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Here are a few things you should know about eating chicken. We must break apart the corporate-created myth that eating chicken is really “healthy” for us and needs to be in the food pyramid. Take a look at the American Dietitians Association’s Food Fact Sheets. They generally all have Corporate Sponsorship from the food industry at the bottom of fact sheet. So who do you trust to give you sound, unbiased advise?  One fact sheet of the ADA “Healthy Eating on the Run advises to eat lean chicken as being healthy. Yet The China Study showed definitively showed that eating low-fat meats fed chronic illnesses just a much as eating fatty meats. So where is the science for eating chicken being healthy? There isn’t any. Read The China Study to find out the real honest scoop.  Here are a few facts about chicken you should know.


  • WATER – Almost none
  • FIBER - None
  • CARBS – Almost none
  • ENZYMES - none


  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS: A little bit of vitamins and minerals (which are denatured with cooking and do not build strength).
  • FATS:  mainly and highly saturated.
  • PROTEIN:  Meat protein does not build the strongest muscles. It causes causes rapid growth yes, but also rapid aging, more hormonal responses, and greater stimulation which makes on falsely feel satisfied.
  • DIGESTION –  Exhaust hydrochloric acids over years of consumption and leaves toxic, acidic metabolites and residues.
  • SALT CONTENT – Factory farming raises chicken with huge salt content (promotes high blood pressure, feeds cancers).
  • NOT HEALTHIER THAN RED MEATEating chicken is not healthier than red meat (industry propaganda). Colin Campbell called the choice between eating chicken and red meat the equivalent of a choice being being shot and getting hung. You die prematurely either way.
  • HORMONES, CHEMICALS, BACTERIA AND VIRUSES – Factory-farmed chicken are fed growth hormones and are laden with vast quantities of bacteria and viruses in immune compromised bodies. Have you seen the movie Food Inc on how chicken are raised, and the effort to hide this from the public?

So there it is. And this is just small part of the overall picture. Do you really want to feed chicken to your family?

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