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In Memoriam – Melinda Lichter Elliott | Healing Talks

In Memoriam – Melinda Lichter Elliott

Melinda Lichter Elliott and Nathan Batalion

In Memoriam -

Melinda Lichter Elliott

(Healingtalks) Many tears move me to express my deep sadness in the passing of my beloved partner, Melinda Lichter Elliott. When she was with us, healthy, vibrant in spirit and body, Melinda basked in the Light. She also creatively brought Light to many others. Now it is time for us to hold her in the light as she left behind wonderful treasures and through her efforts these continue to shine. They include the following list, which is not exhaustive, for describing the many achievements of her rich life:

  • SONS - Her sons, Krishna Meister and Forrest Elliott, were brought into this world and whom she reared with great love and nurtured to become successful in their lives.
  • VIDEOS - Melinda left for us an array of 212 short videos which she either produced or edited and posted on vital topics to help others. These videos included the daily chronicle of her audacious 92-day juice feast. Her You Tube channel is aptly called “Shinning Star Miracles.”
  • QUILTS - During the first few months that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she drew a series of sacred mandalas and stitched them together in a magnificent “cancer quilt.”  During her lifetime she also created many beautiful quilts made with great love.
  • BOOK - Melinda authored a book on Healing Breast Cancer Through the Arts.  Samples of her artwork, incorporated into her mandala quilt and her book, can be found through the cancer quilt page, and these include http://www.raw-wisdom.com/centeroftheuniverse and http://www.raw-wisdom.com/empowering-the-goddess-within
  • WEBSITES - Melinda helped me create, maintain, and enhance the website www.raw-wisdom.com , especially with her video contributions and inspirations. She brought genius to the audio-visual part of the site, for which she had a flair and passion. This was so appropriate an offering for a “right-brain wisdom site,” or one that presented ancient truths to the world. Immortalizing her contributions, this site continues to shares its knowledge with approximately a quarter of a million people annually around the  globe – and growing. Melinda also created the original site for vwww.viewallrentals.com which helped serve hundreds of students in the Oneonta area with quality student housing. From time to time, she helped me with various other responsibilities, like renovations and especially furnishings, offering her ideas for adding beautiful artistic touches and the like.
  • BLOG - Melinda established her own creative blog in which she shared her life experiences with the world, especially her spiritual and physical struggle with breast cancer.
  • FORUM - From 2009 to early 2010, Melinda maintained a genetic engineering forum and which posted hundred of articles about current developments in the field
  • PROFESSIONAL CAREER – Melinda was professionally a certified occupational therapist (COTA) as well as a certified colon hydrotherapist (CHT). At the same time we lived in the City of Oneonta which is such a small college town, surrounded by a 50 miles expanse of rural areas and in all 360 degree directions. But with that, her professional skills were unfortunately not self-supporting in this less urbanized or suburbanized environs. She thus worked instead on our websites and the more towards helping with the personal or socializing parts of the real estate business, doing personal showing for homes and apartments for rent. Her professional abilities in healthcare, however, remained her passions and she later continued as an occupational therapist when she moved to Florida. Her resume of these many activities and accomplishments can be found at http://www.raw-wisdom.com/melindasresume
  • ORGANIZING & ATTENDING EVENTS - In Oneonta we did set up several educational and socializing events that brought in some international speakers, like Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes, and thus attracted participants from the much larger surrounding cities , including from Albany, Ithaca and Binghamton. We also attended Matt and Angela’s wedding festival in Oregon. We organized a slew of pot lucks, film showings, and a sumptuous raw-vegan Thanksgiving Dinner catered by Melinda’s friend Avai and in order to serve the local community. Pictures of the latter event made the front page of the local newspaper.
  • HELP AND TRAVELS - While I did my best to help Melinda maintain a healing diet and offered inspiration and caring, Melinda also helped me and transition from an organic whole food vegetarian diet I had been on since 1981 to a more vegan, and later raw-living food vegan diet. This has been critically important for my overall health and well-being, physically and spiritually, and for this I am forever grateful to her. She made trips with me to holistic educational and healing centers, like The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia Arizona,  Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida and the Gerson Institute in San Diego. We likewise enjoyed visits to health fairs around the country, some of which we exhibited at with infrared saunas or offered educational lectures, like the fun Raw Spirit Festivals in Arizona and Washington DC.  and more locally the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown, NY. Thirdly we traveled to holistic and vegetarian festivals held in Boston, Philadelphia, Albany and NYC – videotaping interviews along the way.

Melinda Lichter Elliott and Nathan Batalion at the raw spirit festival

Melinda Lichter Elliott and Nathan Batalion at Raw Spirit East Festival

  • LETTER TO GOD - Our lifestyle together with many trips and other luxuries left us with huge debts that at one time were sustainable when the economy was roaring. But with the terrible downturn and much loss of income, stresses and the debt pressures far past mortgages,  this was beyond her capacity to bear and so we parted. Some couples can use outer crises to bond closer together but we couldn’t harness those skills.  Thus Melinda left the vision, faith and practices we had so long shared together, and whereupon her cancer devastatingly returned. Fortunately she was able to enjoy many wonderful and rich years of great health and terrific joy, being in remission while living in Oneonta, and whereupon her most creative efforts came to greatest blossoming and sweetest fruition.  In a correspondence called A Letter to God, Melinda later wrote to me:Thank you for a few years in Oneonta when I did not feel sick.  Thank you for sending Nathan to help me. My heart’s desire is to have a loving separate relationship…I release the past that hindered me and I accept the demonstration of that which waits me now…Lovingly Melinda .”
  • MINISTRIES- Melinda also helped her friends Charlepan and her husband Dana to establish the Waltja Healing Center in Albany, New York. On the center’s website is a page for the  Melinda Elliott Fund . This chronicles a little of her health journey. Years earlier, Melinda was called to ministry in the year 2000, establishing the Shining Star Ministry. She also became the Administrator for the Academy of Re-Remembering in Ivy, VA with her friend Avai (1999-2001) and co-founder of the Attitudinal Healing Center for Central Virginia (1992). These were all centers for spiritual guidance of those in need.
  • BRILLIANT AND CREATIVE MIND - Melinda had a brilliantly creative mind. She was a Phi Beta Kappa. Her undergraduate and graduate major was Anthropology, which gave her a great knowledge and respect for indigenous cultures. She often discussed religious, spiritual, political, sociological and medical issues with me, and about which she had deep insights to share – bringing out a great reverence for the sacred.
  • ATHLETE - As a co-partnering health advocate, Melinda served as a personal example working out in the local gym. She was further an avid runner and competed joyously with me in many local road and regional races – a few of which she won prizes for. This included first place in her age group (50-59) in the local Davenport Firemen’s Field run in 2008.


Her full bio can be found on the web at www.raw-wisdom.com/melindasbio.

Melinda  Lichter Elliott

will be remembered

and loved forever

 Video of Melinda and Nathan in their own Shining Star Miracle Musical:



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  1. George Lange says:

    I don’t know if I ever met Melinda in high school – but am so moved and really, blown away by the life she led and all she shared.  What an inspiration!  George Lange

  2. pauline lomas says:

    I never knew melinda but having just found her blog yesterday and looking forward to blogging on the subject of healing cancer holistically I realised that the blogging had stopped sometime back…..I hoped that like so many others she hadn’t lost the battle b, and then today i googled her name hoping to find her alive……..I am deeply affected to hear of her passing, but just look at the legacy she has left behind…..i look forward to discovering more about her.  thank you Melinda and Nathan.  Love never dies!

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