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Top Obesity Causing Foods | Healing Talks

Top Obesity Causing Foods

top obesity causing foods

Top Obesity

Causing Foods


(Healingtalks) What are the absolute worst foods out there for staying thin and healthy and thus the most obesity-causing foods that you need to eliminate from your diet.

Here are the top ten obesity causing foods:

1) White Bread

It comes from plain white flour that has been nutrient depleted and bleached. It will cause your blood sugar to spike, especially when refined sugars are added. These are empty calories. So cut out white bread, including hamburger buns, in favor of whole wheat or sprouted grain bread. You have then taken a major step in the direction of better health and losing rather than gaining wait.

2) Processed Cereals

Often they are made of empty calorie foods, like processed corn flakes and they are further packed with sugar coatings. This causes us to become hungry sooner. Cut them out in the morning, in favor of fruits and/or whole grain cereals like oatmeal.

3) So-called “Diet Low-Fat” No-Sugar Foods

They generally contain chemical additives, including artificial sweeteners, that make us hungrier later and actually contribute more to obesity.

4) Fried Foods

There often contain rancid oils cooked at very high temperatures. They may be coated with refined flours, also  not good for you. Most commonly this includes french fries and fried battered chicken.Consider not adding the fries and going for backed or steamed foods instead.  Better yet, eat much more raw, whole, organic and living foods – the best of foods for a leaner diet.

5) Candy 

Most commercial candy is fun to eat but laced with oodles of sugar as well as chemical dies and other chemical additives that disrupt normal digestion. That too much candy add to obesity is a no brainer. Try to substitute some fruits and veggie treats. Again this is a huge step.

6) Coffee Drinks With Cream and Sugar Added

This provides too much excess calories which contributes to weight gain. Try coffee straight!

7) Donuts, Pastries, Cookies, Cakes and Other Confectionery Delights

They often contain a high amount of fructose and white flower – a double whammy for creating obesity. They are empty calories contributing to weight gain.

8) Potato Chips

These are deep fried with little nutrition. These are again empty calories which equate to creating weight gain. Try substituting fruits and veggies.

9) Soda Pop

This is the number one trigger of obesity because it is so popularly bought and drunk. This is usually full of corn syrup that is also genetically modified, leading to a long list of health problems. Again we have excess calories with little or no nutritional value and thus leading to weight gain. Try replacing these with water, teas, coffee and so on. Even diet soda pops are not a good idea.

10) Pancakes with Syrup

Again these are often made out of white flour and then covered with a highly sugary coating, guaranteeing a spike in blood sugar and the triggering of weight gains.

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Excellent video on the most weight-causing foods by Nutritionist Corina. Remember the alternative is an organic, whole and unprocessed food diet.

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