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Here is my list of the very best tips in using your juicer in a way to STRETCH THE POWER OF JUICING TO THE MAX!

Juicing is THE most powerful means of enhancing your health. Planning for it deserves your undivided attention and as much as any family or business event scheduling. Thus why not make entries in your calendar for when, how or where you’re going to juice to the hilt. Plan a one-day-a-week or a week-long juice cleanse. Consider the juice feasting methods of

Serious about maintaining or regaining your health but having trouble to muster the will power? No problem. If you know how its actually easy. Get committed from the inside out to juice. Read inspirational books on juicing. Write affirmations. Keep a journal.

Try to understand the vastly deep rationale behind juicing. It is totally different, in its roots, than the mechanical worldview that underlies allopathic medicine. The western worldview brings out the mathematical/mechanical, death-laden forces. It helps create atomic weapons and elicits the polluting of our planet. It serves us adulterated foods or a diet that creates cancer and diabetes within us- life-depleting illnesses. Guided by a very different philosophy, we bring out the life forces in our body. Juicing is one of the royal way to enliven our bodies. It is critically important to understand why because our understanding allows you to become fully committed to juicing. In our raw-wisdom philosophy, imagine the following. First, at the core of our nature is life, and again not the principles of the machine. Secondly imagine that at the core of life is consciousness. Thirdly, at the core of consciousness (and this is a little heady to understand but very important) imagine there is a universal relationship of connection.  Let’s use an example to explain this. This is why life is best transported by water and other fluids or in what we can designated as a “more connected mediums.”  How is a fluid a “more connected medium” ? When separate bricks or blocks are used to build a wall they remain separate bricks or blocks that are cemented together. By contrast, when separate drops of water combine to form a fluid they distinctly fully lose their separativity or their identity as separate drops. This is how a fluid can be defined as a  “more connected medium.” Thus life, as grounded-in-consciousness which, in turn, is grounded in the principle of connection itself in nature, is best carried to our cells by the fluids of our bloodstream.

You won’t find this causal explanation anywhere else-  except in our philosophy of “raw-wisdom.”

Juices are the bloodstreams of plants. These juices best carry and transmit to us the quintessential life force of plants and into each and every cell of our bodies.

If you are serious about your health and well-being, your aliveness, then let your insides know unmistakeably that YOU MEAN IT!  Write out your juicing goals the way it is instructed in the book Think and Grow Rich to jot down your wealth goals. In your private affirmation note say exactly and precisely what you’ll do and by which date or for how long. Visualize accomplishing your goal in its details. Totally possess that goal or aim in your inner life to help best bring out the life forces within you.  This is the same as saying, to heal.  It’s also all right to mix a little religious dedication into this recipe. You are about to get life-resurrected if you juice everyday! Also describe what you would be willing to give to make it happen. Read your note to yourself every single morning and every evening until you have it memorized – and/or it is a part of you and who you are.

You can also put affirmation notes around your home like, whether funny or serious like  ” Hey Guys, I know, I’m a juice fanatic!” or  “I’m really mad, passionate and HOT about juicing!”

Consider your kitchen a sacred space. Keep it spiffy, clean, organized, aesthetic and with things your need readily accessible. Make juicing totally doable. Get help with the cleanup if necessary. Get some green balloons and throw of juice party with friends and family – rather than one with the most devitalized, diabetes-creating cakes, crackers, crusts and cookies – and let them help you put it together.

Short on time, running out of the house but determined to juice something! Get yourself a $29 Citric Juicer and in 60 seconds you can make yourself a lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit or combo juice in the morning. Another 60 seconds to clean up. Want a juicer that gives the most health benefits? Get a slow masticating or pressing juicer – like the Humon or Greenstar or Norwalk. I use mostly the Hurom because it is a relatively fast “slow” juicer – slow in terms of not oxidating the juice plus the pulp comes out very dry. Or you can get Juicedaddy’s juicer. It will oxidate more. But just like Jack LaLane’s a wide-mouth juicer, it only has a few parts to clean so that you get the juicing and the cleanup done in a jiffy.

I like to always have a rainbow variety of things in my juice, especially dark greens as a base – kale, collards, spinach and the like. Green is the middle, balancing, neutralizing, connective, most consciousness-and-life carrying color of the rainbow – and then you can also add all the other colors as in orange carrots, red peppers, blueberries and so on. However, greens are the most nutrient dense. I like to also add something sweet – like vegetable fruits (tomatoes, peppers) or regular fruits. Be careful not to make the juice too sweet to spike your blood sugar.  Be creative.

Throw in some sprouts as their young juices are among the most healing.

Continued in Best Juicing Tips – Part II


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