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Artificial sweetener disease – a new illness | Healing Talks

Artificial sweetener disease – a new illness

Artificial Sweetener


- a new illness

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) Has anyone ever heard of Artificial Sweetener Disease (ASD)? You can be certain it is something that affects a multitude. Because modern medicine shuns the recognition that synthetic chemicals, as a class, will harm you (its bad for business)  it is an undiagnosed  ailment sweeping across America like wildfire and affecting probably hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Symptoms of ASD vary

Its symptoms are usually ascribed to other routinely diagnosable causes, and for which synthetic chemicals are legally prescribed (pharmaceutical drugs). Those symptoms that trigger these prescriptions or Big Pharma sales can include a vast array of immune system dysfunctions – migraines, inflammations, emotional depressions, various muscular pains, chronic fatigue, and you name it. Again the cause must religiously be ascribed to something a drug then is prescribed for, and anything but a reaction  synthetic chemical in our diet. These are in the artificial “phoods” that we are told are ok to eat – especially “divine” sweeteners.

Are most physicians part of a corrupt “healthcare” culture

This is because, ideologically, it taboo for most physicians to oppose chemicals in our foods or high levels of processing of food. Why? Readers of this blog know I  don’t look favorably on doctors or hospitals when it comes to such stances. I see most doctors as not being integral to the public, as they make loads of money. They are the leading and highly paid  “frontmen/women” for Big Pharma  (firms allied to the largest chemical-producing giants for foods and agriculture as well) – and thus promote a corrupted-by-commerce ideology of so-called “healthcare.” Of course we are not told that doctors are part of sales assembly0line Oh no!

Myth of having best-guiding knowledge

Doctors are supposedly wise and rational – uplifted by TV ads and the like to become authorities to be blindly trusted. In reality, doctors are indoctrinated to believe drugs are the best thing since sliced bread. They then, with the belief and economic incentives, lure us all – and incredibly against common sense and reason, to take in some of the most highly toxic substances (like mercury in vaccinations) into our bodies, through our mouths and down the hatch or through our veins! Even with cancer being caused by chemicals, we are supposed to take in more chemicals, and as part of the most corrupt forms of denial. We are deceived, by those who are self-deceived, and especially when we are repeatedly told, as a mantra, that lethally harmful effects are just insignificant “side-effects.” Tell that to the families of the 2-300,000 people who die every year of these “side-effect” – and from “properly prescribed” pharmaceuticals in America alone! Many more are harmed for the rest of their lives. ASD is a case in point.

aspartame poison

Symptoms of ASD becoming increasingly intense

The symptoms of ASD can also become more intense, depending on how much of the chemical sweetener we dare to consume, and in what combinations. Chemical additives often become far more seriously toxic when combined with others. Consumers can thus go from having a mild headache to violent fits of vomiting. Central nervous system disorders following the ingesting of these sweeteners are also common, as are nervous twitches and abnormal reflexes. (See:  aspartame info)

Military health crises

A wave of fibromyalgia hit the American troops during the Gulf War. Studies showed that drinking diet sodas in the 120 degree heat lead to serious health repercussions. It was called the “Gulf War Syndrome,” but the same problem occurred to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. (See: Story of gulf war syndrome)

Extent of the problem

Synthetic sweeteners are now in over 25% of all food, drink, gum and candy available. This is bound to create a vast cumulative effect and with the end result is ASD, another form of synthetic chemical overload or gross pollution of our internal ecology. See our articles on the life-centered vision of nature, and which explains why the 17th-century borne math-designing ideology (which underlies all of synthetic chemistry) does not really represent the root order of nature, why it so disrupts and systemically harms our bodies).

No drug cure

This is why there is no curing drug for this syndrome and there never can or will be one. What sufferers of ASD really need is a detoxification from a life-long pollution of synthetic chemicals (which began to be significantly added to our food supply in the late 1940’s to make more $-profits) – and which goes against the wisdom of our bodies. A vast number of health ailments are caused by resulting chemical overloads when we ingest those “phoods” – additives approved by the FDA, what I always call the single most corrupt and harming agency on the planet (See story of illnesses caused by artificial sweeteners).

Drugs can make conditions far worse

Cancer is a distant end result of taking in synthetic chemicals while living in a toxic, polluted world. ASD is one of the short-run and ever growing consequences. It is never cured by taking in more chemicals, which out to be so obvious.

So what is the cure?

It really takes no Phd from Harvard to figure that out. Just throw away your artificial sweetener-full products – like sugar free gum, candy, and drinks. Read labels. Avoid aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, acesulfame-k, aspartic acid, and saccharine. It may save your life.

Non-toxic alternatives, in moderation

Not to put on weight or to avoid a harmful glycemic blood sugar rush, try some more natural alternatives, like Xylitol or Stevia. They don’t have the negative effects of chemical sweeteners.  However, they have very little calories associated with a lot of sweetness, so you may end up having cravings. Thus it is better yet to have our sweets from fruits as nature more often intended. You could moderately eat more carrots and beets, or sweet tomatoes as well. If any problems remain, why not experiment with an elimination diet – eliminating one food at a time to see which you are allergic to. If that still doesn’t work to find the cause, seek out a natural health practitioner for advice. Remember, if you are eating crappy junk food, drugs won’t cure the resulting ill health harvest. Just stop eating the crappy-hellish junk food. _____________________________________________________________________________

Based on an article in Natural News by S.D. Wells

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  1. Renna Lea says:

    Starting last year I’ve been having reaccuring migraines and a lot of mucus and painful coughs that go from my throat to my chest. I constantly consume SF sweetners and candy. I’d totally forgotten about this until now but I did a little experiment when I was having the constant phlemy chest pain last year. I cut out all fake sweetners and shortly after the pain was gone. Since then Ive been back on them. I’m trying to ween off . Thank you so much for the article.

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