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Crazy banning of health claim | Healing Talks

Crazy banning of health claim

Crazy EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration

Crazy banning

of health claim

that water

prevents dehydration


(Healingtalks) EU officials in Brussels decided to ban any claims by water bottling companies that their water can prevent dehydration! Mind you, this was “intelligently” concluded after a three year investigation that supposedly showed there was no evidence for that otherwise obvious fact.

A lunatic ban

Now producers of bottled water are forbidden to make this claim and can face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the law. What should we use instead, mercury-filled vaccines and Big Pharm toxic drugs no doubt? This absolutely moronic directive is now the law-of-the-land all across Europe

How about a mandatory IQ test for legislators and regulators

This goes to show that maybe we should give a mandatory IQ test to prospective legislators before being allowed to serve the public. Can we similarly trust the FDA to regulate our drugs, foods and vitamin supplements?

Question: Which substance at room temperature will best hydrate the human body?

A) Mercury
B) Water
C) Gasoline
D) None of the above

According to the Nutrition Society and the EFSA, the correct answer is D! Meanwhile, these brainless buffoons may declare that four plus four equals 77 and a half.

brawndo thirst mutilator

BRAWNDO the “Thirst Mutilator”

In the movie Idiocracy, water was banned in water fountains and agricultural use to be replaced by a sports drink called Brawndo – the Thirst Mutilator. This was a drink with electrolytes. When the crops started dying after from being “hydrated” by Brawndo, the government officials scratched their heads to figure out why. After all, Brawndo had so many electrolytes and plants had to thus love it. In the film, the Brawndo corporation was purchased the FDA.

As crazy as the storyline is, this won’t compared to the idiocy of the EU directive.

Less than pea-brained bureaucrats

The EFSA bureaucrats who declared that water does not hydrate could be called somewhat “bird-brained.” But birds are such fabulous navigators and thus are really geniuses by comparison.  Even tiny bugs seek water intelligently and worms also. So these guys are not even mosquito-brained or worm-brained.  We might call them pea-brained, but why so insult peas in the process?

This is reminiscent of the FDA pressing felony charges against California distributors of raw milk and even though its been repeatedly proven that raw milk is much healthier than pasteurized milk. Knowing this implies that the milk of large corporate dairies, which must be pasteurized, is less healthy – a dangerous kind of knowing. So to hide this from the public, the FDA declares the opposite of the truth.  The best candidates for becoming spokespersons of corporate interests that require such attacks on our intelligence and the promotion of deceptions are apparently our regulators.

EU consumer alerts

So consider using the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs and surgery the next time you feel thirsty. It’s best to pass up water because its so utterly cheap and natural and is thus likely to be useless. Right?

This also brings up a concern for the “dydrating health” of our seniors. Maybe its best to give them five or more potent pharmaceutical drugs to cure any thirst, or better yet intravenous drips so you pay for the added bio-delivery costs. As for the welfare of our children, we should immediately pull water fountains from our public school grounds, and especially off of running tracks.  We don’t want thirsty athletes to be irreparably harmed by drinking water when working out. Right?

Back to common sense

Common sense tells us water prevents dehydration as the term “hydra” means water and nothing else. Common sense also tells us a “patriot” is someone who would truly defend the Constitution of the United States. Thus a law that utterly destroys and unravels constitutional rights should be best called “The Patriot Act.” Right?

And a law that most harms our overall air quality should be called “The Clean Air Act.” Right?

This all makes perfect sense to total idiots who apparently and increasingly rule us. To them when our land is increasingly filled with health epidemics, environmental degradation, income disparities and near economic collapse this all represents PROGRESS.

So start emptying those water bottles.

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