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“The living are soft and yielding;
the dead are rigid and stiff.
Living plants are flexible and tender;
the dead are brittle and dry.

Those who are stiff and rigid
are the disciple of death.
Those who are soft and yielding
are the disciples of life.

The rigid and stiff will be broken.
The soft and yielding will overcome.”

Lao Tzu

MY EATING PHILOSOPHY: This philosophy is intended to be as simple as possible as well as intuitive rather than logical.

A  too complicated, pre-determined or rigid and controlled way of eating can and will become unhealthy in and or itself –

despite better intentions.

Unless one is fighting a serious illness or life and death challenge, I prefer to follow a soft, sensitive, gentle and aware of the moment set of principles rather than hard, rough and fast rules. In everyday life we have to also enjoy our food and not just eat solely for an obsession with health. A little leeway thus helps. Also when changing a diet, a rigid approach is far harder to follow innately, and a person is more likely to succeed only in the short run and then fall off the bandwagon thereafter.

For myself I eat mostly all raw and living foods to get an edge in life and pretty close to 100% at home.  Might I indulge in a glass of wine or a sample this or that occassionally. Every once in a while, though rarely and as an escape hatch. I try to have a balance between vegetables and fruits, and in order to elicit life and consciousness  not the conventional targets of “fuel, calories, and  proteins for muscles – as if our body worked like a car, a machine, made up engine-fired metal, hard, rigid parts.

We are living conscious organisms!

As with Lao Tzu and his wisdom, my view of our own bodies is derivative of a much larger alternative view of the 17th century cosmic vision of  a dead/mechanical, tick-tock, universe following the dictates of  the symbols of mathematics. To me it is a dead paradigm full of black holes, which when modern science finds them, it approaches them with vast denial and resistance. A runner may go around a track exactly following all of Newton’s laws of motion. Then his cell phone rings with a call from his or her lover, and the runner turns around, violating all of Newton’s laws. Thus also, and for example, when math-designed chemicals are found to cause cancer, there is intense and belligerent denial that our underlying paradigms are at fault. Chemistry is supposed to create better not worse living. So do we guide cancer patients onto an opposite path, no. We give them yet more drugs and more chemical injections (chemotherapy) on the promise of a cure.

These very same chemicals, of course, that cause cancer. All of this is part of a deep cultural process of paradigm denial – with much at stake, our core worldview – but which eventually must give way to real truths.

Thinking along these lines, for decades now I have consistently veered away from the conventional, crude and deeply unwise, and taproot math-based vision of nature that misguides modern life. This is applied to nature most intimately for us in the healing arts – including for the understanding of nutrition. The common view is therefore that foods are just nothing more than carbohydrates, fats and proteins – all math-defined to the T. They fit again the bankrupt mechanical view of nature.

For me life does not work that way, which is actually obvious. Because I defend and argue for a life-centered vision of nature, it is much more important that foods be living, rather than dead – which is generally accomplished by cooking. Cut living things apart and they die. Thus also highly milled, oxidized, processed foods tend to be dead and decaying.  Why is that so? Because consciousness, at the core of life, is as I have said a thousand and one times – “the universal relationship of connection itself in nature.” So cut foods apart and guess what, the inner consciousness and life leaves.  If we don’t feed ourselves with life forces, we ourselves go a long a path of aging, becoming less conscious and dying. With that in mind here is some simple advice:

AGAIN AVOID RIGIDITY: Machine parts are rigid and the principles that organize the nature of a machine are opposite to those of life. Rigidity is thus anathema to life. Being too rigid even about eating the best of foods, raw and living, is in a sense anti-life.

Listen to your body and its feedback to you, rather than having just one way of eating or one narrow kind of meal plan.

LOVE IT, MAKE IT A JOY – Love what you eat rather than eat because you must. Put different and not overly hot spices in to make it sumptuous and wonderful for the palate and beautiful for the eye. Turn on some soothing, calming music with your meal.

TIMES OF MEALS: I think of myself as eating a couple of meals a day, when stirred to, and then snacking for the rest of the time to keep up my energy and blood sugar up and about even. I nibble a little here and there. I satisfy my buds and urgings.

SIMPLE MEALS  AND SNACKS: If there are too many, large-portioned ingredients in a meal, the bodies digestive enzymes get confused. Healing is a bringing to oneness, so an inordinate amount of complexity does not help the healing processes. If you mix a grain meal with fruits, there is a tendency to ferment. If you eat two heavy proteins at a meal, neither may digest well. If you drink too much fluid with a meal, your digestive enzymes may be diluted. You know you’ve done something not just right if a meal gives gas.

KITCHEN TOOLS – Use greatest kitchen tools of the trade, the best juicers, blenders, dehydrators and the like to make meals easy to prepare.

ROTATIONS AND VARIETY: Foods sometimes have natural inhibitors and lower energy organisms embedded – like bacteria and fungus. Our bodies, with a healthy immune system, can usually handle these if given an opportunity to wage one battle at a time. This applies especially to fruits because of the high sugar content that easily feeds lower life forms. Thus I snack often on simple fruits and rotate them from day to day to avoid infections and allergic reactions. I also cut up the fruits into small pieces and often put them into the dehydrator to nibble a little at a time.

RAW, ORGANIC, WHOLE, ALKALINE, NUTRIENT-DENSE, VEGAN LIVING, LOCAL, IN-SEASON: My preference is for foods that are local, organic, whole, living (sprouted or soaked), more alkaline and in season. I avoid animal products except occasionally honey. Some like fish-oil for health but this involves more violence to nature if the fish are killed in the process. I am not totally rigid on this or anything else, but follow such guidelines as a preponderance. See my many blogs on the benefits of a vegan diet. The China Study was conclusive, gathering data from millions of Chinese, and supported by animal studies, all pointing out an eventual harm of an even minor flesh-based diet. For a chart of the most nutrient-dense foods, see the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Avoid processed, milled, irradiated, chemicalized and otherwise made unwhole foods.

VEGETABLES & FRUITS, PLUS: Fruits and veggies  form the foundation of my diet – and in various forms – salads, blends, juices, dried concoctions, sauces and so on. Next comes some spices in moderation and a bit of nuts, seeds, and legumes – and not too much of the latter because they are quite heavy or concentrated, as well as relatively acid foods that certainly need to be broken down to enter our fluid bloodstream. The life force within us is more simple, diffuse, flowing and full of light.

HYDRATION: Life travels in our fluids and thus is extracted best from water-rich fruits and vegetables and via their juices. Sometimes I drink them straight and at other times diluted and with spices and/or super-food powders. In the winter I especially like to add something warmer or hot, hot spices and hot water poured over raw ingredients, especially seaweed and veggies in soups.

CLEANSING: This is the last element of my diet. It is an allowing of time for not eating or juicing or drinking water instead. This is especially important before bedtimes as the most cleansing and healing tends to occur during sleep. On a cleansing day I will probably add an enema and some saunas – plus extra sleep. Keep in mind, however, that a lot of fluids just before going to sleep can prevent the kidneys from getting adequate rest during sleep. So try to drink cleansing fluids an hour or two before going to sleep.

Those are some of my most basic guiding principles. All the rest seems to fall into line.

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