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The McRib ingredients will shock you! | HealingTalks | Healing Talks
Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

McDonalds McRib Ingredients will shock you

McRib is Back

The McRib ingredients will shock you! / HealingTalks

by Miss Sammy

(HealingTalks) After its original debut, McDonald’s McRib quickly became the favorite treat of many consumers. Fans have waited eagerly for the return of the sandwich to McDonald’s menus. Made from pork, served on a hoagie bun and inspired by Southern barbecue, the McRib actually came into existence because the popularity of McDonald’s chicken nuggets had created a shortage of chickens. Marketers looked to pork for alternative menu items. The McRib was designed to resemble a rack of ribs and was created using a mold. The McRib is so popular that it’s said to have an almost cult-like following.

However, the McRib ingredients are not as innocuous as simple pork, tangy sauce and bread. The McRib contains many ingredients that the general public is not aware of.

The McRib Only Looks Like Ribs

For instance, the meat used in the McRib is not taken from the rib section of the animal the way that traditional barbecued ribs are. The McRib is created by mixing pork stomach scraps and pieces of heart and tripe together. The mixture is then infused with water and salt which work to extract the proteins from the pork trimmings. The proteins then provide the necessary binding matter that allows the mixture to be molded into any shape desired. This is why it can easily be shaped to resemble an actual rack of authentic ribs.

McRibs Contain Much More Than 5 Components

Although it states on the box that the sandwiches are comprised of five components, McRib ingredients include about 70 separate items, many of which add nothing to the flavor or nutritional value of the sandwich. A substance that is used to bleach yoga mats, for instance, is also found in the McRib sandwich. The wording on the box states that the McRib is made from a sesame seed hoagie bun, barbecue sauce, pork meat, pickles and onions. Ammonium sulfate, azodicarbonamide and polysorbate 80 are among other compounds found in McRibs that are not mentioned.

Azodicarbonamide, the compound used to bleach yoga mats, is also found in the soles of shoes. The compound is banned in Europe and Australia due to health risks. Other MrRib ingredients include immense amounts of saturated fats and sodium. Even those who are not at risk for the development of cardiovascular disease are advised to steer clear of the McRib because of health considerations.

McDonald’s Manipulates McRib Devotees

The mysterious McRib comes and goes from McDonald’s menus in an almost predictable fashion. The sandwich has been appearing, disappearing and reappearing since its debut in 1982. It’s probable that the McRib would actually be a flop if it were made available to consumers at all times and that the elusive appearances are just a marketing ploy.

A more insidious theory is that McDonald’s is involved in commodities trading. This suspicion is given legitimacy by the fact that hog futures are usually low. In other words, the company can purchase large amounts of pork at substantial savings during these times. Whatever the reason, the sandwich appears on McDonald’s menus about twice per year, allowing its aficionados a chance to gorge on restructured meat and buns containing bleaching materials before it slips silently away again.

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