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Getting More Veggies into a College Diet | Healing Talks
Published On: Sun, Sep 18th, 2011

Getting More Veggies into a College Diet

Getting More Veggies into a College Diet

Getting More

Veggies into a

College Diet

By Jaelithe Guillette, Contributing Writer


(Healingtalks) Heading off to college means getting out of the house and finally escaping subjugation to your parent’s bland cuisine.  With no one around to tell you that you can’t eat pizza for breakfast five days a week, going to college may seem like liberating experience for your dietary habits.

Unfortunately, within a matter of days of your freshman year starting, you’ll realize that you’re pretty much eating the same few meals every day and it’s safe to say none include anything close to organic produce.

With your bank account on life support, you may have to opt for 49¢ Top Ramen more often than you’d like, relegating healthy foods like fruits and fresh vegetables to the fringes of your cuisine.  Besides, who has time to cook up some veggie side dishes when you’ve got a term paper due the next day?

Still, you’ve got to get the healthy stuff into you somehow, since it’s brain food that keeps our bodies primed for attracting partners (plus you don’t want to end up as the first non-pirate to be diagnosed with scurvy).  So here are a few quick, tasty, and cheap ways to sneak some “good stuff” into your diet.

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Burrito

When trying to shop for groceries with limited funds you’ll realize the value of this diet suggestion very fast:  hmmm….eggs and tortillas are inexpensive.  That’s why the breakfast burrito is a staple of the college diet.  Fortunately, the breakfast burrito also provides ample opportunities to sneak in some veggies into your diet and without hassles.  Simply chop fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, or whatever other veggies flight your fancy, then throw them into the pan while you cook your eggs.  You’ll be left with a tasty breakfast that’s surprisingly nutritious.

Tasty tip: Use tomato tortillas to add some extra zest to your breakfast
(Editor’s note) For a vegan alternative – substitute fermented soy or tempeh for eggs.

Irresistible Veggie Side Dish

When your schedule is tight, it’s hard to find enough time to cook anything but a main course.  But your taste buds will die of boredom if the only thing they’re exposed to is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.   Cooked or sautéed carrots are an easy, nutritious side dish that goes well with any main course.  Just cut whole carrots into 2-inch pieces and boil them lightly until soft.  Drain the water, mix with a little butter or olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and you’re good to go.  You could also sauté them in a bit of olive oil instead of boiling. Carrots are rich in healthy antioxidants and vitamin A, so you can rest assured you’re at least doing something good for your body.

Tasty tip: Mix in couple tablespoons of brown sugar to sweeten up your carrot concoction.

(Editor’s note) For a whole food alternative to brown sugar , simply add raisins or dates. Fresh veggie salads can be made with similar add-on ingredients as fruits and vegetables mix well.

Fantastic Fruit Salad

This dish delivers unadulterated awesomeness straight to your stomach.  Works well as a healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert and you can eat it on the go.   All you gotta do is chop up your favorite fruits (we’re talking apples, bananas, mangos, etc.) and mix them together in a big bowl.  A great tip is to visit  your local farmer’s market and see what’s in season. That way you can get the freshest organic produce and do what’s right for your body.

Tasty tip:  Coat your mixing bowl with lemon juice to add an extra kick and the fruit won’t brown due to the positive effect of the citric acid!

( Editors note)  Why not make college a challenging time to learn new life skills and develop super eating habits.

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