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The Diet Paradox | Healing Talks

The Diet Paradox

The picture of the apple being measured by a measuring tape ties in well with something I passionately teach and using an apple as a metaphor. The lesson I teach  is that the deeper  essence of nature  is  not what modern science tells us with its measuring sticks, scales, and micrometers.  We  supposedly live in just a math-defined world. To bring this down-to-earth, I typically use an apple for an example. Is the apple that fell on Newton’s head really made up of what a dietitian tells us just carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calories – chemically or math-defined?

As we carefully measure, we weigh our foods and count calories in a Newtonian dance.  Does this get us well. Does this guides us to deep healing? I think not. Yes we can design a machine that way but not the healing of our bodies. The reasons are explained in my philosophy of  raw-wisdom.

Adopting a mechanical viewpoint, we allow ourselves to be inundated by countless modern chemicals. The cumulative effect is overwhelmingly to pollute our bodies and also our planet. A 90% failure rate in dieting that takes on a mechanical approach relates deeply to what is explained below.

In this light, The Diet Paradox is actually unique as put together by nutrition gurus David Wolfe and Kevin Gianni. The program is also being launched to the general public today. It outlines four main ways to effectively lose weight and in a lasting manner.  Their approaches are all-natural and all-organic.

What the term “paradox” refers to is that fact that again 90% of those who diet tend to gain back all their weight and sometimes more.   The root reason was shown to me graphically at an Isagenix detox seminar as I explain below.

The average person’s interior fluids contain hundreds of different toxic chemical traces. This accumulation may begin in the womb!  400+ serious toxins have been found in human placentas.  It has also been shown that fat deposits can be a protective mechanism to encase toxins and acids produced by digesting highly processed foods. When a toxic body loses weight via counting calories,  it can actually make things worse!

Imagine an Eskimo without much body fat and thus not thriving in a bitter cold climate. A skinny person in a toxic body will also not do well. Dieting without detoxifying is not recommended. The relative  % of toxins goes up. A thinner body has a harder time. Food cravings return  with a vengeance.

Dieting alone can be foolish.  The Isagenix and Diet Paradox programs are unique in that they both recognize this.

The Isagenic protocol
is not purely vegetarian or vegan, though they have some vegetarian products. They use organic whey and casein. I think the overall effect still is hugely healing because I have seen the end results.  This is because of  a simultaneous high level of detoxification that negates the relatively smaller level of acidity derived from digesting casein.

Someday Isagenix will have a vegan line for us purists. In the meantime check out the Diet Paradox.

MORE ON THE DIET PARADOX does offers raw and vegan options. You can find more detailed information and can  listen to a podcast on their main tips for quickly losing fat, feeling super, and keeping weight and fat off  in a healthy way.

The Diet Paradox

Visualize in 2010 a new, stronger, more energetic and  beautiful

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