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How Alkaline Diet Turbocharges 73 Year-Old | Healing Talks

How Alkaline Diet Turbocharges 73 Year-Old

Chef Sal Alkaline Raw Diet

How Alkaline Diet


73 Year-Old

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

Introducing Chef Sal

It’s really strange to see a 73 year-young man who is muscular and has black hair. Though he’s lived in the US for over 4 decades, he still reveals his European accent, having grown up in Amsterdam during World War II. Exiled on a farm, he fell in love with the fresh farm produce and has ever since made the best of fresh, whole foods the center piece of his diet and recipes. Chef Salomon Montezinos is extra-ordinary.

Raw and Alkaline

The recipes he prepares are also quite unusual. They’re raw and alkaline. In fact, he helped pioneered this culinary combination. Following this diet himself has helped him outperform his senior peers – exercising 4 hours a day by weight-lifting, biking, running, and performing yoga. In addition, not only can he swim a mile-plus in the pool, after other exercises, but he swims in alkalized water. He does not bathe in unfiltered tap water either, which he also alkalizes with a filter. Chef Sal implores that if he cannot drink it, he will not put his body in it.

Indeed, alkaline water is found throughout Chef Sal’s house. After exiting the pool, he often re-energizes with alkaline water from the custom-installed machine in his fridge. He appreciates too well the extra kick of energy it gives.

Chef Sal’s Work Schedule

As strange as it is to see this 73-year old swim for an hour, it is striking to watch him also work a 12+ hours shift preparing raw alkaline meals. He credits his system for keeping him so young, fit, and energized. After all our bodies are 60 percent water and the brain contains even more, namely 70 percent.

Living Proof

Chef Sal exemplifies the alkaline lifestyle. He has thus developed a following, as more people let go of conventional health paradigms.


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  • EvolveWithFlavor.com  Chef Sal’s website where he advance the philosophy of   using “raw alkaline foods” to create a most health-beneficial diet.
  • Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine: One Chef’s Journey Check out his book  (with over 120 recipes) available at  EvolveWithFlavor.com


Acid/Alkaline Food Chart – Healingtalks


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  1. Kent says:

    Great article… I know chef Sal.  You’re right, he has tons of energy.  One thing about the article, I haven’t actually seen Sal with anybody his age.  His physical abilities actually surpass men 40 years younger than he is.  He is amazing.   

  2. Paul Telling says:

    Alkaline Foods help to repair cellular damage that will make us look younger and importantly, this type of food helps our immune system improved. I’ve been a fan of Chef Sal for a year and I really love his recipes. I’m always including his recipes on my daily diet.

    Paul Telling

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