Spooky on halloween

The absolute scariest thing about Halloween isn’t ghosts rising out of graveyards.

Its not the blood-sucking vampires or Frankenstein-like characters that screech in your ears and howl at the moon.

Nor is it the freakiest zombies dressed in skeletal outfits with but the sharpest fingernails to again frighten me and you to …..sheer death.


What’s most scary  is the fact that our children nowadays are given increasingly more pounds of refined sugar, GM-modified sugar, artificial food additives, hydrogenated and trans fats and other toxic ingredients that all harm. This relates to much of the candy, cakes and soft drinks children take in – while these things at the same time and deceptively claim health benefits because of some negligible vitamins added. We thus find Frankencandy and M&M murder madness food being gobbled down in our kids’ throats.


The dramatic three-decade rise in childhood obesity underscores the problem. Less known is the fact that there has been a vast rise in chronic health conditions among children (diabetes, asthma, ADHD, etc) and from 13% to 27% in the period between 1994 and 2006! In short,these chronic ills have now doubled in slightly over a decade for our beloved kids. This is all according to a new study published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. These two facts, the rise in obesity and the doubling of chronic ailments for our little s ones make this an ultimate health time-bomb that’s ticking. The junk foods that children eat regularly will attack their young immune systems. It will greatly spike their blood sugar. It will deplete their vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. It will, in short, create unprecedented ills.

And what about mental health?  We find a phenomenal epidemic in childhood autism (1 in 100 newborns today compared to 1 in 5000 20 years ago or about a 49X increase)! Also children on mental health disability have seen a 3500% increase in two decades between 1987 and 2007. In addition, I hear that some doctors have never seen many more children nowadays with brain tumors.


We are making deranged devils out of our divine angels.


If you’re feeling spooked about such things, lets not drive our kids further to eat yet more heaps of  pure madness food, especially candy on Halloween to feed vulture corporate profits.

Thus please click on this  great Halloween campaign >>>>> Green Smoothie Queen To Make A Difference On Halloween …. and that rhymes… against child crimes. Anyone out there who knows Mike Adams ask him to do another rap song on the subject.

Follow the Green Smoothie Queen,

Makin’ a Difference on Halloween,

Not Hurtin Our Kids Just To Feed  Profits Obscene!




Say No To Frankencandy On This Halloween



Video on healthy Halloween candy alternatives

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