Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2011

Video series tells it all about GMO threats

GMO Threats -  Video Series Tells It All

Video series

tells it all

about GMO threats

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks

(Healingtalks)  There is hardly a threat facing our planet that outpaces that of GMOs – genetically modified organisms. No individual more cogently explains this than Jeffrey M. Smith. And a synopsis of the entire case is presented in these four, each 15 minute long videos:


Jeffrey M. Smith:

GMO Threat I


  • GMOs – What are genetically modified foods
  • Crops – 5 main modified crops
  • Essentially equivalent – Industry introduction with the claim they are not significantly different
  • Political crimes – Consensus of FDA scientists disagreed but were politically muffled by Bush Administrations; policies continued under Obama
  • Doctors speak out – 2009 American Academy of Environmental Medicine came out with statement urging their physicians to prescribe only non-GMO diets to all patients because animal studies showed causal reproductive damage, immune system suppression, accelerated aging, insulin/cholesterol production dysfunctions, organ damage and gastro-intestinal harm.
  • Two main types of GMOs – poison drinking and producing (e,g. herbicide resistant Roundup Ready and BT toxin producing)
  • General planetary impact: significant increase in lbs of herbicides poisoning our fields
  • General health impact: studies suppressed by Monsanto that these foods harbor harmfully adulterated proteins, anti-nutrients, and immune system suppressants creating a dangerous “genetic roulette” or health crap game.
  • Statistics abound: that since the widespread introduction of gmos into our processed food supply, autoimmune diseases, inflammations, and allergies are more prevalent
  • Debunking ingenuous claim – that BT  toxin producing bacteria genetically  inserted into our foods are safe because they either biodegrade or wash off. Deadly consequences observed to farmers and farm animals around the world
  • Undressing further false claims - that Roundup ready crops are safe for our environment and for us to eat.


Jeffrey M. Smith:

The GMO Threat II



  • Continuation of debunking false claims for Roundup ready technology; why it causes mineral deficiencies as an essential chelator; disturbs hormones, causes sexual dysfunction, birth deformities or stillbirths and bio-accumulates.
  • Suppression of GMO research – how scientists who bring to light GMO dangers are gaged, with examples from the UK, Russia and Argentina.
  • Issue of hunger — demolishes the claim on several major counts that GMOs are a solution for world hunger
  • Agenda of the biotech industry -What has been the strategy, since 1999, to monopolize or control the planting of all seeds on the planet with two decades.
  • How GMOs were thwarted in Europe – Jeffrey describes the “tipping point” whereby major food producers all dropped GMO ingredients.
  • Why and how this can and will happen in the US – outlining the Achilles heel of the industry, what we need to do to create a tipping point
  • Industry reaction – how “Codex” is trying to thwart this  by making non-GMO labels illegal internationally.

Jeffrey M. Smith:

GMO Threat III



Uniquely dangerous nature of genetic pollution – how it can be permanent, unlike chemical or nuclear pollution that biodegrades; it can’t fully be cleaned up or remediated. Try recalling salmon from the sea, gm mosquitos or pollen from the air. Damage thus may be irreversible.

Depth of lying plus collusion between government and industry - these parties have gotten together to hide the truth from the public, at the altar of making money. The first ever application for a GMO product at the FDA did provide raw research data and the finding were so bad, that it subjected the whole technology to questioning. The FDA reaction. It lied to the public that the findings were so good, no further research need be submitted in the future for any other GMO products except on a industry voluntary basis. And what is submitted reeks of such bad science it is an accumulation of horrendous lies.  Examples are given. Essentially the FDA was hijacked and outrageous mythologies were released to the public. These myths are promoted with intense arrogance in the face of not knowing the real long-term consequences of this most dangerous of technologies. The myths and claims were that:

  • GMOs are safe (when really they are dangerous)
  • GMOs proven safe (when no proof abounds)
  • Involve a precise technology (actually a crap-shout roulette)
  • Can help end world hunger (has very opposite impacts)
  •  Is needed and here to stay – intense myths.

How best to oppose this arrogant lying – Small Non-profit organization’s like Jeffrey’s don’t have the funds to go head on with Monsanto’s  corruption of politicians but they can instead and more effectively reach consumers, doctors, and the general public  – families in their kitchens

Jeffrey M. Smith

GMO Threat IV



  • Continuation of the arrogance – 90 day tests conducted as a guide even though humans may eat GMOs for a lifetime
  • Threat of terminator technology – how it is designed to devastate agriculture around the world. 1.4 billion farmers rely on annually saving seeds; effort to create bio-serfs/bio-colonialism and the dangerous annihilation of biodiversity
  • GMO crop contamination- first declared impossible, then called insignificant (neither of which claims are true)
  • Forcing GMOs on Third World countries, via hunger aide, and to contaminate their crops; how Zambia stood up to the US bully
  • GMO safety issues – understanding health safety issues as the key to stopping the GMO technology jaugernaut.
  • Bio-piratism
  • Death of Bees – How GMO technology is implicated in the death of bees internationally
  • Summation view of GMO technology – unprecedented dangers to our health and environment



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