veggies and fruits into their diet if given the opportunity with a variety of choices.

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