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What is the best and healthiest drinking water? | Healing Talks
Published On: Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

What is the best and healthiest drinking water?

drinking water

What is the best and
healthiest drinking water?

By Adam RivaStaff Writer

(Healingtalks)  Given that  water is a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce, it behooves us to also know which is the best and healthiest drinking water. Currently, 91 contaminants are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, though there are over 60,000 chemicals used within the United States according to the EPA. Not a single chemical has been added to the regulated list since 2000. In considering options, let us start with the least healthy and work our way toward the most.

10. Municipal/City Water

Containing dangerous levels of pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, “treatment” chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, illicit narcotics, fertilizers, rocket fuel, fluoride products, petrochemicals, and much more, anyone drinking city water without any degree of filtration is categorically harming their health. According to LewRockwell.com, “A 2008 report found a multitude of drugs in the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans, including pain relievers, cancer drugs, antidepressants, oral contraceptives, blood pressure and cholesterol drugs.”

9. Most Bottled Water

Bottled water, even the best brands, is heavily processed, passing through at least a sub-micron filter, ozone gas treatment, and ultraviolet light. These are the 3 main treatments recommended by the International Bottled Water Association, though these technologies do not “freshen” the water. If it were fresh, when you crack the seal of a bottle, there should be microbes, algae, and life thriving in that water – but there isn’t. Bottled water has been altered or deadened to enhance shelf life. The ultraviolet light corrupts the DNA of the microbes in the water so they cannot reproduce. What do you think it does for the human body? Additionally, 22 brands of bottled water currently sell fluoridated versions. 

8. Precipitation (Rain, Snow)

Rain and snow are essentially distilled water, with one major difference. With distillation, the steam is collected in a clean container to avoid contaminants. However, evaporated water in nature condenses around air contaminants forming clouds. Since we have heavily polluted the atmosphere, we have seeded clouds with toxins. Thus precipitation is no longer an entirely safe alternative.

7. Distilled Water

hen most people think of water, they think of H2O molecules. Distilled water is pure H2O. However, this is hardly water as naturally found in pristine nature. It has been stripped of the trace minerals that support life, including certain microbes and friendly flora, healthy organic matter, healthy gases, and metaphysically speaking, its memory, since water is a liquid crystal.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that pure H2O is not found in a natural way, and anywhere on Earth other than a laboratory. WHO goes on to list the dangers of drinking this industrial substance regularly. Because this “chemical water” is highly aggressive, it reacts with other materials through its distribution and storage process, all the while reacting with and leaching minerals.

“Demineralised water is highly aggressive and if untreated, its distribution through pipes and storage tanks would not be possible. The aggressive water attacks the water distribution piping and leaches metals and other materials from the pipes and associated plumbing materials.” Demineralized water can thus strip the human body of minerals. It creates a 20% increase is diuresis and causes the body to lose sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other vital minerals. The WHO appropriately adds, “Awareness of the importance of minerals and other beneficial constituents in drinking water has existed for thousands years, being mentioned in the Vedas of ancient India.” Read the entire WHO study here: (http://media.wix.com/ugd/3acc33_d6102e8c25894d93a906652c76c656b2.pdf)

6. Boiled Water

Depending on what type of water you start with, you will have varying degrees of healthiness when you boil water. Assuming you start with precipitation or water collected at a natural source like a stream or a lake, you will be better off than the previous types of water listed. This is because, unlike distilled water, you have left the minerals and organic matter in the water, although you have killed every living thing in it by heat.

5. Well Water

Like boiled water, there are varying degrees of healthiness when you consume well water in regards to your location. This is largely based on your elevation and proximity to industry, fertilized or pesticide-sprayed lawns, leaking septic tanks, roadways, or anything else that could potentially contaminate the water table. Presuming that you are far away from potentially contaminated areas and that your well has not been treated with chlorine as is commonplace in some areas, well water is a decent option. Well water is at least alive and minerals rich. However, well water is fed by precipitation and we all share the same air, regardless of where you are on Earth.

4. Filtered Water

There are 11 basic filtration methods on the market, although we have listed Reverse Osmosis, Distillation, and De-Ionization separately because they react differently with the body or because they outperform the rest. The remaining types are Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, Granulated Activated Carbon, Ceramic, Fibredyne Block, Mechanical Filters, Ozone, and Ultraviolet. Not all filters work very well at removing harmful contaminants. In fact, many are terrible. That is why De-Ionization and Reverse Osmosis are listed separately.

3. Ion Exchange & De-Ionized Water

De-ionizing water can eliminate harmful fluoride, chlorine and inorganic minerals but usually doesn’t filter out harmful types of bacteria, viruses or some chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, etc. Water softening is one example of this technology. If you start with water from a natural source, you will fare pretty well with this filtration system.

2. Reverse Osmosis Water

Developed so that the military could drink water in the most undesirable locations on Earth, such as stagnant sewage water or mud (if they had to), Reverse Osmosis filters are quite simply one of the best filtration technologies we currently have. These filters remove up to 99.99% of contaminants and dissolved solids, and 98% of fluoride products. Assuming that you begin with non-fluoridated water, such as rain or well water, combined with Reverse Osmosis, this is one of the healthiest options available. However, even Reverse Osmosis water falls dramatically short of our number one contender. Reverse Osmosis is also extremely wasteful. For every 5 gallons of filtered water, it wastes 40-90 gallons.

1. Fresh Spring Water

Bubbling up to the surface from deep within the Earth, this fossil water is stored in aquifers from thousands of years before man polluted the planet with industry. Water from aquifers contains some of the highest levels of trace minerals, healthy organic matter, healthy gases, and the lowest levels of contamination (often times near perfect). It passes downward through hundreds, possibly thousands of feet of sediment and clay which act as a large-scale carbon filter. The water is purified, mineralized, stored in a cold dark aquifer for millennia, and then pushed back up to the surface where it is alive and free of pollution. The water holds a very high frequency in comparison with any other form of water. Mountain Valley is glass-bottled water company that is actually stands out in the bottled water industry as it sells fresh spring water. There are very few other companies that do this.

Daniel Vitalis, the world’s foremost authority on spring water, says, “Spring water is wild water – it’s not domesticated water. It hasn’t been put through a tainting process like lights, bottling, or filtration. It’s bubbling up from the Earth and it’s bringing with it all kinds of frequencies and energies from deep in the Earth. This is really different water than that which comes out of a filter, tap, or out of the sky when it rains. Spring water has been through the greatest filtration system on Earth, the Earth itself. It’s part of the hydrological cycle. It’s been deep within the Earth incubating, so it’s coming up alive and fresh with forces embedded in it that we will talk about more scientifically that will demonstrate this with more evidence than you might think at first.”

We aren’t used to thinking of water using words like raw, wild, unprocessed, fossil, or alive. The truth is that spring water is to other types of water what raw food is to cooked food. It’s the next level of health. There are virtually no places in America that use untreated, unprocessed spring water as city tap water. Mt. Shasta is an example of one of the only remaining places in America that does this. Daniel Vitalis has compiled a website that connects people to their local fresh water springs so that people can enjoy their benefits and help to protect them. Visit www.FindASpring.com to find or list a fresh water spring near you.

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